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Lachlan Laochail
Vital Stats
Full Name: Laochail
Age: Many
Place of Birth: The Twilit Reach
Race: cu sith
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205
Additional Information
Aliases: the Black Dog, the Grim, Laithlind, Lord of the Decadent Grove, Hound of the Queen of Dusk
Marital Status: mated but untamed
Player: Nicci

Character Background

Physical Description

As a sidhe, Lachlan resembles a half-elven man with shoulder-length, inky black hair and clear green eyes the color of verdant meadows. He perpetually appears in need of a shave, sporting a five o'clock shadow by noon.

In his other form, he takes on the shape of a monstrous black canine, and naturally stands nose to chest with a man of above average height. When attempting to blend into society around Drache and other cities in the mortal realm, he often chooses to shrink down to a smaller, more conspicuous size. His kind are known by the superstitious as harbingers of death, ill omens, and devils from the beyond. None of those are true. His kind do not cause death, but mercifully forewarn of it instead. The black dogs of the Twilit Reach are huge and formidable beasts with a bark worse than their bite, for it can cause concussive force to any foe caught within it. Their howls are known to shatter glass, and their mighty paws bear claws sharper than daggers.

As a dog, when standing on all fours, his nose reaches chest level of most men. For the sake of mischief, he's been known to shrink himself to the size of the average homeless mutt. In this form, he wears no collar, but can be identified by the patch of dark green fur on his chest.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Hunter's Sense: Being a dog fae means Lachlan has an unparalleled sense of smell and unrivaled hearing that allows him to follow trails a mundane hound is no longer able to find as well as hear the whisper of a pin falling in the grass.

Scent of Death: Lachlan has an uncanny ability to smell death in mortal creatures doomed to die. The closer they are to death, whether by murder, accident, or natural causes, the easier it is for him to discern that their time is near. Depending on the manner of death, he may even be able to determine how and a rough estimate of when it is to occur, though fate is an ever changing force. The undead especially offend his sense of smell and are easiest to track, even days after they have passed through a location.

Ghost Touch: Since cu sith are associated with shepherding spirits, Lachlan is able to treat ghosts as if they are tangible spirits with a form, thus able to affect, grasp, and relocate them. Any spiritual creature he encounters is treated as a normal being of substance. This is a lasting effect with no set duration.

Ghost Form: He can become incorporeal for short amounts of time to phase through walls and solid substances, much like the ghosts that he deals with.

Sonic Bark: Lachlan's howls, should he so choose, can be heard for miles if directed at the sky. Equally devastating are his barks which hit with the force of a giant swinging a sledgehammer.

Magical Essence: Some people use magic. The fae are magic, and as such, Lachlan has a natural resistance to spells and magical gifts used against him, though he is far from immune to them all.

Entropy Magic: Lachlan's specialty field of magic are spells related to entropy, rusting, and wasting of things. In the Twilit Reach, death and decay are part of the natural order. All things eventually return to dust, and he has learned to master this gift and expedite the journey of some objects, as well as people, by magical means.


Iron: Cold Iron, which has been forged via magical means and retains all of its natural properties, is specifically harmful. The more that iron has been refined, the less dangerous it is to him.

Truthbound: As a sidhe, Lachlan is unable to ever tell a lie. He can twist the truth and lie by omission by refusing to say anything at all, but he cannot tell a direct lie and is bound to whatever promises he makes unless released by the other party.

Other Information

Lachlan is a devoted follower of the Queen of Dusk and finds undead creatures distasteful but delicious. He can show the restraint to spare an unlife, but it troubles him deeply. Accompanied by a fae stallion named Nightshade who is fiercely loyal.