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| name              = Marius Kyshrin
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Marius Kyshrin
General Information
Race: Gemarind
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Country of Origin: Elvendeep
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Additional Information
Religion: Menxism
Creed: Order in all forms
Occupation: Templar of Menxvan
Income: Moderate
Marital Status: Bachelor
Player: Shayde


Marius grew up in a peculiar social class. Undoubtedly a human, raised among humans, but living in the heart of Elvendeep. As a Gemarind he was closer to the elves than most both physically and mentally, though he never was able to penetrate their steel ranks. Instead he struggled to match their wisdom and prowess. The Gemarinds were a shadow of their former selves, their home of Beren overrun by the hordes of Zul Kiras.

Marius focused the majority of his early energy into training and tutelage, and that carried well into his adolescence. His father was very clear in Marius’ purpose — bring honor back to the dying Gemarind people, at any cost. Though his family and the elves that orbited about them were not sufficient in his training, and he moved on to the Menxvanic Templar stronghold of Sonkovath Village.

There he continued his training, focusing primarily on aggressive military tactics and training. Despite his devout service to Menxvan, the mission of reclaiming Beren was always deep in his mind. It guided everything he sought to achieve. After several years in Sonkovath Village, Marius had been trained as a formidable Purifier, a caste of Templar that closely follows a militarily-oriented version of the inquisitor.

With his training, and the blessings of his brethren, Marius traveled across Drache for a handful of years. Purifying chaos where it was found, saving damsels in distress, he was little more than a holy hedge knight. Eventually, however, he was recruited to assist in a variety of notable adventures.

First he delved into the ruins of Amas`Kyaa, destroying the heart of chaos and corruption in those aged ruins and coming out of it with newfound respect for several compatriots, as well as a sizable chunk of aged adamantine. This adamantine would be forged by the monk-smith Guiscard into Irnutath, a blade that Marius has kept at his side ever since its creation. Blessed by the Lord Templar as a reward and incredibly durable, Marius never lets it leave his side.

Then Marius went to Mhernettla, to cleanse the endless well of corruption that had been created there by the malevolent forces of the Elgar. Marius faced off in single combat with one of the champions of Mhernettla, and died in the process of cleansing his opponent. Though technically successful, his soul was absorbed into the well of corruption and all that remained was his blade.

Thanks to the endless effort of several holy men of Menxvan and the leadership of Father Hurnuth, Marius experienced a complete resurrection. From nothing came Marius’ new body, the same as that he had lost but also incredibly different. Complete devoid of the scars and blemishes of the earlier years of his life, Marius now struggles to find his way in this world. Only duty carries him forward.


Marius is a fierce optimist, finding the best in everything life throws at him. Part of this is his upbringing and part of it is an innate jovial nature — unfortunately, this nature has slowly eroded as Marius has become increasingly haunted by his past. Despite being a champion of order, the forces of chaos have a way of being thoroughly terrible.

Marius tries his best to be personable and is always happy to assist someone in need. He often meets friends by first by assisting them in public service, and he’s had plenty of interested female parties begin their relationships with him in much the same way.

Physical Description

Marius is human, but he does have hints of his elvish bloodline in his appearance. A bit more lithe and pretty than most human men, he is still well-muscled thanks to his constant training and work. His body is porcelain and impossibly perfect, with no scars or blemishes and perfect symmetry. Though perhaps seen as beautiful, the longer one looks the more uncanny Marius becomes.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Horse riding
  • Arms instruction
  • Swordfighting

Magic Skills

  • Enhanced strength and speed (Templar blessings)
  • Purifying Chaos (long technique with much personal drain)
  • Limited healing (stabilizing near-death)



  • Irnutath — Adamantine hand-and-a-half arming sword with Gemarind runes inscribed into the flat of the blade and his personal crest engraved into the pommel. Blade itself is a chalky white. Blessed by Menxvan as a reward for helping cleanse Amas`kyaa.


  • Plate mail worn in battle, with a Menxvanic surcoat
  • Blessed pendant of Menxvan


  • Horse