In Character

When do you guys actually play?

The majority of our players are North American, and our periods of activity tend to skew towards those time zones. That being said, we often start early and end late.

Can I be a Civic Guard?

Yes, you can. Generally, we ask that members of the Civic Guard play in the channel for a period of time before they’re inducted into the guard, so that the operators get a feeling for your character or play style.

Members of the Civic Guard are privy to special information regarding crimes and odd occurrences that happen in both Drache and Arangoth. You can read more about the Civic Guard‘s duties and privileges on the wiki.

Please fill out a Civic Guard application form if interested in becoming a member of the Civic Guard. New recruits must sign up for the forums in order to access Civic Guard-only information.

Why are there bounties on undead and demons?

Generally speaking, both the undead and demons typically feed and prey on living beings in some manner or another. As such, they are both a danger to the citizens of Drache and Arangoth, and retain no civil rights as recognized by officials of the Crown. The Royal Guard are not obligated to step in and intervene during confrontations with undead or demonic beings by citizens or adventurers.

This does not mean that either of these types of characters are forbidden to play. Just that by the in character laws, they are treated hostilely as threats against normal life. If you choose to play a demon or an undead, it’s recommended that you do so with the utmost care and discretion.

Why are guns not allowed?

The general consensus of the channel a few years ago was that guns break the atmosphere that were are intentionally trying to cultivate in #BlkDragon*Inn. The operator team, at this time, do not feel that guns fit with the ‘high fantasy’ feel that the channel was established with in mind. The decision to not allow guns is intentional, despite the proliferation of black powder as an alchemy reagent at this time.