Castle Dreth

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Monolith on The Hill

A large monolithic stone rests at the top of a large, grassy hill that overseas the village and affords a view of the imposing fortress, Castle Dreth.

Inscribed into the monolith is the following proclamation-

"Come on wagon, come on horse, come on foot, but stay the course. Come on shield, hold your wound, come with dead, but come home soon. Every soldier, every time, from every bloody battle line. Every boy, every girl, from this village, around the world. Your people await, your Lords look on, to welcome you back, so hurry on. Leave your shame, leave your loss, bring your debt we'll pay the cost. For no soul from this land shall ever be turned away, if they fought and bled for but one day."

-- Proclamation of Harvarth, First of his Name, Lord of Castle Dreth.

As a result of this proclamation every soldier returning battle is personally greeted by a member of House Dreth. Typically this is entire units being rotated out of combat so requires only occasional effort, but during protracted conflict, like the one taking place in Zul Kiras, wounded and dead are sent home in small groups. This means a family member must come down from Castle Dreth to thank them, and present them with a white cloak, symbolizing the soldier's 'cleansing' of the horrors of war.

The Village without a Name

In the distance, at the bottom of the hill was the village. It had no name, because it didn't need one. The village knew exactly who it was. It was a sleepy village, chilly in the morning with fog but warm with laughter and love and fond memories at night. The chalet's were in the Germanic style, with white plaster and brown logs and high pitched roofs. It hugged the base of the crag that supported Castle Dreth, against a shimmering river fed lake with thick, old growth forest around it on three sides.

Field of Fallen

A sword, routinely the deceased (when available) is placed into the ground in a hallowed field, across the lake from the castle for every member of the Bloody Fifth that has died in battle. This field is cut from the forest and plainly visible from the village and especially the castle. It is a reminder to all who look out across the lake that their peace has a high cost.

People of Note

  • The Corinth Family - Ryil, 12yo. Watches the trail for people coming into town.
  • Willy the Innkeep
  • Dame Victoriana Rex - Trial Master, Ves's Cohort, Long, Dark hair, Patch on left eye.