Who are the operators?

As of July 2018, the current operator team is: Nymphetamine, Ayanula, Gudrun, LayTrayin, Uzzo and “` (Jammy).

Can I be an operator?


We prefer to groom our operators from veteran players, players that have been around for a while and are intending to stick around. ¬†Please look for any announcements regarding operator recruitment if you’re interested in becoming an operator.

What are “setting nerds”?

The setting nerds are veteran players with a deep understanding of the setting, both current and past. Their knowledge of the setting is unparalleled and they are trusted by the operators to provide accurate information to players. Setting nerds are marked in channel on the user list as a voice (+) and on the forums with a green name.

Who are the current setting nerds?

As of July 2018, the current setting nerds are Shayde, and Suzthulhu.