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Chac Mool
General Information
Full Name: Chac Mool
Race: Siren
Gender: Female
Age: 294
Country of Origin: The Great Ocean (near Northern Veth)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Additional Information
Aliases: Chac; Chac-Mool; Chacmool
Income: Peasant/NA (generally lives in the ocean)
Player: Ingrid


Chac was born in the Great Ocean, with Northern Veth being the closest body of land to the place where she came into the world. She spent most of the first fifty years of her life doing 'normal' Siren things, generally just existing in the ocean and occasionally visiting the Oneidhae cities, until she was captured by a pirate ship whose mages bound her with the intention of forcing her to lure other ships in for them. When she refused even under torture, they imprisoned her on an island and bound her with magic so that she could not leave. Given that this was her first close encounter with people, Chac developed a powerful distrust and disdain for them.

After nearly two centuries (about 196 years) trapped on the same island (during which time Chac developed the ‘hobby’ of luring men in with her song for the sole purpose of wrecking their ships and killing them), a mage managed to approach her and offered to break the bonds that held her to the island, on the condition that she marry him. Chac agreed to this, and once she was freed and they were wed, she murdered her husband immediately after the wedding and returned to the ocean. In the time since, she spent a few years with a group of sailors that was made up mostly of women, but after many of them died (as Chac's long lifespan caused her to outlive them), she returned to the sea yet again.


Chac is usually a loner, though has occasionally chosen to spend time with either the Oneidhae or primarily female humanoids. Given her experience with the men who'd captured her, tortured her, and then bound her to the island, she is extremely distrustful of male humanoids and occasionally kills them just for the fun of it. Her sense of humor is limited and decidedly dark. While spending time on land, Chac does generally tend to adhere to the local laws. Without the benefit of the power and freedom that the ocean affords her, she prefers not to risk getting into trouble.

Physical Description

Chac is 5'11", 175 lbs and fairly muscular. She has very dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair that she keeps in dreadlocks and adorns it with brightly-colored seashells and bits of seaglass, as well as the occasional pearl. For the most part, her appearance is that of a human woman, except for a mouthful of very sharp teeth.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Speaks the common tongue, Marilsani, and some Arongothek
  • Moderate fighting skills with dagger; also uses her pointed teeth to fight, or to kill those hypnotized by her Siren Song
  • Experience with ships and sailing

Magic Skills

  • Siren Song: Chac's singing (which is usually not the pleasant sort that Sirens are typically known for) strongly compels men who hear it to follow and seek it out. She is capable of using this power above or below the water, and the range within which it can be heard is roughly a mile at sea or on a smaller island (where the ocean's influence strengthens her magic), and only about a hundred feet on land. The call is very difficult to resist, but by no means impossible.
  • Water Magic: Chac can control water and its movement, up to about 20,000 gallons at a time (the amount of water that would fill a 16 x 32 ft swimming pool) in her immediate vicinity. She can create whirlpools, small but forceful waves, and even a sort of funnel spout reaching as much as thirty feet high (only in large bodies of water). Her range of influence is roughly 50 square feet and this magic can be maintained for up to fifteen minutes at a time, up to 8 times per day with about an hour's rest in between longer castings.
  • Water Breathing: Though Chac's appearance apart from her teeth is entirely human, she is able to breathe underwater indefinitely and can survive the pressure of the ocean's depths.
  • Communication With Sea Creatures: To a limited extent, Chac can communicate with fish and other sea creatures. For the most part, this entails expressing a suggestion of something she would like them to do (for example, attempting to urge a shark to attack or not attack something). This ability is successful about 3 out of every 5 attempts, and creature(s) must be within her range of sight (which is equivalent to a typical human's).
  • Augmented Strength: Chac can lift up to 500 pounds.



  • Teeth
  • Dagger made of obsidian found deep in the ocean


  • No armor


  • No tools