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General Information
Full Name: Bakchost Gagibi
Race: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: Elderly
Date of Birth: circa 230 AT
Country of Origin: Griffon's Aerie
Arrival on Siveth 477 AT
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Bronze
Height: 6’0
Weight: 160lbs
Additional Information
Religion: Patron deity
Creed: Wisdom before power.
Occupation: Scholar
Income: Moderate
Marital Status: Widower
Player: Karras


Bakchost was born to a wealthy and prominent member of the Gagibi family, a prestigious family with a proud military history who held estates within a region known as the Talatibitem. Following tradition, Bakchost joined the ranks of the military at the youngest allowed age, aspiring to follow in his family’s footsteps. A competent soldier and leader, Bakchost showed a great ferocity and leadership within his fellow cohort, which culminated to earn him a knighthood to the honoured Order of Alpine. He completed his intense training of the order, going on to serve dutifully and faithfully. He enjoyed the thrill of serving his order. However, the small skirmishes often left him unsatisfied. His father was a legendary knight in the Order of the Oak, who put down an assassination attempt against King Karos IV by Leturian insurrectionists, fighting bravely against a much larger force. Bakchost did his best to be courageous, fighting raiders and bandits in the Lunit Mountains, but felt this still wasn’t enough to attain his father’s legacy.

The eventual retreat of Elvendeep from the orcish horde culminated into action on part of the Griffons, who joined Leturia to retake Keulenestra Forest in the decade of 350AT. Bakchost jumped at the chance, joining the ranks in battle where his Order was sent to protect the fringes of the Lunit mountains where orcs were running skirmishes into Griffon territory. In one skirmish, Bakchost led his knights to smash an orc incursion, where they found themselves surrounded by a warband of the dreaded Razortooth Clan. Fighting fiercely, he and his order drove the orcs back into the woods, but not before Bakchost suffered many wounds and was felled by an orcish hammer. Miraculously, he survived the blow, where his fellow knights bestowed upon a new namesake: Bakchost the Unbroken. Proud to have aspired to reach his father’s achievements, Backhost served The Alpine Order as Marshal for many years.

During the years 405-406, a great plague struck the valley of Bakchost’s rural estate and nearby village, spreading quickly. Many of his extended family died during the outbreak, and the village and its surrounds was cordoned off by the local military, with bodies being burned and not given their normal sacred Griffon rites. Bakchost’s own family was wiped out as well, including his wife and children before he became gravely ill of the infection. One of his wings was amputated by a physician to stop the flow of sepsis, leaving Bakchost partially crippled. He recovered, very much alive, but was a broken shell of his former self, having lost one of the most important facets of Griffon identity: flight. For many years, the difficulty of shapeshifting was too taxing upon him, and Bakchost was no longer able to serve his Order. He was discharged with a small ceremony, and was given honours by his fellow knights, but this did no good to his spirit. Dejected and lost, Bakchost fell into imbibing and melancholy.

A plea from one of the surviving members of Bakchost’s family saw him on the mend, and he decided to take up scholarly pursuits. Despite his inability to fly, he became quite stubborn and persistent in his aspirations, making the long journey to Randegow. Using all the funds from his war pension and the prestige of the Gagibi name, he was granted a scholarship at the university. It was here critics of his disability bestowed him a new moniker: Backchost the Broken. After graduating with many honours, he served for a time at Randegow as a tutor before seeking political duties, rising up the ranks to become Ambassador to Arangoth from 478-486. Despite this, he discovered that he still preferred scholarly pursuits. He applied for an exchange program with the University of Randegow to serve as a tutor and lecturer at the University of Drache, where he remains to this day, teaching history and philosophy.


Bakchost is well learned and versed on scholarly matters, and enjoys sharing intellectual discussions on all things historical, philosophical, ethical, and anything else that might send others into a light snooze.

Being Griffon, Bakchost is extremely proud of his heritage and family history, and is easily taken to offense by those who might show impertinence. Although now flightless, he is still able to take on a griffon form, and has been taught in many ways of the Griffon arts of war, so can hold his own if threatened. That said, he is rather old, and his joints and reflexes are not anything compared to what they once were. He always prefers diplomacy over conflict, and will only fight to protect himself or others.

Physical Description

Bakchost prefers to stay in human form, since his life after his brush with death had him living for many years among the humans of the lower farms and villages. He has become quite accustomed to the human way of living, and as such has become quite a welcome sight among his university peers.

As a human, he is tanned, with brown curls of hair and bronzed eyes, wrinkled eyes and cheeks, he still has a sharp look about him and aquiline features. He is usually dressed in his scholarly attire, rarely wearing anything of a more practical nature.

As a griffon, Bakchost has a light brown leonine coat and a dark brown plumage, with bronzed eyes and a grey beak and talons. His rear right limb is known to play up on occasion from battle wounds, and this is reflected with the limp he has in his human form.

Abilities & Skills

  • Military Training: Taught in combat and arts of war
  • Intimidation: Being a griffon standing 7’ at the shoulder is often intimidating enough to have others back down from a fight.
  • Proficient in reading and writing multiple languages.
  • Proficient in Griffonspeak, Common, Leturian, and some Elvish and Arangothek.
  • Tutoring and Master skills (training others)

Physical Attributes

On outward appearances, Bakchost appears mostly to be an elder scholarly fellow. He usually sports a cane and a stiff upper lip, perferring brief jaunts across the Blkdragon District rather than long arduous walks.

Mundane Skills

  • Reading and writing, scribing
  • Diplomacy and psychological training
  • Reading books. Lots and lots of books.
  • Talking up a storm.

Magic Skills

  • Concussive Blast - Bakchost’s magical ability comes from a force blast he can use in griffon form with a great screeching cry, transforming arcane energy into a kinetic force. Lightly applied it can stun opponents or knock them back. In its rawest form it can shatter bones and deafen adversaries. It is taxing upon him after its use, however.
  • Persuasion - Bakchost is a good negotiator, but is able to use some of his dryad magic in an attempt to win an opponent over to his side or to parlay in battle. He cannot use this ability to manipulate others or coerce them with mal-intent.






None. Bakchost has some of his old knightly armour from his heyday at his cottage home, but it’s kept for ceremonial purposes only, and he is way too old and way too plump to fit in it now.


Ink and quill Parchment, writing book Some historic tome or annal he’s currently reading.


Serve as teacher and lecturer to Drache’s university, helping his fellow students see the light and order of things, and learn from history’s mistakes. Possibly die happy and content.