Getting started in a new roleplay channel can be a little daunting to the first-timer so please don’t feel like you need to read every word of the site before you begin to play. In fact if you’re an experienced roleplayer, you’ll probably get by with a little common sense and a few minutes of watching. But for those in need of a little more confidence, we’ve prepared for you an easy-to-read Quick Start Guide as well as a FAQs page to help you get your feet wet.

The inn is a channel dedicated to medieval free form roleplaying in the kingdom of Arangoth, founded in 1995 by BLKDRAGON and AngelSin. What is roleplaying? It is a kind of storytelling game played between many different fictional characters and their players. For a good explanation read this.

This site contains help for those new to the world of roleplaying online. It also contains the tales and intrigue of Arangoth, the stories of the characters that make Arangoth their home, artwork and more from the mundanes (our players), and information on how to use the various services that the BDI offers.

If you are one of the veterans, please have a look around. A lot has been updated, and there are many new additions, all the work of BDI players and a shift in management/ownership.