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General Information
Full Name: Felvyra Krossrin
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Female
Age: 86
Date of Birth: In the spring.
Country of Origin: Varstad
Hair Color: Pale blonde
Eye Color: Pale blue
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 145
Additional Information
Aliases: La Croix
Player: Selestia


Arangoth does not see many of those from the cold and inhospitable Varstad, but there were those who ranged far from home all the time. Raised in the remote region near the southern border, she was a ward of and raised by the sisterhood after being found on their doorstep as a toddler. Upon reaching her majority, Felvyra was encouraged to branch out and leave Varstad and see the rest of the world, possibly finding her heritage beyond the Varstadi.


Being raised by the sisterhood and the bullying she endured as a child has left her with abandonment and trust issues. Her experiences growing up have also given her an extremely pragmatic outlook on life as well as a healthy disdain for religion. Felvyra is an honest, almost blunt woman who speaks slowly and with thought, as if weighing how her words will be received.

Physical Description

Felvyra is tall for a human but still somewhat short for an elf. Her pale blonde hair is at odds with her Varstadi human roots and would lean toward elvish ancestry, but she keeps it braided close to her scalp and out of her face. Her attire is usually crafted from nature around her, often leathers and furs. Her eyes are often smeared with dark paint, a make-up, making the paleness of her eyes stark in contrast.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Felvyra has a very faint taper to her ears, making vague points at the ends. She does not hide the taper, but does not attempt to draw attention to them either.

Mundane Skills

Felvyra did not grow up in a metropolis or sophisticated city. Her ability to hunt is not remarkable compared to others, but she is able to feed herself in the wilds.

She is competent with horses and large beasts of burden such as oxen and yak.

Magic Skills

Felvyra is ‘cursed’ as her people called her, a wild ice mage. She has slowly been developing power as she has grown older, gaining control so that the power does not run amok when she becomes emotional. Currently, there is very little she can do voluntarily or repeat at will. Her age and underdeveloped skills leaves her abilities small; she could drop the temperature of the air or spread frost beneath her fingers if her emotions got the best of her. Training, she has been taught, is essential to keep her abilities under control as she grows older and stronger.



There are two steel daggers on her person, one in each boot.


While she does not wear armor, she does tend to don heavy furs during the colder months, helping to conceal her person beneath the bulk.