Arangothek Vocabulary

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Arangothek Definition
abrat road, street
abor cart
aboral-ua to move something in a cart; to cart something
aborod carter
ad wheat
ai (preposition marking the direct object of a sentence)
aladar, alathar a rock, a stone
aladarigi a pebble
alfri tree
alfrigi a bush or shrub
alfrinair forest
alfrinairod forester
alp- upwards
alpett-ua to come upwards, ascend
alpiss-ua to go upwards, ascend
alpsa up
an be! (imperative)
angi mother
angil-ua to bear (a child)
ank wood
ankaxod a carpenter
ankax-ua to work with wood, to make something out of wood
anketi wooden, made of wood
anktorro boar, (lit. wood pig)
anquod barrel, keg; also a unit of measure
anquodigi wooden cup
ap "over" (preposition); before an adjective, "too much," in excess
ap(a)- prefix meaning "over"
apat the top of something
apbalthessa fascinating, riveting, very very interesting
apbalthix "nosy," overly inquisitive
apettire commander
apettod master (of a craft or skill)
apett-ua to outrank, to be in charge of someone or something, to be "behind" something

Arangothek Definition
apkelet a helmet
aplallat a scab or scar (ap-lall-ua)
aplallatigi a birthmark
aplallax-ua to leave a scar
appia sky
appodar roof
appodarod roofer
aptentr- to watch over, guard
aptentrixair guard (collective noun)
aptentrod guard (noun)
aptix lid
apsi father
apsil-ua to father (a child)
apsir-ua to put something over something else
apsordovath domination
apsord-ua to dominate
apturre grandfather
arang realm
arangair empire
arangairek imperial
arangigi a province, county
arangire count/countess, morphological change from arangigire
ard-ua to receive, to get
arlo plain (land)
arna land, homeland (related to *arang}
arrovath an attempt
arr-ua to try, to attempt
aspro raven
asprolta raven-hued, dark black (poetic)
atnerre grandmother (*ap + *nerre)
avot four
avottax a quarter


Arangothek Definition
b' (see ben)
bak rye
bain wall
bainair fortification
bainkrinx window (*bain(ek)-*rinx, "eye of the wall")
bak-ua to fall down
balb-ua to close
balthessa interesting, peculiar, strange
balthire inquistor (singular)
bathirel inquistors (plural)
bathiretil inquisition (plural possessive)
balthix interested, curious
balth-ua to be interested in something, curious about something
ban every
banhestek ordinary, everyday, usual
barra a cow
barrad a bull
barradonda beef
bathrad acolyte (Templar rank)
bed one
bedelta only
benkronth a doorhandle
benkr-ua to push
ben by, at (locative preposition - French chez, German bei), during (with times)
bibovath motion
bib-ua to move
biden a fur, piece of fur
bideneti made of fur
birna a birch tree
bitrat a spar, a competition, a tournament
bitr-ua to spar, to compete
blan a garden
blanire a gardener
blax dull (not sharp)
blaxadossa dullness
bobalovath guarding, guard duty
bobal-ua to guard
Gossak Bobirairoth
the Royal Guard
bobire a guard
bontrarna a battlefield
bontr-ua to lunge or leap forward
bortat a grave
bortatarna graveyard
bortovath a burial, a funeral
bort-ua to bury
bra(n)- prefix meaning "forth," eg bibua = to move, brabibua = to move forth ettua = to come,
branettua to come forward, to come forth
bradraps-ua to dismiss scornfully
bragalbovath departure
bragalb-ua to depart (a ship or boat), to set sail

Arangothek Definition
brakak-ua to prosper, flourish
brakakua to flower
bralk high
bralkadossa height
branorgat a letter, missive, notice
branorg-ua to send forth, to dispatch
branissat a journey
branissatgi an excursion
branisserpe hardtack
braniss-ua to journey, to travel
branth a path; a way, a direction
branthal-ua to guide
branthire a guide
branuntalessa aforesaid, aforementioned
branuntalovath a reference to something
branuntal-ua to mention, to refer to something
brapemm-ua to spurt forth
brased-ua to kneel
brasord-ua to volunteer
brasothat a hilt
brasoth-ua to draw (a sword, etc), to pull forth
brastovath spite
brast-ua to spite
bratapovath a posse, a search party
bratap-ua to go out looking for
bratertat a saucer
bratert-ua to spill
bratherpovath an offer
brathrep-ua to offer
bravalponthel mourning attire
bravalpovath mourning
bravalp-ua to mourn
brog inn
brogal-ua to go drinking at an inn
brogetto bar
brogod barkeeper, barmaid
bronix nail, spike
broppi stupid, silly, annoying, "bloody"
brox last, final
broxa beforehand Broxa kar before (conjunction)
broxhest yesterday
broxmink last night
broxo the front of something
bundat a sound beating
bundax-ua to beat soundly with a cudgel or club; to trounce
bundonth a club, a cudgel
bund-ua to beat


Arangothek Definition
da(n)- prefix meaning "away," "hence," eg sletua = to cut, dasletua = to cut away/off
dabalbovath imprisonment
dabalbat prison
dabalbire gaoler
dabalb-ua to close away, to put in prison
dalimb-ua to run away, to bolt, to flee
damba tea
dament-ua to fly away
dan he, she, it
danissovath departure
daniss-ua to depart, to go away
dapet-ua to take away, to snatch, to clinch [a victory]
dara against
Daran the Darian (river)
darmat a possession
darmonth a purse
darmovath possession (abstract noun), ownership
darm-ua to have
darpat a building, a built structure
dasarnat wasteland
dasarnovath destruction, obliteration
dasarn-ua to wipe out, destroy, obliterate
dasart-ua to drink up, drink till something is empty
daslek-ua to eat up, eat till something is gone
daxkelta dragon-like
daxk dragon (from Igmerind dashkon)
daxksingilgat silk (lit.dragon cloth)
debrak familial
debra family
deg other, another
degdrelth other-world, afterlife, heaven/hell
degelta different
dekr-ua to touch
delin they
delvi a swan
dendre girl
derse wine
derseblan a vineyard
derseblanire a vintner
di will be
dibe cold
dibepir winter
dibepirolta wintry
diggo hundred
dinerrek pregnant
dinerria pregnancy
dinth an eye

Arangothek Definition
dinthal-ua to stare at something; to eye; to leer at
dinxo the waist
dirgat a bath
dirgonth a bathtub
dirg-ua to bathe
diskaxke dagger (from Igmerind djashkee)
dist a board
dittovath belief, faith
ditt-ua to believe, to think (something) to be true
dixannote carpet (from Igmerind djaundee)
dixaut (1) pipe (from Igmerind djauda);
(2) chintzy, cheap (from Igmerind djaute)
dixautal-ua to play (music) upon the pipe
dixer music (from Igmerind djeera)
dixeralad a musician
dixeral-ua to play music
dixit soup (from Igmerind djida)
dixim plum (from Igmerind djima)
dixinne garlic (from Igmerind djinga)
dixtis sword (from Igmerind djattis)
dixtisod swordsman
dixtisua- to fight with swords
dondair philosophy
dondire philosopher
dondovath wisdom
dondovathek wise
dond-ua to think (about something), to ponder
donka meat
donnovath hope (noun)
donn-ua to hope
dorn a rooster
dossa state, condition; sort, type, kind
draps-ua to swat
dreki port
drekod an import/export merchant
drele a brick
drelire a mason, bricklayer
drelth world
drelthair universe, cosmos
dret-ua to scratch, to write (see also stet-ua)
dretessast something written, a piece of writing, a letter, a broadside
dretod a scribe
dretto shoulder
dropessa worn out, tired, exhausted
dropnith dodo-like bird
drop-ua to wear against, to exhaust


Arangothek Definition
ekro happy, glad
ekrodossa happiness, pleasure
elgar wretched, miserable
elgarathr-ua to make someone miserable
elgaria wretchedness, misery
emblovath forgiveness
embl-ua to forgive
engat a purchase
engovath shopping (abstract noun)
eng-ua to buy
enxe hand
enxel-ua to slap, strike with the hand

Arangothek Definition
enxenimmo wrist
enxetto a mitten, glove
ens-ua take along, bring
er after being; after having been
erath a hammer
erath-ua to hammer, to pound, to flatten
erixk general (archaic, from Igmerind erishkon)
erpe a cake
etrovath greetings, welcome
etr-ua to greet, to welcome
ett-ua to come


Arangothek Definition
feb sausage (from Igmerind pheeba)
fendu a goose
fenex a weapon
fenexad a weapon-maker
fenexessa armed (adj), in arms
fenexessair a militia
fenex-ua to arm (someone)
flar language, tongue (see also holk)
flaral-ua to speak
flar-ua to say
flardossa speech, speaking
flenth fine, delicate, careful, minute, dainty
flenthedossa detail, fine point
flin beer (from Igmerind phlina)
flin-ua to drink beer
flis hair
flox land, property

Arangothek Definition
floxod baron/baroness
floxodek barony
flun morning
flunbranth east
folva iron (from Igmerind pholpha)
folvad a blacksmith
folvadolt-ua to forge something (as a blacksmith)
folvati made of iron
folvonth a forge
for-ua to learn, to study
forod a student
foronth a school
fost honor
fostak honorable
fost-ua to honor
frath tall
frinth a tower


Arangothek Definition
ga- prefix indicating the comparative degree of adverbs and adjectives = "gavan ker min," better than I.
The same prefix + kar can be translated as "so that " = "gagalgar kar dan di sigix," so sick that he is going to die
gah- see ga- (this variant found before words beginning in a vowel)
gakendat a hunt
gakendessat quarry, prey
gakendod a hunter
gakend-ua to hunt
gakendonka venison
gakentats deer, stag
gakentatsgi deer, hart
gakentatsair deer (plural)
gakentatsolta goat (lit. deer-like)
galbire a swimmer
galbovath swim (noun)
galb-ua to swim
galebrat armor (noun)
galebratek armor-plated
galebressa covered in armor
galebrod an armorer
galebr-ua to cover in armor
galgar sick, ill
galgarat an illness, disease
galgarod a pest, creep, unpleasant person
galgarovath a plague, epidemic, etc
galgar-ua to become sick or be sick
galt-ua to disappear, to vanish
gand-ua to find
ganka a beam, a rafter
ganxe throat
gapiral-ua to repeat
gapirxa again
gapt-ua to break
gaqui a coward
gaquia cowardice
gask a wound or injury
gaskak harmful, injurious
gaskal-ua to wound, harm, injure
gasuggat life
gasugg-ua to live
gatra a bowl
gatta a vine
gel comb (from Igmerind keela)
gelal-ua to comb
gemarind noble (noun)
gemarindek noble (adjective)
gentegi a candle
gentovath conflagration
gentak firey, burning
gentat fire
gent-ua to be on fire, to burn up
gepon (archaic military title, from Igmerind keepon)
gessi young, new, in punctuation indicates the initial character of a new word.
gessialfri plant (lit. young tree)
gessiod initiate (Templar Rank)
gessipir spring
gethri cloud
gige barley
gilg-ua to wind

Arangothek Definition
gimmo an arm
gimmogolat armpit
gint enemy
gitonth tinderbox
git-ua to set on fire, burn something up
glar strong
glardossa strength
glarfolva steel
glipire an arbiter
glip-ua to pick out, select, choose
glir-ua to need
goge finger
gol under (preposition)
before an adjective "not enough," insufficient
golat the bottom of something'
golarangire viscount/viscountess, vice-count/vice-countess
golgossa viceroy, regent
golkonne grandchild
golpodar cellar
golporre grandson
golthratire sustainer (a Templar rank)
gonth-ua to think
gopsad a thief, robber
gopsovath theft, robbery
gops-ua to steal, to rob
gord bright
gordedossa brightness
gordethr-ua to brighten
gordonth a lamp, a lantern
gorrathair foundation of a building (*gol- + *rath-air, understonage)
gorrathairalua to build (a building)
gorrathessa based upon something
gort-ua to stay, to remain
goskrinna princess
gospin queen
gosporre prince
gossa king
gossak royal
gossalta imperious, overbearing
gossalt-ua to be imperious, to act in an overbearing, self-important manner
gossanair the royal family
gossapodar royal palace
gossia kingship
gost rule, law
gostnair code of laws, the Law (taken as a whole, or as an abstract concept)
gostod a lawyer, legal expert
goxair citizenry, public
goxalta humble
goxalua to rule
goxod citizen, subject, person
(commonly) a native Arangothian, regular fellow not necessarily human
grax merciful, compassionate
graxia mercy, compassion
grax-ua to be merciful
grobsorkat "grubball" (a sport)


Arangothek Definition
har as
haxke a cloak (from Igmerind gashkee)
henquo a mouth
hest a day
hestabbat a week
het if
hex an owl
hinx a table
holk tongue
holkalat a speech, lecture
holkalovath speech (abstract noun)
holkal-ua to speak
horna a fortress, castle
huilon elf, slang term (proper term is nimma) (from Igmerind whilon)

Arangothek Definition
huixon wolf (from Igmerind whishon)
huixonair pack of wolves; slang for "crowd"
huixonolta wolflike
huixontenx a were-wolf
hurn red
hurnaldebra "kindred" (noun)
hurnaldebrak "kindred" (adjective)
hurnal-ua to bleed
hurnat blood
hurnatod vampire
hurnrath ruby
hurnusso a blood vein, vessel, etc
huthra a guest
huthral-ua to be a guest, to visit or stay with someone


Arangothek Definition
in was
irre a parent
irr-ua to beget (also figurative)
to bring forth, invent
isik five

Arangothek Definition
iss-ua to go
ixalt a shirt (from Igmerind shalta)
ixhest tomorrow
ixo the rear, back, behind-part of something
ben ixoth ul = behind


Arangothek Definition
k' (see kat)
kaba an oar
kaksovath hatred
kaks-ua to hate
kakovath growth
kakrovath help, assistance
kakr-ua to help
kak-ua to grow, grow up, grow in size, become large
kakruaperal pasture (lit. help to grass)
kakuaperal grass (lit. to grow green)
kalin you (plural)
kalit these (pronoun)
kam old
kambonth a spit (for roasting)
kamb-ua to roast
kamsa (adverb) as in olden times
kanat a saw
kanonth a sawmill
kan-ua to saw
kar that (conjunction)
kat whether
also placed at the beginning of any question
kax far, far away, distant
kaxat the distance, distant lands, foreign parts, afar
kaxatek foreign (see also mugoxek, which has negative connotations)
kaxatod a foreigner (a kinder term than mugoxod)
kaxbranth north
kaxtal chest, box
kebe a pitchfork; a fork
kebel-ua to use a pitchfork
kei on, upon (preposition)
kelet head; face
keltat a power
keltatek powerful
kelt-ua to be able to
keltek possible
keltedossa ability
ken you (singular)
kend-ua to seek
kengli a lion
kenkrovath upbringing
kenkr-ua to raise (animals, crops, children), to bring up (children)
kepe millet (grain)
keppat news, gossip, rumor

Arangothek Definition
kepp-ua to gossip, to tell news
ker from (preposition), than (after a comparative)
ker menx, "of all" (superlative)
kerin the moon
kerinat a month
kerrat stream
kerr-ua to flow, to pass by, to pass along (also of time)
kert-ua to win
kessix please!
kess-ua to request, to ask for, to order
ket that (pronoun)
kete that, those (adjective)
ketpir that time Ben ketpir = then
ketra therefore, for that reason
ketsa in that way, thus
ketumpi that place
Ben ketumpi = there
kisarx lightning, a lightning-bolt
kofra false, untrue
kofralat a lie
kofral-ua to lie, tell an untruth
koi but, however
koith two
koithax between
kolp lead (metal)
kolpeti leaden, made of lead
konkeletek dull-witted, foolish (lit "sheep-headed")
konko a sheep
konkobiden fleece, wool
konkobideneti made of wool
konkodonda mutton
konne child; son; daughter
konnek filial
konnovath behavior
konn-ua to act, to behave
kor before being
korkovath thanks
kork-ua to thank
Korth Korthai
kukar courage
kukarek courageous
kun brown
kv-, kw- see qu-


Arangothek Definition
la and
laba a wooden staff, walking-stick, etc
labrala "et cetera, and so forth, bla-bla-bla"
laga a pole
lai or
lakra a city
lakrad a citizen
lakrak municipal
lakrakodat city seal
lakrathron mayor (lit. municipal keeper)
lallat medicine
lallatek medicinal
lallire healer
lallovath recovery (from a wound or illness)
lall-ua to heal (someone, something), to fix (an object)
lalt-ua to talk
laltam Punctuation mark indicated a doubled consonant
lambor skin, leather
lamboreti made of leather
lamindra "and therefore" (conjunction)
larka a spice
larn-ua to wash (something)
laspara a stone quarry
lasparod a stonecutter
laspar-ua to cut stone, to quarry
lathra pure, unadulterated
lathria purity
lathr-ua to purify
larx gray
lebdat a kiss
lebd-ua to kiss
lebrat a covering
lebr-ua to cover (something)
lelinmi some things or other (plural)
lelintha some ones or other (plural)
leptat a song

Arangothek Definition
leptire a singer
leptirenair choir
leptovath singing (abstract noun)
lept-ua to sing
lermat a dance
lermire a dancer
lermovath dancing
lerm-ua to dance
lequi an orange
lequik orange-colored
leski a rat
lespe great, excellent (slang) (from Igmerind lesphe)
limbovath running (abstract noun); a race
limb-ua to run(on foot)
limmo a breast; an udder
limmol-ua to suckle
lin some, any
linmi anything, something
linpir some time or other, any time
lintha someone, anyone
linumpi some place or other
linxa somehow or other
lirme a neck
lituralask Arangothian noodle, similar to linguini
loips a ford (over a stream)
loipsal-ua to ford (a stream, etc), to get through/over something
lorrovath a yell or shout
lorr-ua to yell, to shout
lui belt, strap
lurinth gold
lurintheti golden
lurinthod a goldsmith
lurinthun gold coin
lurt-ua to turn


Arangothek Definition
malbra true, real
malbraxa truly, really, indeed, verily
malbria truth
malgadossa start, beginning (n)
malg-ua to start, begin
malli hair
manta a pot, a cauldron
marfe (n) price (from Igmerind marphee)
marfel-ua to sell
marfed a merchant
marfedarna market
marfedua to barter, to trade, to haggle
marfedire barterer, trader, haggler
marnu a bear
marxi a tiger
masgat a frown
masg-ua to frown
maspe a nose
maspel-ua to smell something
matt-ua to sit down, take a seat
me with
mek this (pronoun)
meke this, these (adj)
mekpir this time Ben mekpir = now
mekumpi this place Ben mekumpi = here
melek these (pronoun)
melx the sun
melxsark sunshine
mentat a wing
mentovath flight
ment-ua to fly
mentadossa bird, fowl (lit. flyer)
mentasilthrog airship, flying ship
menx everything, all
menxpir all time, forever
menxpirek immortal, eternal (adj)
menxpirekist an immortal being (not necessarily a god)
merra three
merrax a third of something
metrovath sleep (noun)
metrovathegi a nap
metr-ua to sleep
milla very, much, many
millakam ancient
millaxa (adverb) a great deal, a lot
milve a lip
milvetummo moustache
mil-ua to tear, to rip

Arangothek Definition
mimp-ua to push
min I
mindra for this reason, therefore
mink night
minkbranth west
minkethr-ua to get dark (at night)
mintonth a chair
mintrat a dream
mint-ua to be sitting down
mintr-ua to dream
minxa this way, thus
mirod a servant
mirodair service
mir-ua to serve
mistovath hearing
mist-ua to hear
mitral-ua to shoot an arrow
mitri an arrow
mitrod a bowman; an archer
mitronth a bow (for arrows)
mit-ua to throw
morre sibling; term of address for guild-members
morrek guild (adjective)
morrekod guild-member
morrenair guild
mor-ua to dig
motta a spoon; a scoop
mottal-ua to scoop something; to eat with a spoon
mu no, not
mudossa nothing
mugoxek foreign, alien, un-Arangothian (see also kaxatek, which doesn't have the negative connotation)
mugoxod foreigner, outsider (has negative connotations)
mukeltek impossible
mulintha nobody
mun a spirit
musigire an undead creature
musigirek undead (adj); musigirek pallod = a lich
musimpessat mystery, something unknown
muthropeti poor, impoverished
muthropetia poverty
muxion griffon (from Igmerind mushon)


Arangothek Definition
na (vocative particle) Na Marnuth! = Hey, Marnuth!
naba light, lightweight, easy
nabathr-ua to make easy, to lighten
nabr-ua to hang (something)
nandra milk
nangrovath esteem, value
nangr-ua to value
narmo brass
narmoti made of brass; brazen
ne to (preposition)
ne- (verbal prefix indicating an indirect object; has several uses)
nebranissat a visit
nebranissire a visitor
nebraniss-ua to visit
nedekrovath influence
nedekr-ua to influence, to affect
nedixe sugar (from Igmerind nedjee)
nedixelta sugary-sweet
nedondovath consideration
nedond-ua to take into consideration, consider
nege sharp
negedossa sharpness
negentovath anger
negent-ua to be angry
negethr-ua to sharpen
negit-ua to enrage someone
nekaksovath slander (noun)
nekaks-ua to slander, to speak ill of someone
neleptovath praise (noun)
nelept-ua to praise
nelk deep
nelkedossa depth, abyss
nelxi a well, a spring
nemasgovath disfavor
nemasg-ua to disfavor, frown upon
nematt-ua to dine, sit down to a meal
nemist-ua to listen to something; to hearken
nemitralat a target for archery
nemitralovath archery
nemitral-ua to hit with an arrow
nemu without
nemukar unless
nenangrovath advice
nenangr-ua to appraise, to offer advice
nepallat a spell
nepallovath enchantment
nepall-ua to enchant, use magic upon, cast a spell on
nepellovath favor (noun)
nepell-ua to favor
nepenxel-ua to indicate
nepipovath responsibility
nepip-ua to see to something, to take responsibility for something
nepse a snake, serpent
nequorbat an attack
nequorb-ua to attack

Arangothek Definition
nerbo a fist
nerpat a jump
nerp-ua to jump
nerre mother
nerrek maternal
nerx tin
nerxeti made of tin
nerxod tinsmith
nesartat a toast
nesart-ua to drink a toast to someone
nesast-ua to spit at someone
neserpire a host
neserpix good, kind, friendly
neserpovath kindness, hospitality
neserp-ua to be kind
nesirovath a question
nesir-ua to ask
nesithr-ua to perform a marriage ceremony
neskovath a wish
nesk-ua to wish
neslink-ua to treat someone to a meal
nesommovath sympathy
nesomm-ua to sympathize
nesulat a royal concession
nesul-ua to grant
netelire a courtesan (much more positive then sinsedod)
netel-ua to make love to
nethrat-ua to understand
netri an axe
netrilire an axeman; executioner
netrilod a lumberjack
netril-ua to chop (with an axe)
nevalp-ua to complain
nevervessat a posting
neverv-ua to post (a notice)
nimma elf (see also huilon)
nimpe sweet
nimpeserp fruit (lit. sweet love)
nimpet something sweet, such as a dessert
nindor cream
ninx a secret
ninxek secret (adj)
nist a star
nistel-ua to sparkle
nixe a leg
nixesimmo knee
nixke beautiful (from Igmerind nishke)
norpix frightened (adj)
norpothr-ua to scare, to frighten
norpovath fear (noun)
norp-ua to fear
nothonth a poker (for a fire)
noth-ua to poke
nulx a game
nulxal-ua to play (a game)


Arangothek Definition
obla low
obladossa lowness
oblalta lowly
odat seal
odathronod chancellor, an official invested with Royal authority (literally, "keeper of the seal")
odax-ua to seal (a letter)
od-ua to press
ol- prefix meaning "apart" eg milua = to rip olmilua = to rip apart, rip to pieces
olett-ua to fall to pieces, fall apart
olglipovath literature
olglip-ua to read (literally, to "pick out apart" the letters)
olissovath a parting of the ways
oliss-ua to part ways
ollamboral-ua to skin, to flay
olker with the exception of, apart from
olker-ua to make an exception for; to except
olkerovath an exception
olquondal-ua to bite off
olsironth a sieve
olsirovath separation

Arangothek Definition
olsir-ua to separate
olskern-ua to pick to pieces
olsordovath disagreement
olsord-ua to disagree
olsoth-ua to pull apart
olstet-ua to dismember
olsulovath distribution
olsul-ua to distribute
opo a duck
opte dark
optedossa darkness
optenimma a dark elf; drow
optepir autumn, fall (the season)
optepirolta autumnal
optest "the dark one"
orgessirat an embassy
orgessire an emissary
orgod a messenger
org-ua to send
oryan a hawk


Arangothek Definition
pad rank, title, degree
pallat magic
pallod a magician, mage, sorceror, wizard
pallotpin she-wizard, witch, etc
pallovath use of magic
pall-ua to use magic
pantrat a play (in a game, esp grubball)
pantrire a musician
pantronth a musical instrument
pantrovath music
pantr-ua to play
parkatire judge, magistrate
parkat-ua to judge, to decide
parmi a fish
parmilod a fisherman
parmilovath fishing
parmil-ua to fish
parmisilabor fishing-boat
parponth a vessel for containing something
parp-ua to fill
patro the chest
pellat a smile
pell-ua to smile
pemmi soft
pemmidossa softness
pemm-ua to spurt, spew
pempovath appearance (as opposed to reality)
pemp-ua to seem
pengovath desire (noun)
peng-ua to want
penta the middle of something
pent-ua to center upon something
penxe finger
penxel-ua to point
peppo a shoe
peral green

Arangothek Definition
peralthrax emerald
perl joy
perlek joyous, joyful
perponth a basket; a bucket
perp-ua to carry, to bear
peska a lake
peskagi a pond
pet-ua to take
pex dog, hound
pexolta doglike, fawning
pexolt-ua to act like a dog, to fawn upon
pilbat a piece of clothing
pilbatel clothes, attire
pilbatire a clothier
pilb-ua to wrap
pin a hood
pinquo nine
pip' "voila!", behold! Pip' ve, here is!
pip-ua to see
pir time
pirxa still, yet, even now
podar house; home
podaral-ua to dwell, to reside
podarek domestic, related to the house/home
podar ul-marfed house of trade, house of merchants
podarusso a chimney
porre son
prakanth an anvil
prakat a blow, a hit
prak-ua to strike, hit
prath rough, uncultivated, unfinished
pubro a buttock
puntrat a step
puntr-ua to step
purp-ua to hate
purpessa detested (adjective), damned, blasted
ket purpessa pex, that blasted dog!


Arangothek Definition
quar black
quarbessa alleged, reputed
quarb-ua to allege, to suggest
quasp copper
quaspeti made of copper
quaspire a coppersmith
quaspin copper coin
quex half
quexanquod keg (used as a unit of measure, defined as half an anquod)
quembi a grape
quigaladar a millstone
quigat flour
quigod a miller
quigonth a mill

Arangothek Definition
quig-ua to grind
quist the stomach
quob unit of linear measure
quold a pear
quond tooth
quondal-ua to bite
quossat a wheel, a circle
quossatod a wheelwright
quoss round, circular
quossatoltra egg, oval, circle-like
quosuntalovath description
quosuntal-ua to describe, talk about, speak about
quox- about, around
quoxa around
quoxal-ua + ta, to be about, to concern, to have an impact on, to be of interest to


Arangothek Definition
rastro the wind
rastronth a sail; a windsock
rath stone
ratholta hard as stone, stonelike
relk a village
relkod a villager
rem through (preposition)
remek thorough, complete
remma door
rempsat a part (of something)
remps-ua to put into pieces
remsallat a glass windowpane
renxat a web; a net
renx-ua to weave
resp-ua to catch
reth(e)- prefix meaning "across"
rethat a bridge
rethapsi uncle
rethatire a bridgekeeper
rethenerp-ua to jump over something
rethesed-ua to bridge something
rethesul-ua to give something over, to relinquish

Arangothek Definition
rethiss-ua to cross something
rethnerre aunt
rethporre nephew
rethrinna niece
rethsenqui cousin (female)
rethvarqui cousin (male)
rinna daughter
rinx eye (see also dinth)
rixte silver
rixtegi platinum
rixtelun a silver coin
rixteti made of silver
rixtire a silversmith
roxe a bone
roxenair a skeleton
ruk bad, evil, malevolent
rukalt-ua to do evil, to be
rukia evil (noun)
ruthmi a cavern, mine
ruthmilovath mining (noun)
ruthmil-ua to mine for something
ruthmire a miner


Arangothek Definition
salk-ua to creep or crawl, to sneak, to slip
sall glass (noun - the material)
sallat a bottle; a glass
salleti made of glass
sallod a glazier
sandr-ua to lie down
sangli a horse
sanglil-ua to ride a horse
sanglinth a (horse's) saddle
sangliod a horseman, cavalryman, knight
sangliodair cavalry; order of knights
sangrire murderer
sangrod assassin
sangrovath killing (abstract noun); murder
sangr-ua to kill
sarde a chin
sark ice
sarkat a mirror
sark-ua to shine; to reflect in a mirror
sarkolta yellow, resembling shine
sarla pretty
sarmapir summer
sarmapirolta summery
sarmat a fireplace
sarmovath warmth
sarm-ua to be warm; to warm something
sarnem an eagle
sarn-ua to rub, to polish
sarpolta useful
sarpovath a use for something
sarp-ua to use
sartat a drink
sart-ua to drink
sast-ua to spit
satsonth a mortar and pestle
sats-ua to crush
seb- downwards
sebett-ua to come downwards, descend
sebiss-ua to go downwards, descend
sedonth a bed
sed-ua to be lying down
selin which? (Plural)
selinmi? which ones?
selinoth which, who, that (plural relative pronoun)
selintha who (plural)?
sembe ear
sembesarde earlobe
sende a year
senderempsat a season
senke a knife
senqui sister
serpovath love (noun)
serp-ua to love
sert-ua to swing
serx ten
sethrod teacher, mentor
sethr-ua to teach
setsessat a stew
sets-ua to stew
si(n)- prefix meaning "together"
sibenkr-ua to knock things together, against each other
sibba eight
sibbasinquo "octideb," cross between spider and bee
sibbax an eighth of something
sibontrat a fight
sibontrovath fighting (abstract noun)
sibontrod a warrior
sibontr-ua to fight
sigire a dead person, a disembodied spirit
sigod a dead body, a corpse
sigovath death
sig-ua to die
sil the ocean, sea
silabor a (small) boat
silad a seaman, sailor
silaltat a conference; a council
silalt-ua to confer, convene
silbranth south
silek (1) maritime
(2) pronoun: something, silek ul = some
silgimmo (major) river
silm blue
silmthrax sapphire
silthrog a ship
silthrogal-ua to ship
silolta vast, oceanic
simbra war
simbrod a soldier
simbrodair an army
simbr-ua to wage war
simbrod ul-abrat mercenary (literally: soldier of the road)
simmat a bend
simmo an elbow
simm-ua to bend
simpe salt (from Igmerind simbee)
simpek knowledgable
simpelta salty
simpovath knowledge
simp-ua to know
sin which?
sindra why?
sinettat a meeting, congress, union, etc
sinett-ua to come together, to meet, to convene
singilgat cloth
singilgire a weaver
singilg-ua to knit; to weave
singrat end, conclusion
singr-ua to end, to conclude
sinim clever, smart
sinim-ua to be clever
sinkonnat a gang; a guild, group, society, team
sinkonn-ua to act as a group
sinme together with (preposition)
sinmi what?
sintha who?
sinoth which, who (relative pronoun)
sivingatel commerce

Arangothek Definition
sinpantrat a musical ensemble
sinpir what time? Ben sinpir = when?
sinquorbat a battle
sinquorb-ua to do battle
sinsartat a drinking party
sinsart-ua to participate in a drinking-party
sinsatsat a powder
sinsats-ua to crush with mortar and pestle
sinsedat sex
sinsedire fighting words to any Arangothian speaker Don't use this in polite company
sinsedod prostitute, whore (with a decidedly negative connotation)
sinsedonth brothel
sinsed-ua to lie together
sinsirat a combination
sinsir-ua to combine, to join (several objects)
sinslekat a feast
sinslek-ua to feast
sinstarat a conspiracy
sinstarod a conspirator
sinstar-ua to conspire, to plot
sinterbi a husband
sintertat a mixture, a potion
sintert-ua to mix (usually liquids)
sintespe a wife
sinthranat a bundle
sinthran-ua to tie together; to tie a knot
sinthrimat a scroll
sinthrim-ua to fold or roll up (as a letter or scroll)
sintittat the entertainers as a group; musicians, dancers, etc
sintittire an entertainer
sintittovath entertainment
sintitt-ua to entertain
sinumpi what place? Ben sinumpi = where?
sinxa how?
sippa a heart
sirgat a hug
sirg-ua to hug, to embrace
sir-ua to put
siss alternate spelling of sith
sith big; great; large
sithaladar a boulder
sitharang province
sithdiggo thousand
sithforonth university
sithgoge thumb
sithire governor, regent, palatine, duke
sithrangel duchy, province administered by a sithire
sithrinna granddaughter
sithrat a wedding
sithrovath marriage, matrimony
sithr-ua to marry
sithuntro big toe
sitr-ua to glow
sisporre grandson (=sith+porre) Also gosporre
skan heavy, difficult
skanat weight, burden
skanethr-ua to make difficult, make heavy
skern-ua to pick, to pluck
skernua to harvest
skettat an opening; a public square
skett-ua to open
skordat curse, bane
skord-ua to curse
slekonthel utensils, cutlery
slep the reason for something
slek-ua to eat
sletonth the blade of a knife, etc
slet-ua to cut
sletuaperal to cut hay
slifra constant, ever
slifraxa always
slinkat a meal
slink-ua to feed someone
slor number
sloralat a counting, a census
sloral-ua to count
sommat pain
somm-ua to hurt, to ache
sondr-ua to be standing
sonkovath a stop
sonk-ua to come to a halt, to stop
sord-ua to stand up
sork round (like a ball)
sorkat an orb or globe; a ball
soth-ua to pull
sr- West Arangothian dialect; see thr-
stapovath a wait
stap-ua to wait
starat a plan
starko a chicken, rooster
star-ua to plan
stebe a leaf, a page, a piece of parchment or paper
stebel-ua to leaf through (a book)
stebenair a book (as opposed to a scroll)
stetat a letter or piece of writing
stetonth a writing tool, a pen
stetovath the act of writing
stet-ua to scratch; to write
suggat a breath
suggovath breathing (noun)
sugg-ua to breathe
sulk-ua to stop (something)
sulat a gift
sulessast a gift
sulovath gift-giving
sul-ua to give
sunquo a spider
suspat a whisper
susp-ua to whisper


Arangothek Definition
ta for, on behalf of (preposition)
in order to (with verbal infinitive)
tabba seven
talor church Gossak Taloroth = the Royal Church
talorod priest, priestess, etc
tapovath a search
tap-ua to seek, to look for
tarb an apple
tarra a horn
tarrad a trumpeter, bugler
tarp-ua to bring something (to someone)
taslepkar because (ta slep kar)
taslep-ul because of
tatarn thunder
tatarnal-ua to thunder
tatsonth a dagger
tatsovath a stabbing
tats-ua to stab
tatovath a (sudden) appearance (somewhere)
tat-ua to appear
tel-ua to love
telessist beloved
telixist lover
tentrat a scene, a sight
tentrire a watchman
tentronth a spyglass
tentrovath observation
tentr-ua to watch
tenx a human being
tenxek human
terbi man
terbik male
terbilta manly
terixkake* ("terishkake") meat in a spicy gravy over dumplings
tert-ua to pour
tespe woman
tespek female
tespin lady, Miss
tess name
thrake handsome
thranat a knot
thran-ua to tie
thratessast knowledge
thrat-ua to know (eg a language), to know how to
thrax a diamond
thraxrath a gemstone
thraxrathire a jeweller
threlbe a cheek
threpat a handle
threp-ua to hold
thres a farm
thresarna farmland
thresod a farmer
thres-ua to farm

Arangothek Definition
thrimat an envelope
thrim-ua to fold
thrippix exciting
thripp-ua to excite
thriss-ua to whistle
throg a carriage
throgal-ua to carry in a carriage
thron-ua to keep
thron ul-bain Margrave, Marcher Lord (literally, "keeper of the wall")
throp a coin
thropeti rich, wealthy
thropparponth a purse
throppodar a mint (for coins)
tigi a baby
tin in (preposition)
tinat the inside of something
tindarmat a package
tindarmonth a container, chest, box
tindarm-ua to contain
tinganx-ua to swallow
tinissat an entrance, a doorway
tinissovath an entrance (carried out somewhere with pomp and ceremony)
tiniss-ua to enter
tinkeletat brain(s)
tinsalk-ua to sneak in, to creep in
tispat a loaf of bread; bread; food generally
tispatel baked goods
tispire a baker
tisponth an oven
tisp-ua to bake
tittatel laughter
titt-ua to laugh
tix a cup
tixna cherry
toikonth a stairway; a ladder
toik-ua to climb
tok water
tokarna island, lit. watery land
tokat pool
tokrixtek mercurial
tokrixteti mercury (lit. water made of silver)
tokumpi fountain, spring
tolga an oak tree
tolgati oaken, made of oak
tom long
tontr-ua to fall, to plummet
torro a pig
torrodonda pork
torropex Term of abuse Casts aspersion on one's ancestry (lit "pig-dog")
totto the gut
tuka a boy
tummo beard
tunxe foot
tunxenat ankle
tunxel-ua to kick
turre father
turrek paternal, fatherly
turrenair ancestors, lineage
tut-ua to drop (something)


Arangothek Definition
ul of (preposition)
ultovath an action, an event
ult-ua to do sthg
umpi place
umpso six

Arangothek Definition
unt word
untal-ua to say
untro a toe
usso a pipe


Arangothek Definition
valk white
valkat snow
valpat a tear
valpovath crying, weeping (noun), lamentation
valp-ua to cry, weep
van good, pleasant
vanneskovath congratulations
vannesk-ua to congratulate
vanxa well
vard friend
vardia friendship
vare a falcon
vared a falconer
varqui brother
varquia brotherhood
vattat applause
vatt-ua to clap, applaud
ve is
velot butter (from Igmerind plota)
vervat a piercing-wound; a pinprick
vervonth a pin, a needle
verv-ua to pierce

Arangothek Definition
vidixe cabbage (from Igmerind pidjee)
vilkat temple
vilkalathar altar
Vilkatire Templar
vilki holy, sacred
vilkiterbi holy man (as opposed to a priest)
vilkitespi holy woman (as oppossed to a
vindixe cheese (from Igmerind pindjee)
vingatel a merchant's wares
vingire a seller
vingovath the act of selling
ving-ua to sell
viqui a panther
vissat a shriek or cry
viss-ua to shriek, cry out
voldovath trust (noun)
voldovathek trustworthy
vold-ua to trust
volfe rice (from Igmerind pulphee)
vorfon lord, boss, master, sir, ma'am, mistress (from Igmerind porphon)
vorvat a roar
vorv-ua to roar