Deidre Tsiski

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Deidre Tsiski (Dee-dee SIZ-kee)
General Information
Full Name: Deidre Tsiski
Race: Kobold (Draconis Minor Cunicularia)
Gender: Female
Age: About 20? She hasn’t been keeping track.
Date of Birth: Unknown
Country of Origin: Drache
Arrival on Siveth Explosive teleportation
Hair Color: Pale blue
Eye Color: Bright green
Height: 2’ 11”
Weight: 45 lbs.
Additional Information
Aliases: Dee, Deeds, The High Queen of Lizard Science (self-appointed)
Religion: SCIENCE!
Creed: Deidre believes in learning everything she can,
Occupation: Alchemist/Herbologist/General-purpose mad scientist
Income: Virtually none, but she scrapes by
Marital Status: Single & uninterested
Player: Zarynthine / Zary.


Deidre was raised in the technologically advanced city of Drache, among a small clan of kobolds who made their living stealing what they needed to survive. Her fortunes changed when they attempted to rob an elderly potion-crafter's workshop; Deidre was captured and would have been executed, but the owner was intrigued when she displayed a natural curiosity and an innate talent for his craft. Eventually, they came to work together, and ran the shop 'The Secret Ingredient' for many long years, where he taught her everything he knew about his trade. When he died, she inherited the shop, but has struggled to keep it open ever since. Her last memory before being transported was an alchemical cauldron exploding in her face.


Deidre is a disaster, frankly. She's accident-prone, brash, eccentric, and socially awkward. For all that though, she is eager to help, and she's an eternal optimist, often looking for the best in situations and people. She is intensely curious, but that curiosity can turn to obsessiveness when she is faced with a sufficiently challenging question. She is impulsive and willing to risk absurd amounts of danger to satisfy that curiosity, though she’s a strict pacifist and prefers to resolve conflicts either through alchemy or by running away. If you ask her about her interests, be prepared to spend an hour listening to her excitedly describing them.

Physical Description

Deidre is a reptilian kobold covered in mottled patches of blue scales, a little under three feet tall. Despite her fangs and claws, her bookish nature doesn’t lend itself to an intimidating appearance; she is dumpy and awkward, and never seems quite sure what to do with her hands. Her tail drags on the ground but curls reflexively around her when nervous or startled, and one of her doglike ears is half missing, apparently burnt or eaten away. She has a pair of thick, round glasses perched on her snout that comically magnify her eyes, bound in the middle with wire. She's wearing a functional leather apron with dozens of pockets inside; these hold an alarming number of sloshing chemical beakers. Every piece of clothing she owns is stained and burnt from her various experiments, and can be smelled at some distance.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

  • Kobolds have sharp little claws and fangs, and a reptilian tail (non-prehensile). They’re excellent climbers and burrowers, much faster than humans but much weaker, too.
  • Kobolds find direct sunlight to be painfully bright. Deidre prefers someplace dark and moist to make her home.
  • Deidre has tough scales that have been alchemically treated to resist fire and explosions. Good thing, too! She’s been in lots of them.
  • Deidre is extremely resistant to poison and disease, and can digest most organic materials without concern for spoilage or flavor. Her relationship with food is extremely weird as a result.

Mundane Skills

  • Kobolds have an extremely fine sense of smell and taste, comparable to a bloodhound. Deidre has learned to pick up on the smell of magic.
  • Deidre has an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs, plants, bugs, fungi, moss, etc.
  • Deidre is pretty good with a needle and thread, and is a competent medic if the situation calls for it, especially with the aid of healing potions.

Magic Skills

  • Deidre can create alchemical concoctions with a wide variety of uses. The strength and versatility of her potions depends on the time, ingredients, and space she has available. Without proper materials or a laboratory, she's limited to simple explosives, caustic acids, or basic healing elixirs.
  • Though she is unable to cast any kind of magic spell, Deidre is fascinated by the academics of magic and has done a considerable amount of research into the subject. She’s quite good at creating magical foci as a result, such as wands, staffs, charms, and crystal balls.
  • Though it’s the crudest possible kind of alchemy, Deidre is usually mixing raw ingredients in her stomach. In a pinch, she can burp up an alchemical cloud to create a small breath-weapon-like effect.



  • Deidre typically carries a few finished potions in her pockets, along with enough reagents to mix up a few new ones on the go.
  • Deidre has a little slingshot that can be loaded with rocks, bugs, birds, or sufficiently small explosive potions.


  • Deidre wears a tough laboratory apron, which has been alchemically dosed to shed acids, fire, and explosives.


  • Deidre has a magic satchel bag that’s larger on the inside than on the outside. The enchantment on it is extremely crude, though - she has to pull objects out of it at random for several seconds before she can find what she needs.
  • Deidre usually carries around a portable set of alchemical equipment in her satchel-bag, such as a calcifer, alembic, mortar and pestle, etc.
  • Deidre carries a small set of herbalist tools, such as pruning shears, a trowel, a five-tooth rake, etc.
  • Deidre collects containers of every shape and size to keep her potions in.


  • Deidre is fascinated by the world around her, and by the wonders of alchemy in particular. She is driven to search out rarer and stranger ingredients for her experiments so that she can unlock their mysteries.