Forest Reserve

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The Forest Reserve
Geographical Information
Location: Between East and West Drache
Geographical Features: Spooky Hermits
Significant Resources: Darian River
Region In: Arangoth


The Forest Reserve is a wooded 'park' of sorts meant to preserve a percentage of natural resources the city has left. It mostly lines the eastern banks of the Darian River, which cuts right through it, in such that people who want to go back and forth between west and east Drache have to go through at least the north or south ends of it in order to get to either the Ironworks Bridge or the Mingit Bridge.

Most Notable Features

Despite its calm, quiet appearance, numerous events in the past have centered around the area, from the growth of strange, silver spires, to old hermits building cabins within and healing random passers-by. Overall, despite its simple appearance as a public 'park', the events which pull in the citizens of Drache from time to time give the place a synonymous meaning to either peace, loss, tranquility, or death. The Forest Reserve developed quite a notoriety that rivals that of the BlkDragon Inn, the Royal Guard Headquarters, and the crime-ridden Wharf District.