Green Sea

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Geographical Information
Location: South Sea
Population: Unknown

The Green Sea is a sea bound by the currents of a gyre in the northern reaches of the South Sea, roughly located 30 degrees south of the equator.

Geographic Features

The closest lands to the Green Sea are Tuil Sianaach to the north, Arrantiada to the west, and Ferluxebi and Leturia to the east. A few small islands dot the area. This sea is known to have regularly calm waters, calm winds, and little to no precipitation, which can prove treacherous for unprepared sailors as they may stall out for days and run out of water before winds pick up again. Despite the lack of precipitation, the weather patterns in the Green Sea favor haze at dawn and fog at dusk. This has caused myths and legends amongst sailors about supernatural forces that will cause catastrophic shipwrecks or mysteriously wipe out entire crews leaving empty vessels behind. A combination of minerals from the sea bed and the algae that eats these minerals cause magnetic interference that compromises the accuracy of compasses. The needles sometimes aimlessly spin around, point south instead of north, or don't move at all. Mysterious supernatural forces mixed with mundane variables like weather cause unreliability when casting long ranged magics, such as teleportation, certain scrying spells, and projectiles. The conditions related to unreliability in the Green Sea can also change suddenly. Reports of misfires, seemingly random ricochets, and occasional failures are just the ones sailors have lived to tell.

The name itself comes from a type of deep green seaweed that floats in large patches on the sea surface and is not found elsewhere. Various races might have different words for the region, but most names roughly translate into "Green Sea" in Common. It's an important habitat for certain types of fish, sharks, turtles, and ocean mammals. Strange, colossal sea creatures sometimes rise from the ocean's abyss to the sea surface at night to feed. Rumors abound about ships getting caught in the seaweed, but the validity of those statements is questionable.


The Green Sea is wild territory with little interference from naval vessels due to shoddy sailing conditions. Pirates in the area act as a further deterrence for those simply seeking to sail straight across. Humans can and do inhabit the area, namely nomadic seafarers and pirates. They'll live in singular vessels or strap vessels together to create makeshift villages. Beneath the calm waters, sea elves and merfolk can be found as well. Resources can be limited in the Green Sea, so races that try to eke out a living here often find themselves skirmishing against one another for survival.

Places of Note


An island southwest of Ferluxebi, within the Green Sea yet close to a major trade route in the South Sea, serves as a homeport for the Korthai. It's one of many Korthai homeports, but it is relatively unknown outside of Korthai circles and not located on foreign land. Local government consists of a Council of Elders formed by retired Lantya members, elected officials, and guards. The Korthai trade among themselves here, though there is an agreement with a select few Transdarianian merchants to give them access to their port. Exports from the island aren't many, but a breeding programming for flying lizard mounts is underway.

Karo Balann

Karo Balann is an example of a different type of communal living situation among Korthai. It's a village composed of ships of varying sizes and purposes strapped together. The size of the village is variable, but it typically covers 4 hectares of sea surface during its busiest times of year. Ships become independent during heavy weather to lessen potential damages. The village is often concealed by fog due to arcane and mundane means. The location changes due to drifting, but it remains near the center of the Green Sea. Local government consists of a Council of Elders, a mayor elected by the Council, and guards.