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| race              = Human (Shadow Dragon)
| race              = Human (Shadow Dragon)
| gender            = Male  
| gender            = Male  
| age              = Human: 45 / Dragon: 150
| age              = Human: 45 / Dragon: Adult
| date_of_birth    = IV.24.444
| date_of_birth    = IV.24.444
| country_of_origin = [[Transdariania]] (Arangoth)  
| country_of_origin = [[Transdariania]] (Arangoth)  

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Braion ul-Brarith Silvanire
General Information
Full Name: Braion ul-Brarith Silvanire
Race: Human (Shadow Dragon)
Gender: Male
Age: Human: 45 / Dragon: Adult
Date of Birth: IV.24.444
Country of Origin: Transdariania (Arangoth)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180
Additional Information
Aliases: Vyraxas, Vyraxas the Black Death, The Dragon of Daxk-Sedonth
Occupation: Floxod
Income: Upperclass nobility
Marital Status: Single
Player: NotOnCue


Braion is the latest in the Silvanire line to occupy the Daxk-Sedonth holding in the northern part of Transdariania. He generally keeps to himself and his holding unless it is required that he travel to Drache or elsewhere for political reasons. Little is known about this family for similar reasons, as they have always tended to keep to themselves, ensuring they pay all the rents and taxes that are due.

In truth, Braion has passed the holding down to himself for the last 100 years, being his own ‘heir’ and letting his trusted bookkeepers make sure to document all ‘births’ and ‘deaths’ in his family to keep everything legal.

Few know that Braion is a dragon in human guise, and of those few, all except for one are under his employ. He takes care of his people, and seems to genuinely care for their well-being. As a dragon he shows little interest in the daily drama of everyday life, preferring to be soaring in the clouds at night or curled up and dozing upon his mountain of wealth.

Daxk-Sedonth (Dragon's Bed) is the name of a holding in Transdariania near the Ruthmarnan border occupying approximately 7 square miles of land. The mountainous terrain in the north of the holding allows for the mining of ores to be the primary income. Along with mining, there are some farmsteads for the growing and harvesting of root vegetables and herds of sheep for both wool and meat. The small town nestled within the holding's borders is fairly densely packed and houses roughly one-thousand men, women, and children whom all work either the mines, the few farms dotting the remainder of the Daxk-Sedonth countryside, or operate some of the small businesses within. Many make the long pilgrimage to Drache and larger holdings to ply their wares or trade for goods and services. This holding has been passed to the male heir of the Silvanire line for the last 100 years. The latest (Braion) has been granted the title 'Floxod'. With this holding, the appropriate rents are to be collected. He is given the right to assemble no more than two hundred men at arms for personal defense. In Drache, there is a modest manor nestled in Western Drache known as the Silvanire estate that he uses when he makes the long trek from his holding to the north.

House colors for Daxk-Sedonth is of a dragon facing left on a field of red.

His house guard are all ‘faceless’ armored men and women. They do not remove their helms in public.


Braion is easy going and polite, though as expected shows a casual disdain for people of a lesser status, at least those not employed by him. He is quick witted and of an even temperament, but is explosive when angered.

Physical Description

Braion is a man in his 40's with black hair (which has gone more salt and pepper in recent years), and violet eyes. He stands a little over 6' tall, with a broad shouldered, fairly athletic build. He is usually found wearing expensive tailored attire that often has the appearance of dragon scales sewn into it.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

Braion is a skilled equestrian and has some skill fighting from horseback. It is rumored that he has some magical talent, but this has not been confirmed.

Magic Skills

  • As a shadow dragon: A shadow dragon’s breath weapon is a cone of shadows. Creatures caught within can lose vitality, skills and spells, all while empowering the dragon temporarily. They can train their breath weapon to turn those killed by it into spectral shadow creatures permanently enslaved by the dragon.



  • Side-sword with a handguard forged in the shape of a dragon coiled around the hilt and the lower part of the blade.
  • Sword-cane, with the top of the cane carved into the shape of a dragon’s head.


Usually none, basic armor when necessary.