Aghves Hurnth

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General Information
Full Name: Aghves Hurnth
Race: Polymorph
Gender: Male
Age: 120
Date of Birth: 370 AT
Country of Origin: Extraplanar
Arrival on Siveth Sresar Vale
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 185cm
Weight: 90kg
Additional Information
Aliases: Many
Creed: If it can't be overcome, learn from it.
Occupation: Tracker
Income: Lower
Marital Status: Single
Player: Fazuul


The first thing Aghves can remember is opening his eyes in a field at the edge of a copse of trees. Nothing felt familiar to him, but it wasn’t the sensation of waking from a deep slumber. He has thought back on that memory many times over the years and it was as if he knew nothing before that moment. It sometimes concerns him but that is quickly swept away by recollections of the family that found him shortly after. The void of confusion he felt before was quickly filled with an instinctual understanding of his presumptive family. His circumstances continued to evolve quickly as he and his siblings matured and began to leave home. It had only been months, but this was perfectly natural for a skulk of foxes. In the months before he would strike out on his own, Aghves came to realize he wasn’t like his adoptive family. He could look at them and simply understand that this is what they are, but he couldn’t find that same understanding of himself. The moment that truly set him apart was a day on which they were toying with a beetle. The others quickly grew bored with knocking it around, but Aghves kept with it as it crawled away in a panic. As he watched it he was struck by the sensation that he could be that beetle and then for the briefest moment he was. It hadn’t felt unnatural, but the change shocked him into rapidly returning to a fox. It wasn’t until he had set out on his own months later that he began to experiment with this ability in earnest. In the years since his wildly quaint beginnings Aghves has travelled a great many places. His apprehension over his ability has long since vanished, but he is still no closer to understanding himself as he does the creatures he has met. Over the years his skills have occasionally earned him unwanted attention from some that would like to employ his ability for nefarious means. Much to their displeasure Aghves doesn’t have the temperament for that line of work. He has instead chosen to make his way as tracker and hunter, frequently of beasts and sometimes bounties.

((The plane that Aghves originates from is ruled by an entity that is virtually a god within its realm. The immense power of this entity grew from its intense desire to understand everything. It is now almost exclusively driven by a need to collect knowledge that it rarely acts upon itself. Though seemingly maniacal, it isn’t malicious. To fulfill its desires the entity routinely creates beings that it then scatters to innumerable planes. These beings are adaptable by nature, endowed with the tools they need to survive and learn. They are effectively living probes that exist to experience life until a distant future in which collectors arrive to bring them back to share their memories and experiences with their creator. They start with no understanding of what they are and it is rare that any of these probes ever discover the truth about themselves before that fateful day. Nor does this revelation necessarily awake a desire to return. They are free to struggle against being taken and might succeed.))


By his nature he is highly adaptable and this also manifests in his personality to some extent. He can be highly affable and tends to be easy going in most situations. However, this ability to change is also at the core of how he sees himself. He doesn’t know what he is, just that he isn’t like anything else he’s come across. It’s how he defines his place in the world. Under normal circumstances he will never make an effort to hide this ability.

Physical Description

Even though Aghves can take numerous shapes, he does have some appearances that he favors. Among those is that of a tall human man with a shock of auburn hair that appears barely under control. Much like the foxes he hails from he typically has narrow features and amber eyes. Much like his human appearance, he seems to carry an affinity to his vulpine origins, in so far as favoring red hues and markings for the different creatures he can become. It is almost a habit at this point and could give him away. Aghves tends to dress plainly in the local style.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

When he takes a form that is larger than normal he gains a boost in strength, and a similar boost to agility when becoming smaller.

Mundane Skills

  • Aghves is an itinerant tracker and huntsman, as such he is well versed in the skills of this lifestyle. Actual combat doesn't play a large role in his usual activities; he is still a passable swordsman but better with a bow or spear. His true skill is in using his natural abilities and weapons, preferring those to see him through most situations. While not strictly a skill, Aghves has exceptional senses and reflexes. For the most part he knows how to make or find the majority of what he needs to get by. The quality of his craftsmanship is average at best, but reliable.

Magic Skills

  • Aghves can assume the form of living creatures he has seen. Beings of a magical nature are as yet beyond his understanding and he is unable to make any kind of partial transformation. However, the size of his forms are limited by the largest or smallest things he has encountered. A horse sized duck is well within his repertoire. Aghves isn't able to become an exact copy. With a person, for example, he could get a similar build, hair color and such; but nothing that would pass even a cursory inspection. Nor can he copy their items, such as clothing and weapons. Lastly, he can choose to transform his own items as changes shape.
  • Aghves has an intuitive understanding of how different creatures communicate. While he is not blessed with immediate comprehension when encountering new languages, he is able to eventually glean some meaning from observation alone. Familiarity and complexity are key components. Becoming conversational with dwarves could take a few weeks, but understanding squirrels might only be a day or two. As a rule of thumb, if he wants to communicate with a squirrel he would need to be a squirrel.



  • Rarely armed for a fight, the weapons Aghves carries tend to serve a more practical purpose. He might be seen with any of the following: a bow and arrows, knives, hatchets or short spears.


  • Leather armor, though Aghves does not often wear a full kit, preferring to only wear what he needs for his current job.


  • Aghves has the tools he needs to carry out competent repairs on his equipment and to craft some of the general items he might need, such as arrows. It’s notable that he has what he needs to make a somewhat spartan camp that isn't wholly devoid of comfort.