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Welcome to the Languages Portal!
Here you will find information on the almost all of the languages of Veth and the BDI universe in general!
Languages of Veth




Ankenah is less a language and more a magical system! Created by Tekhem "Ankenahotep" as-Tyrakhon, this system of glyphs aims to distill the essence of the world and universe into linguistic forms. Its daughter language, Najjira, is the native language of the Najjira people.


The Aslar is native to the kingdom of Aslar (which is famous for its tradition of electing a new king each year and beheading the old one).


Assi is the language of the deeply spiritual and very ferocious Assi tribesmen of the Nie River Valley.


Arangothek is the official language of Arangoth and Drache, in which BDI itself is located.


Better known to us as English, this is the most commonly used language in both BDI and in active play in general.


Spoken widely in Griffon's Aerie and in any place where its people congregate, Griffon is quite commonly heard in both Drache and any other large port town.


Korthai is the language of the seagoing Korthai people, who are cousins of the Assi.

Featured Language!
This month's Featured Language is Arangothian, the language of Arangoth! Check out all of the fantastic pages about our very own language!
  • Hear spoken and written Arangothek here,
  • And learn to speak the language yourself over here!
New to our Veth Languages
  • 05-03: Korthai was found hanging out in the background of the wiki, and has now been added here! Check it out!
  • 04-30: Assi is getting a facelift! Feel free to help out.
  • 04-28: A phrasebook for Arangothek, based on the Teach Yourself work by Patrick Feaster, has been added.
Scripts of the World

Several of the languages of Veth have been given their own scripts. Languages with bolded names have (a) usable and learnable writing system(s).


Ankenah, the magical language which spawned modern Najji, originally used a set of ideographs to try and capture the essence of the universe in order to distill it into something understandable and usable by human beings.


Arangothek has its own writing, which you can see explained here.


The Assi language apparently uses a system of ideograms.


The desert-living Teldanar use an as-of-yet-unexpounded-upon heiroglyphic writing system.