Mankrastro Courier Service

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Taking their name for the Arangothian words for 'swift wind,' this service of fast and efficient message and package delivery charge exorbitant prices, but they insure all goods and are utterly loyal to their customers. Couriers are instructed to destroy letters if captured, using a special acid capsule process. If the goods do not make it to the destination desired, a refund is returned to the customer. Several services are offered, from conventional horse couriers to wizard teleportation services. The teleporting wizard courier services do not require that the wizard deliver to the doorstep of the customer, but to the regional waystation. The message is then given to a conventional horse courier. However, the teleportation covers a large range and accounts for a significant reduction in time. As a new service, it is not entirely trusted but it is expected to become a very popular service as it manages to establish a reliable reputation. Their motto is, "The slightly impossible as fast as possible."