Karys Renaven

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Karys Renaven
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General Information
Full Name: Karys Tienette Renaven
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Date of Birth: Kerinatuarastro 13th (November 13)
Country of Origin: Brookshire, Isles of Myst
Hair Color: Honey-brown
Eye Color: Gray-Violet
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120lbs
Additional Information
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Arangire of Arlohorna
Income: Nobility
Marital Status: Single
Player: Allie


Born and raised on the Isles of Myst, Karys' family are well known and successful textile merchants. Karys herself is the youngest of four children but rather than following in the family business, she chose scholarly pursuits instead. A bookworm at heart, she finished schooling early and worked in the Palace Library at Mysthaven as a junior scholar.

Karys ventured to Drache in such pursuits, seeking to make use of the libraries at the Royal University in the city. Magical talents bloomed late in the young woman and she remained in Drache, now a student at the University, and thus began her many adventures in Arangoth.

Karys has seen all sorts of troubles and wonders in Drache since her arrival. She was present when the trees came to life and attacked the infamous Blk Dragon Inn, went gnoll hunting, ventured with an expedition into the Elgar Forest, defended the Inn against undead hordes and then later helped bring down the dracolich that had risen from beneath the Royal Church, was wounded by a cursed blade stolen from the Church Vault (this nearly resulted in her death and she bears a scar to this day), and ultimately helped face and bring down an Arch Fiend.

Morningstar Year 480: For her continued assistance to the city and crown, Karys was awarded a title and lands by King Arlok. This has put her in the position of Arangire of Arlohorna, the county seat of the Sitharloth County of Leptatarna, located on the eastern side of Song Deep. She has held this position for six years and has become a fair and competent manager of the trust granted her.


Kind and fair, Karys has a soft heart and a tendency to believe the best of people. She believes in treating everyone with respect. Oft times, her curiosity gets the better of her. She loves a puzzle and a mystery.

Physical Description

Slender and willowy are what come to mind upon seeing the woman. Honey-brown hair falls to her waist, usually plaited back neatly or done up in an elaborate twist, though there are always a few whisps that seem to escape to curl about her face. While she doesn't usually wear elaborate or fancy dresses (corsets and all those laces are simply evil!) all of her clothes are finely made with quality dyes and all are tailored to her specifically. She prefers simple and elegant over gaudy and uncomfortable.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Capable seamstress
  • Accomplished harpist
  • Years of study in the Mysthaven Royal Library have given her a fine hand for calligraphy and a working knowledge of several languages.
  • Capable with a dagger, quarterstaff, and shortbow.

Magic Skills

  • Arcane Shield - This magical barrier was her first spontaneous casting and she has an uncanny knack for this spell, able to conjure it in an instant. The shield blocks both physical and magical attacks but can only be held as long as she maintains focus - meaning she cannot shield and attack at the same time. Prolonged attacks drain both her stamina and concentration. She can expand the shield in a five foot bubble around herself, capable of shielding others standing close.
  • Cantrips - A variety of cantrips are in her arsenal which can be cast without limit.
    • Dancing Lights - 100ft range - Can summon 1-4 lights to appear at points of her choice within range, mimicking torches or lanterns. The lights last no longer than twenty minutes.
    • Gust - 30ft range - Can summon a gust of wind to disperse gasses or fog, blow out non-magical lights, and possibly push back small targets.
    • Control Flames - line of sight, limited to a 5ft area of manipulation
    • Minor Illusion - 30 ft range, limited to a basic sound or image that will last no more than five minutes.
  • Arcane Bolts - 120ft range. Three projectiles causing force damage. She can cast this spell four times before requiring a rest.
  • Elemental Evocation - This is the sphere of magic in which Karys excels. She can cast a combined variety of nine spells before requiring a rest to recharge her mana reserves.
    • Fireball - Range of 100 feet with a 20 foot radius at point of impact.
    • Burning Hands - 15 ft range
    • Lightning Bolt - 100 foot long and five foot wide bolt.
    • Ice Shards - Range of 90 feet, up to four projectiles.
    • Cone of Cold - 50 ft range cone that deals cold damage and can freeze weaker targets.
  • Sunburst - 60 foot radius from a point of her choosing within 100 feet. The instantaneous effect lasts approximately five seconds and can burn through magical darkness. Karys can cast this spell once per day.



  • Silver dagger
  • Magic Staff - carved from dragon bone and topped with a pulsing golden-red gemstone. She can use this as a physical weapon (quarterstaff) when needed.
  • Elvish hunting bow. This was a final gift from her former fiancé before he left.


  • While she does not wear traditional armor, most of her wardrobe has protection runes embroidered along the hems, granting her some small measure of magical armor.


  • Pouch of magical components
  • Signet ring - An owl perched on an anvil
  • As part of her granted lands, she inherited a tower library full of occult books and a few magical artifacts.