Johnathon Mortlake

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Johnathan Mortlake
General Information
Full Name: Johnathan Aconia Mortlake
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 7. VII. 462.
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 150lbs
Additional Information
Religion: The Far Horizon (deity)
Creed: For knowledge no gain is too small. No sacrifice too great. No burden too heavy.
Occupation: Scribe and occasional author
Income: Varies widely but generally above average
Marital Status: Single
Player: Mike Rowe’s Festive Ghost


Jonathan’s childhood was relatively uneventful, although with how private he typically is regarding it one would think it rather problematic. He rarely spoke up, attended to his chores dutifully, and became an apprentice scribe under his father, Thomas Mortlake Jr.. In all respects he was a most unremarkable child with one notable exception, that being his ongoing fascination with the content of whatever it was he was tasked with copying, be it an exciting mythic tale of wars long past or a boring description of a particular family’s history.

His most significant diversion occurred at the age of 17. He was tasked with copying an encyclopedia on thaumaturgy but a portion describing the manner in which written language may cause variations in natural magical flow was damaged. While simply marking the portion as unreadable in the copy he was hired to produce he secretly made a second copy of the readable portions of the chapter and made a personal project of reconstructing it. Years passed and as his reconstruction grew beyond its original scope Johnathan began pouring a significant portion of his personal income into equipment with which to make his own studies and other books through which more information could be sought. Eventually his vision expanded from a reconstructed chapter to a grand encyclopedia of his own, and as he took over the shop from his father at the age of 23 the greatly expanded book was published not as a short analysis of a niche subfield of thaumaturgical theory but as the first volume of the Encyclopedia Siveth. Since then only one more volume has been published, discussing at great length the various frogs and salamanders present in Transdariania, but work still continues at an ever more feverish pace.

Though his appearance lends itself to a most nervous disposition, and this isn’t exactly untrue, Johnathan is in certain circumstances driven to the point where such things simply don’t matter. His goal is to learn all he can and when information regarding something he is currently pursuing becomes available his desire for knowledge can easily outweigh any fear. Despite this fervent need he finds unnecessary violence distasteful and prefers to avoid or negotiate his way through problems until such options become unavailable, his preferred method of conflict resolution being the weaving of lies to mislead or disrupt opponents. Unfortunately such lies typically rely on the other party’s relative lack of knowledge and outside of thaumaturgy, local wildlife, and whatever out of place facts he’s picked up from books he’s recently been tasked with copying his knowledge is merely a little above average.

Physical Description

Tall, pale, and thin enough to raise some concerns but not enough to lead one to voice them, Johnathan moves through the world as though uncomfortable in his own limbs with a sort of halting precision. His eyes are seemingly fixed into an expression of terror, regardless of his larger expression or mood, and his black hair contrasts against his skin like ink on snow.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

While relatively weak Johnathan’s movements are very quick and incredibly precise, although not to any inhuman degree.

Mundane Skills

  • As a scribe Johnathan possesses excellent handwriting and can write in a number of styles with a great deal of talent.
  • Excellent knowledge of certain niche subfields of thaumaturgical theory and local amphibian populations as well as a somewhat above-average knowledge of various other matters

Magic Skills

  • With the proper (rather difficult to produce) inks Johnathan can create a sheet of magical writing. When destroyed, be it by ripping, water, or flame, it may produce an illusion determined at the paper’s creation. Such illusions are limited in size to that of a person and may be visual, auditory, or olfactory and last for a length of time determined by the degree of magical energy invested during the page’s creation, typically a few minutes but with significant effort lengths of a few hours are possible.



  • A small iron knife. It was supposed to be enchanted and appears as such but there was an error made and now all it can do is glow slightly when supplied with one's magical energy. Its primary purpose is as a normal knife but its magical effects do see some use in various bluffs.


  • A gambeson used both for protection and as insulation in the winter months


  • A variety of quills and inks
  • A small personal laboratory


To complete the next few volumes of his grand encyclopedia.