Luciana Arana

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Luciana Arana
Capitana de la Lycosa, Luciana Arana
General Information
Full Name: Luciana Valentina Arana
Race: Human (Ananasi)
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Date of Birth: VI.13.455
Country of Origin: Marilsan
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 147
Additional Information
Aliases: Luci, Captain, Capitana
Religion: La Marea Negra
Creed: Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I am a pirate, after all.
Occupation: Captain of the Lycosa. Pirate. Smuggler.
Income: Whatever the next job pays.
Marital Status: Single
Player: NotOnCue


Luciana was born and raised in Marilsan. She was, as most Marilsani children are, interested in following her father's footsteps by serving time in the Armada. Though boys were drafted over the age of ten, girls were exempt from this law, but she was so determined to sail that she volunteered. The better part of two decades were spent at sea, though only half that time was aboard a Marilsani naval vessel.

During her time aboard, serving in the Armada, she excelled at her tasks. She could climb rigging like nobody's business; she had a knack for navigation; she seemed to treat whatever vessel she was on as an extension of herself; and most importantly, had a natural sense of leadership. This led her to a command at an early age, one of the youngest to command a vessel at 16.

Though she loved the freedom of the seas, she hated the rigidity of serving aboard a naval vessel. At 19, having commanded a ship for 3 years, she retired from the Armada. She dabbled with legitimate things, like being a merchant, or running cargo. These all served their purpose to pay for her own ship. Once she had commissioned her ship and it was built, she turned to piracy. She didn't just pick any scallywag that could sail, though. She knew there were a lot of women that, like her, wanted the same opportunity to sail, so she made certain her crew was composed entirely of women.

As a successful pirate, she's earned the loyalty of her crew, even if some of her choices were unfavorable.

In general, only her crew knows she is an Ananasi. (Werespider) This leads to an unsavory habit of needing to feed on blood like a vampire, though cannot turn people into vampires or thralls.

After a successful run near the Pentlander main island, Luciana and her crew came upon a ghost ship on their return trip to Drache. While aboard it was discovered that the 'mummified' crew had been used as food by a strange new species of spider, which bore feathers and possessed a beak like a bird. The former captain's logbook revealed that the ship was used by poachers, and detailed some of the deaths as the crew slowly succumbed to the hunger of these avian spiders. To avoid having her own crew eaten, Luciana offered to take the mother spider and her brood back to the mainland, where the babies were released to the wild. The mother, Djera, remains with Luciana. Where other pirates have parrots, monkeys, or other such animals, Luciana has a demon-spawned bird spider. (Aviarachnid? Arachnavian?)


Luciana is happy, playful, and morally ambiguous. She loves to entertain her crew playing her violin, as it helps to boost morale. She’s no hero and does not pretend to be one, usually avoiding altercations that would have her choose between right and wrong, so that she’s not forced into an act that would get her arrested by local law enforcement.

Physical Description

Luciana is average to tall at 5'10", and tops out at about 6' when she's got her boots on. She's trim and athletic, a build suited for a life at sea. Like most Marilsani, she has a natural olive-tone to her skin, giving her an exotic look. She sports a sleeve of tattoos over her left arm.
(Ignore the guns please)

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Luciana is an exceptional navigator. Maybe not the best in the known world, but she ranks up there quite high. Some attribute it to some kind of supernatural senses.
  • Besides sailing talent, she has some musical talent as well, and will often play her violin on deck while they are at sea to keep the crews' spirits lifted.

Magic Skills




  • Cutlass
  • Various knives


  • Basic leather armor


The Lycosa: a fast caravel with a shallow draught. Luciana had this intentionally designed so the ship could sail in shallower water, and allow for beaching to offload cargo more quickly. The ship has a giant spider as a figurehead, and black and red sails. Lycosaflag5.jpg