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General Information
Full Name: Astarael
Race: Human (Mage)
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Country of Origin: Northern Veth, near Lake Severnaya
Hair Color: Bright Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'06"
Additional Information
Aliases: Asta; "The Weeper"
Occupation: Fletcher & Bowmaker; Former Assassin
Income: Peasant
Marital Status: Single
Player: Ingrid


Astarael was born and grew up in Northern Veth, near Lake Severnaya. As an infant, she was sold by her parents to a small group of assassins posing as slavers. The girl was raised to be a killer, and worked as a hired assassin up until somewhat recently, her targets having ranged from infants to the elderly, and anyone in between.

At some point, Astarael grew tired of this work and disappeared from her 'family', absconding to Drache where she currently earns a living as a fletcher and bowmaker. After a few weeks, however, her sociopathic nature has led her to develop a new hobby: murdering particularly vile people in her free time--rapists, other killers, people unlikely to be missed or mourned.


As previously mentioned, Astarael is a high-functioning sociopath. She feels little beyond her own self-interest, though it doesn't stop her from forming her own twisted sort of attachment to certain people. She doesn't experience friendship as most people understand it, though she does tend to be drawn to people that she considers extraordinary or interesting.

Physical Description

Astarael isn't particularly tall at about 5'06", fairly lean with long blonde hair. She is a true sociopath, but understands the need to fit in with those around her in order to avoid suspicion. Nevertheless, many people tend to notice something is 'off' about her, particularly as Asta's green eyes don't tend to express much at all in the way of emotion.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Fletching and bow-making
  • Highly-skilled archer
  • General stealth/sneaking

Magic Skills

  • Weapons enchanting: Astarael enchants many of the bows she crafts for better accuracy and augmented shot range; accuracy is not absolute (approx. 25% higher chance of hitting target), and shot range is generally only extended by some 20 ft
  • Minor fire: she mostly just uses this to light cigarettes, candles, etc.; it's little more than a small flame at her fingertips
  • Poisons: Astarael is familiar with a variety of poisons and how to make them (none of which are meant to be considered unwaveringly lethal)



  • Bow: Asta's own bow is enchanted for higher accuracy (approx. 30% higher change of hitting target) and range (normal high-end bow range +25ft)
  • Dagger: reasonable quality, but otherwise mundane