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Azheba [Ah-shebb-Uh]
General Information
Full Name: Melazhebbathis, Of the Mists.
Race: The Miszhakrii - Singular - An extra-terrestrial dire-cat who is both a legend and revered entity to a bunch of huntresses who live on a moon. In reality he’s a massive mystical dire-cat.
Gender: Male
Age: 900 (Technically. Time passes differently in his subrealm)
Date of Birth: Uncharted, but in-realm, probably a good thousand years before Drache’s founding.
Country of Origin:

The Dreamstalk - Imagine if the etheric plane had a vascular system running through it, insulated from both reality and unreality, but with entrances and exits into both. It is not miles, kilometers, or lifetimes long, but aeons. It’s misted corridors are hypothesized by those who know of it to be infinite. It’s confines can be tight as a low running tunnel, or vast as an ocean, with many subrealms both hidden and obvious.

Technically it leads everywhere - but also nowhere. Most people get lost inside it, or fall down a chasm, dying of old age (or malnourishment) before they hit the bottom.
Arrival on Siveth An opening in the Dreamstalk
Hair Color: His fur is a shifty charcoal grey, with stripes and spots that never hold the same pattern
Eye Color: Moonglow
Height: 10ft at the shoulder, on all fours
Weight: 1000 Ibs
Additional Information
Aliases: NA
Religion: NA
Creed: As a mystical, sentient dire-cat, Azheba’s purpose is a pure one lightly colored by the attachments and honorifics of a being with higher reasoning. He lives for the clean kill and the swift death.
Occupation: Hunting horrid monsters across dimensions
Income: 0
Marital Status: NA
Player: Eyeless #3174


Azheba was born alongside the creations of other gods, an early child of primordial causation as a pure expression of the darker etheric spectrums. His purpose now is as it was at his birth. To prey upon impurities and the chase that follows. In time the chase took different forms besides simply stalking and chasing metaphysical things. Gradually the chase advanced, evolved, and called him to the material, where he was given his true-shape, that of a gargantuan hunting-cat. Given the primordial magicks which shaped his birth, it was not the only form he would don in pursuit of his quarries, but it is the only form that mirrors his being.


As a massive cat-leopard-tiger-jaguar beast Azheba is one of those beings who exudes an intensity atypical of most larger predators, no matter what form he wears. He is rather impersonal for a sentient being. Though he has the capacity to reason and a knack for languages, he is ultimately a predator who happens to have thoughts, thus his motives in all things are fairly streamlined. The mistake most of his quarry make is assuming he is predictable.

Physical Description

Standing 15 feet at the shoulder, to say Azheba is massive would be understating things. Physically he is an incredibly robust specimen with massive forelimbs, thick shoulders, and staunch back legs. His neck is long, his head thick and wide, sporting a long muzzle with powerful jaws. Overall his body is long and flexible. A pseudo-mane begins at the back of his skull, fluffing out around his neck and chest, ending just past his shoulder blades. The mane itself is spotted with speckles and rings of shifting color, while his body is a tapestry of stripes and simple spots which constantly shift to suit the terrain. His tail is medium length, proportionate to his size for the sake of balance and more agile turning.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

As a primordial monster of a cat, Azheba is incredibly strong, agile, and terrifyingly quick when he lunges into his top speed. That being said Azheba is a hunting cat, not a wolf. Prolonged chases are not his forte in his trueform, though thanks to his heavyset physique he is well suited to brawls with creatures twice his size, similar to Smilodons of our prehistoric eras.

Mundane Skills

  • Hunting / Stalking - He’s a big cat. It’s what they do.
  • Swimming
  • Climbing - Okay, he’s basically the epitome of big cats - except the Cheetah, so-
  • Definitely not super speedy running - Fast for his size? Sure. If there’s a super bison out there, he’s gonna catch up to it and wrestle that thing down. A mere man would never outrun Azheba. A giant cheetah he is not.
  • Hunters Senses - Nightvision, keen hearing, and a heightened sense of smell make Azheba both an astute and dogged hunter who can track prey for days, if not years with nothing but their spore. His hearing is as sharp as any cat’s, with the range amplified to fit his size.
  • Thickset - His bones, hide, and fur are all quite thick, making it hard for things like claws or blades to penetrate his fur, or for deeper wounds to incapacitate him.
  • Fighter’s Mane - The fur of his mane is thick enough to entangle blades and stop other predator’s bites from piercing through to his throat.
*Weatherproof - His fur keeps him comfortable on the physical plane, keeping out the worst chills, while also keeping water from soaking him to the bone. This is a requirement to live in the Dreamstalk, whose temperature and biomes can reach major extremes.
  • Hunter’s Prowess - Having walked as a man for longer than most people who’ve sired generations, he is a serviceable hand to hand combatant. His spear throws are uncannily accurate, his bowshots are aimed unerringly true, and his traps are cunningly laid - But he is not the best swordsman in the land.

Better than the average brawler? By a league. But will he out-technique the Knightiest of Knights who’s dedicated his life to studying every aspect of a thousand different blades? Very probably not.

Magic Skills

  • Manskin - Azheba can take humanoid form, assuming the shape of a man, elf, or other two-legged humanoid of similar stature. This is strictly for blending. He does not learn the language of the race or gain any unique racial passives they might carry.

The differences in what form he chooses come down to height and stature, a matter of region really, but the added drawbacks are as follows: He is not fully successful in shedding all his weight. In humanoid forms he is disproportionately heavier than something of that stature should be. Don’t let him sit on the fancy furniture, or he’ll break it. Nor can he slink lightly upon frail surfaces. Can he vault a fence? Sure, but he must properly distribute his weight, or risk splintering the whole thing. His shadow is longer and taller than natural, darkening everything behind him. His aura is a palpable, impermeable thing that he cannot shed, because it is the truth of his being radiating through the skins he wears. His eyes never change. They are always silvery white, glowing eerily like the moon. E) His strength and speed are drastically reduced if the shape is smaller. As a man or a goat he’d be faster and stronger than either species, but not as strong as his true form. He maintains his superior vision, but his hearing isn’t as astute, nor is his sense of smell. Further, though resilient, wearing lesser hides means wearing lesser ‘armor.’ Naked skin, no matter how tough, is still less resilient than a massive beast with added layers of fat and fur.

  • Magic Sense - Azheba can see and hear magical / immaterial emissions, like wards and psionic chatter. A necessity given the wide plethora of things he’s stalked over his long, long life.

(I totally plan to make him an antagonist to the Sybarites I’m using as NPC villains for Vuul’s plot, who convalesce via mental sendings as well as astral projection. He needs to be able to track that sort of stuff if he’s chasing spirit monsters across the many planes) *Mist Walking - Azheba has an innate sense of the nearest entry/exit to the realm of the Dreamstalk. Unlike most, he can enter freely, for it is the realm of his birth. However, these access points are slow to shift. Azheba cannot simply walk off and vanish anywhere he’d like without extra means. Further, these hidden paths are spread out across the physical planes. In context for the realm Drache is set, his accessways are rare and hard to reach. Often his prey dwell far beyond the entrances to his realm, so these are in no way convenient places through which he pops in and out. Reaching these entrances is a journey unto itself. *Camouflage - Azheba’s fur and coloration, while usually hues of midnight black - can adapt to match most physical terrain, but does not mimic textures. When stalking, his stripes and spots form patterns that make him resistant to scrying and magics that would otherwise reveal hidden presences. This lets him prowl through magic wards, snares, and other inmundane traps. But that bear trap on the ground though? He’s gotta step over that. Suffice to say, you’ll spot the hulking great-cat if he’s standing against a wall in broad daylight. But not from the sky if he’s hiding amid a bunch of hung laundry or a grassy field. *Warded Pelt - His mane can dispel or deflect weak magic and energy projections, while his fur is resilient to most forms of magic. This effect degrades as his fur becomes damaged, weakening the effect where his fur cannot shape the proper wards. *Shattering Roar - Azheba’s full roar at close range is devastating, as it is both a powerful physical vibration and a mental projection of rage and ferocity. Within 10 feet it has a high probability of stunning, due to the tremendous volume of the roar. 20 feet out and it’s simply a powerful intimidation move, instilling fear in the weak willed and forcing those with high valor / charisma to reconsider their life choices in facing a giant monster-cat. While this doesn’t exactly have a cooldown, it does have diminishing returns. If he keeps roaring, things are bound to grow desensitized, or deaf, rendering it mostly useless in combat at that point. *Rending Claws - His massive claws rend insubstantial foes such as ghosts, wraiths, demon, or beings from beyond who abide by extra-planar laws, as these are what he hunts.



  • A magical wooden spear that can alter its length to be as short as a knife or as long and flexible as a vaulting pole. The wood is more resilient than most metals and sharp enough to ignore metal armor, but must be thrust to pierce armor or shielding, not slashed.
  • An inscribed wooden bow with a string of light, and an endless quiver that fires arrows of intangible light. These ignore physical armor but not magical, and burn on contact with impure energies like the demonic and unholy.

These arrows are objects unto themselves, and cannot be dispelled unless the quiver itself is destroyed. They travel faster and truer than conventional arrows, being more akin to energy projectiles. They deal the same damage, with the added benefit of armor piercing, which standard arrows lack.


Over the span of a long eternity, Azheba has shed enough fur to fashion himself a woven garment. Shaped like a predator’s pelt, it is worn over his shoulders, with the arms draped over his front and a hood over his head. It can catch arrows, mitigate sword swings, stop knife thrusts, and ward against low tier spells - But for axes, hammers, and more destructive spells - He’s best left to dodging. It is weatherproof (fire/water/wind repellant) but not fully enclosing. Literally a bunch of woven fur draped over his body, leaving plenty of exposed skin. So the protection is inconsistent


Azheba carries several things for his jaunts on two legs. In his natural shape these items are stowed in a sleek leather harness, more or less a man-sized bag full of portable items:

  • A flask that holds a river - literally. Pure water for days, but not infinite. It needs refilled, and boy does that take a while. The flask itself purifies the water, but this takes time. He could theoretically draw water from a polluted ditch full of acid rain, but it’d take far longer than is practical to purify it. So he must be discerning with his water sources.
  • Fur wrappings and pelts with which to garb himself, a collection of carved bone masks and headdresses. Cosmetic / Trophies
  • Warping Bolas (x4) - When thrown, the target they ensnare immediately transports the target into the Dreamstalk. Characters with strong magical resistance can resist the teleport, but the easiest way to avoid them is to dodge, as this throwable isn’t especially quick for a throwable.

Nor can he replenish these. Their ideal use requires him to hunt near a known gate, and retrieve them after completing the hunt within his own realm.

  • Basic survival implements like flint, steel, fishing wire, and components for primitive blades, arrows, small campfires, a tent, and the components for basic jungle traps. And rope. Never forget your rope!


To keep the darkness of the realms in balance through the perpetual stalk and chase of corruption and nightmare. Slowly and steadily, he aspires to keep the natural order of things in check, ensuring the metaphysical ecosystem doesn’t get too far outta whack. Sub-Goals: To rip and tear each and every Sybarite and their associate breeds of madness and malice, until he can find and slay the object of their perverse worship (whether this is feasible or not.) It is their presence in Drache that has lured him to this dimension.