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Kieren Creed
Kieren Creed
General Information
Full Name: Kieren Alexandre Creed
Race: Human (Demilich)
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Date of Birth: III.27.456
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 200
Additional Information
Aliases: Xavier, Vryce, Creed
Religion: Vuar`ta
Occupation: Mercenary-for-hire
Income: Upper-class
Marital Status: Single
Player: NotOnCue


The demilich once known as Xavier Creed has been all but forgotten, his past misdeeds and crimes lost to the pages of time, civil war, and upheavals of power. Having risen from his crypt once more, his astral form has taken possession of a man named Kieren, who while not perfect, is a suitable host for him to use to continue his work. Kieren’s mind has been locked away, leaving Creed to utilize the body as he sees fit, which is a handy tool for continued experiments and dark deeds. Creed is a necromancer who also possesses skill in summoning denizens from other demonic and devilish planes to bind and carry out his bidding.

His phylactery is always nearby. The phylactery is his link to the mortal plane, containing what remains of his withered black soul, and is carried in a gemstone that he wears set in an otherwise plain ring worn on the ring finger of his right hand. If the body is killed, Creed can teleport the phylactery back to his crypt, but if the phylactery is eliminated, both Creed and his living vessel will both be destroyed.


These quotes from Creed’s past sum him up pretty well:

"In the light, your external being is on display, but in the darkness is where your true identity is revealed. And you? You are nothing but a powerless little coward."

"Really, what you wish for and what I intend to do will likely clash on many levels. If you don't like it, there is no sense in having a hissy fit over it. Simply turn away."

"I have no time for slack-jawed, drooling neanderthals. If you have something to say, please say it so you can stop wasting my time."

Physical Description

Presently, Creed is occupying Kieren’s body, so he stands at around 6'1" and 200 pounds, and his age seems to be in the range of 30-35. He boasts an athletic warrior’s frame, and is surprisingly agile. His hair is black and shoulder length, and his eyes are blue (but will glow a faint purple when he casts). Because the body he possesses is still living, it makes Creed more difficult to detect as undead. The heart beats, the lungs function, and the veins bleed. Creed maintains the body as any normal human would, requiring food and water to survive.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

Kieren is a skilled lancer, a skill that was leeched from the host body to use alongside his magical ability.

Magic Skills

Necromancy: Kieren has access to spells in the necromancy sphere, mostly related to the creation of undead and raising the dead, along with negative energy effects that ‘heal’ the creations he has brought forth, or harm the living around him. The spells require bodies(freshly dead, rotting, or skeletal) to be within at most 30’ in all cases of raising or creating undead, and these undead will remain active for up to 24 hours after being raised unless destroyed or turned, where they will crumble to dust. After 24 hours they will also crumble to dust and cannot be re-raised. Undead creatures have no intelligence and only follow the most basic commands he can give them such as “kill” or “guard”. Life draining and negative energy effects require line of sight and are either touch-based to drain life, or within a 15’ radius from Creed’s position. Conjuration: With a sphere of conjuration, Kieren can summon abyssal and infernal beings to aid him in a fight, or to perform some task that he does not wish to do for himself. These spells require a ritual of some type to be performed, usually requiring a sacrifice to summon demons and devils that are more powerful, and as such take more time to conjure. Basic summons such as imps can remain until unsummoned, banished, or killed for up to 24 hours. More powerful denizens of these planes can only last between 30 minutes to an hour, which can be more than enough time for chaos and destruction to ensue. Evocation: His access to the evocation sphere is limited to using fire-based spells like fireball. These spells are limited to only 4 uses per day total regardless of the spell, effective only within a 30’ radius from Creed’s position.



As a lancer in ‘human guise’, Kieren wields a lance made of a black metal that is a little longer than he is tall. In his necromancer garb, Kieren has only a staff and a few daggers meant for rituals.


As a lancer in ‘human guise’, Kieren wears mostly black leather with several layers such as a jacket, as well as a gray cloak and metal shoulder guards. Kieren’s necromancer garb consists of robes with a hood, metal gauntlets with clawed fingers, and a metallic mask that is featureless aside from the holes for his eyes.


Aside from the above mentioned items, and money, Creed possesses a well worn, aged spellbook and a multitude of spell components, but these are only found when he is in his necromancer ‘identity’, along with the ring/phylactery. KieranCreed.jpg