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Leressa Broke-Face
General Information
Full Name: Leressa ul-Ware Folgebrod
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 1. XII. 463
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Eye Color: Brown, red stain on left eye.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160
Additional Information
Aliases: Broke-Face
Religion: None. Formerly Templars of Menxvan.
Creed: Don’t meddle with gods and just causes. You’ll only end up suffering if you do.
Occupation: Mercenary
Income: Low to moderate. Decent pay from mercenary work often squandered on booze and women.
Marital Status: Single
Player: Eld One-Eyed


There was once an orphan girl, a common sort of child of the sort so often taken in by the church. There, she learned of the glories of Menzvan and his law and justice. She was always big for her age, and fought with the other kids, but the discipline of the priests and templars matured her into a faithful and resolute young woman. She swiftly rose to knighthood in the Templars. In battle after battle, the woman fought shoulder to shoulder with her brothers and sisters, casting back the enemies of god and country. But in time, those she cared about most dearly passed away. In hard fighting at the end of a long and painful campaign, the last of her oldest friends left this life to a heaven she felt she could never reach. In her head, she began to doubt her god, doubt her order. And in that rainy, bloody night, a foe’s axe nearly cleaved her head in half. The wound would not heal right, no matter what the healers prayed, and when the patient awoke they knew why. She began to spout blasphemies, rejecting the Templars and rejecting Menxvan. In turn, the god left that mark on her. As soon as she was fit to ride, her superiors stripped her of all ranks, ordinations, and battle honors, and cast her out of the order until she should repent. She swore that day would never come, and now she fights for coin and survival and to dull the pain. Never again will she fight for a cause.


The mercenary known as Leressa Broke-Face is not a cruel woman, but years of hard living and the loss of her faith and place in life have left her bitter. She doesn’t have a place where she fits in, so she fits in where society’s other rejects congregate: low dives and brothels, opium dens, and other establishments of ill repute. Sometimes, she’s looking for work, but more often she is looking for something to make her old scars not hurt anymore. The only thing driving her is a refusal to give up, to neither die nor return to her erstwhile patron. Though bitter and hopeless, she does have some sense of humor, and is a loyal and trustworthy warrior. There is little she will not do to help a comrade in danger, and will risk her own worthless life to save another. This has given her a respectable reputation as a ‘clean’ mercenary, though one with some unfortunate personal habits. Though trained as a knight, she is not above using unfair advantages to win fights. After all, better to win before the enemy has a chance to hurt you if you can.

Physical Description

Leressa is a tall woman, almost six foot, and walks like she’s taller. Her most distinctive feature is her face. She might have been comly once, in a simple way, but at some point she took a nasty wound that never healed quite right. The left side of her face is a scarred mess, and her left eye has a bloody stain on it. Mercifully, it does not impede her sight. Her other eye is brown, like her hair, which she keeps tied back in a ponytail. Her skin is white, with a weather worn tan from long years campaigning in the summer sun. Beneath the skin, she has the lean muscles of a fighter. In the Winter, Leressa eats as best she can, putting on a slight layer of extra fat easily burned away on the march. Though she tries to bathe when she can, life as a mercenary can be rough, and she often acquires that soldierly smell. Usually, she wears a slightly threadbare red robe over a white skirt and black trousers, along with stout riding boots and a maille hauberk, with sword and steel buckler and two daggers secured to a leather belt at her hip. When she expects serious trouble, though, she adds plate armor to her upper body, including an open-faced helm for close combat. The two-handed mace she carries is a simple weapon, with four flanges, but an effective one, and she carries it with the ease of a professional soldier.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

  • Leressa does not possess any supernatural physical features. However, she is strong, hardy, and faster than she might seem.

Mundane Skills

  • Skill at Arms, including Sword, Dagger, Mace, Lance, Shield, and Crossbow, as well as Unarmed Combat and Wrestling
  • Horse Riding
  • Theology and Religious Ritual (Menxism)
  • Intimidation

Magic Skills

  • Battle Trance: As a former Knight Templar, Leressa has been trained to enter their famed healing trance. This leaves her defenseless and takes time, but greatly speeds up her ability to heal from injuries. However, it leaves terrible scars behind. Out of all her powers, it is the least unreliable, especially when she suffers from more severe injuries. It is as if the god does not want her dead quite yet.
  • Lay on Hands: Leressa was taught this magic as a Templar, and while it no longer functions reliably it has still helped her in dangerous times to protect those around her. She needs to be touching a person for it to work.
  • Turn Undead: This is the Templar power which Leressa is least able to call on now, especially since she no longer is in the habit of carrying holy symbols of any god. Even so, should she obtain one in an emergency, she might be able to ward off the dead.



  • Heavy Flanged Mace
  • Longsword
  • Dirk
  • Baselard
  • Buckler


  • Plate Armor (Battered; Cuirass, Left Pauldron, Rerebraces, Vambraces, and Couters)
  • Maille Hauberk
  • Stout Boots and Leather Gloves
  • Burgonet


  • Camping Supplies (Tent, Blanket, Mess Kit, Flint and Steel)
  • Roan Gelding with Tack and Saddlebags

=Goals= * Find work as a mercenary to continue surviving, and to afford drink and other distractions.