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General Information
Full Name: Gorith ul-Alfrith Slitisdrith
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 13.II.465
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Arrival on Siveth Born
Hair Color: Dirty brown
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 94lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: None he cares to share.
Religion: Lapsed Menxist
Creed: “The Rules of Five.”
Occupation: Beggar and Thief
Income: Moderate
Marital Status: Single
Player: Arianna Silaren


Gorith, third son of Alfrith and Riyesia, was a happy healthy child, until his fifth year. In 470, the plague hit Arangoth, and Gorith was one of the unlucky few who was directly affected. His parents bankrupted themselves trying everything they could to cure him, losing their work because of quarantine and while he eventually recovered, he was left stunted and crippled by a mixture of plague and treatments that were more magical than medical.

Forced by poverty to move into the lower class area of the Gessi District, Gorith’s family eked out a modest living - Alfrith as a dock-worker in the neighbouring wharfs, while Riyesia got a job as a waitress in a tavern. His parents worked hard, while Gorith and his siblings were left to run wild on the streets of the city. Soon, the taunts of the neighbourhood children caused even his brothers to stop wanting him tagging after them, his misshapen form hidden beneath bulky clothes.

When Gorith was twelve, his father brought home something that would change the course of the boy’s life: a book. A sailor had gifted it to Alfrith upon seeing his interest in it, and he took it home to the boy whose recent morose listlessness had been worrying him.

Both Alfrith and Riyesia were educated, middle-class members of society before misfortune befell them, and when they were not too exhausted from their day’s labour, they taught their boys to read and write - Riyesia using flour to draw their letters. The only one with a keen interest in literacy was Gorith, who discovered through the book that he could escape his reality.

He read it over and over, until it was falling to pieces, begging his parents for more but always turned down due to the cost being too extravagant for their meagre pockets. Slowly, resentment began to grow in the boy - it wasn’t fair that he had to be a cripple and poor because of the very thing that made him a cripple. Moreso, the cruelty of his peers, their laughter and jeers, stoked a fierce determination to prove himself better than all of them.

It was chance more than anything that led to the discovery of his rather unusual penchant for thievery and spying. At fourteen, visiting the tavern for lunch, Gorith noticed a man reading at another table. He watched him avariciously, and with his heart racing when the man rose and left his book behind, Gorith took his chance - slipping the book beneath his coat.

Upon the man’s return, much fuss was made - with several nearby patrons requested to turn out their pockets and bags in the search for the book. Gorith, sitting nearby, was undisturbed, and it was then he realised the true power of his condition as a cripple among men.

He would spend the next several years honing his abilities as a pickpocket and thief, “collecting” books with a fervour rivalled only by his determination to prove to his childhood bullies that he was not only capable of matching them in wit and ingenuity - but that he was better than them in every way that mattered.

Along with thieving, Gorith discovered a talent for mimicry and his memory recall became an invaluable asset as he began trading in secrets as well as goods. Unfortunately certain unsavoury characters objected to this new area of expertise, paying a visit to his home in the early hours of one morning. Waking to find his entire family trussed up, and a clear warning that next time he interfered, he’d find them dead, Gorith left home at 20 - using his contacts to secure a room in the Back Alley.

He spent the next five years perfecting his techniques, and as a means of protection, began to study poisons, coating a pair of daggers in a fast-acting paralytic that only needed a small scratch to take effect long enough for him to escape potential conflict. A deal with a local apothecary - he procured some items from a merchant reluctant to part with them - gave him access to several books on poisons and their antidotes.

He is now a well-known figure in the Back Alley - the Cripple Thief, making enough money to send home to keep his parents in comfort (anonymously of course), but he has grander plans - to work his way up to become as legendary as No Man.


Generally quite personable, Gorith wears many masks. He has a tendency to slip into periods of morose introspection, but mostly he is a solitary man determined to claw his way to the top of an empire - even if that empire is built of thieves.

Keenly intelligent, and surprisingly well-read for a man of the Back Alley, Gorith thrives on being a contradictory surprise to people. Belligerent when treated as less than able, he has created a persona that ensures people either notice him, or don’t - depending on the circumstances.

Although he is not afraid to take what he wants from people who have it, he’s also not deliberately cruel - his methods are based on practical logic, rather than a desire to cause harm. He’s good at being a thief, and as a cripple, is an unlikely suspect.

Physical Description

Were he able to straighten up, Gorith would stand at 5’6”. As it is, his misshapen form is 5’2”, but more commonly when he’s working he exaggerates it to stand at 4’8”.

When he’s not covered in dirt and bulky rags used to hide his takings, his shoulder-length brown hair and golden eyes are quite striking. Beneath the bulk of his beggar’s clothes, he’s a thin man, with pale skin that seldom sees the sun.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Stunted and crippled by the plague of 470, Gorith emphasises his “disabilities” as a way of protecting his identity as a thief and spy

Mundane Skills

  • Pickpocketing
  • Lock Picking
  • Mimicry
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Creation and use of poisons - particularly cyanide-based paralytics harvested from a mixture of apple seeds and cassava roots. His theoretical knowledge currently outweighs his practical use.
  • Basic defensive abilities

Magic Skills

  • None



  • Silver daggers coated in cyanide poison that causes a temporary paralysis within five to ten minutes of being cut with the dagger. Not strong enough to cause permanent damage unless there are complications - recovery is between two to four days.


  • Layers of clothing and rags that make him appear much bulkier than he is.


  • Thieves tools
  • Various ingredients required to mix poisons - apple seeds, almonds, castor seeds, cassava roots.


To create a comfortable living for himself and his aging parents (who are unaware of his life as a thief). He aims to forge a legend as great as No Man’s.