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Maxwell Von Seltsam
General Information
Full Name: Maxwell Von Seltsam
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Date of Birth: Unknown
Country of Origin: Nevemingati Republic
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6ft 1inch
Weight: 195
Additional Information
Aliases: Maxwell the Strange
Religion: Deism
Creed: “All power all comes with price, be prepared for payment”
Occupation: Merchant
Income: Upper Middle Class
Marital Status: Single
Player: ^Naz^


Where Max came from isn’t initially clear. The people who have been lucky enough to get him to speak of his former life had heard the name The Nevemingai Republic. Where they precisely was, wasn’t explained much more in detail other then it was somewhere in the uncharted dangers of “Great Ocean”. He had came upon these shores off and on conducting business as a legal representative of the Woodwill Trading Company. A small but busy trading firm in long good standings with current Warf Authorities.


Secretive. Max tends to hold his cards close to his chest when dealing with most people. And only plays the ones he needs to obtain the outcome he requires. It has served him well being a free market trader dealing with unscrupulous sea captains. Gaining his actual full trust is rather hard but once it has been obtained, he would die for a friend without question. Tends to prefer people watching when he is visiting the inn, studying and analyzing its patrons from his own personal reasons but is curious by nature. Tends to drink heavily when depressed. During his past sabbaticals within the city he however could be found offering medicinal plant extracts, food and blankets to come of the cities less fortunate. Polite and reserved, Max tends to say very little normally but always chooses his word’s carefully. 

When in a relaxed state he shows a different side to himself, normally behind closed doors and not in public. He can become quite warm and accepting of people regardless of any personal flaws that would normally cancel such interactions. However Max will never make friends with magic users who display their skills in an open and arrogant way. He despises beings who do so. For him all magic should be respected and it’s He has a high respect for plants and knowledge, can spend hours haggling over book prices and always loves a good read on a foreign subject regardless of topic. For him learning something new, even if not currently applicable, is worth one’s time. If not otherwise engaged in a conversion, one would find him sitting near the fire curled up with a new book with his pet dog curled up at his booted feet.

Physical Description

Max stands at just over six feet in height, his sinewy and lean bodily frame normally dressed impeccability in semi fancy garb. Prone toward wearing stiff high collared earth tone colored jackets and cloaks to keep out the wind and weather. Always tends, no matter the hour, toward wearing delicate framed colored glasses perched on his nose. His red pupils tend to unnerve some and think him sinister or evil so he tends to hide them whenever possible in public. He had in the past learned from the several times being questioned by the local guard to his lineage and intent. He has grown accustomed toward wearing them finding them a form of his own coping mechanism for hiding his emotions from other people. His hair is stark white hanging just below shoulder length. Most days it is braided up behind him neatly clasped at the bottom with a dull colored intricately engraved metal ring. Most days carries a large leather satchel for carrying his personal belongings in.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Cooking
  • Plant lore and knowledge of exotic species
  • Mediation
  • Alchemist
  • Accounting
  • Dancing
  • Trained in his native, Nhusi, from a young age. (Mixture of Savate/Capoeira) All children, of means, in his homeland were trained in a classical education of defense. Not really one for combat in bulky armor or chain. Relying more on speed, flexibility and improvisation and sudden strikes with boot, fist or blade to be the deciding element in being the victorious.
  • Short Blade Training

Magic Skills

  • Human magical augmentation, due to personal experiments he wasn’t willing to preform on a living test subject, has caused ill effects to his well being.

Prolonged lifespan: Most incompatible magical energies can make Max quite ill. Especially ones that are of healing nature. He had described it quite simply like ink slowly being added into a glass of water. It is also quite impossible to use his own magic to heal his wounds, in doing so he would cause more harm to himself then good. Example: Trying to close a wound would result in him tearing the wound open more or worse, tearing off the portion of the body it surrounds.

Healing magic: Cast from others is not normally not compatible with Maxwell’s Kai (lifeforce). Normal usage may kill him or make an injury worse, not better. A very skilled hand would be needed to offer any sudden care he may need without killing him outright.

  • Elemental Chaos magic. Encompassing the four elements of nature. Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Present elements can increase the destructive power but greatly increase risk toward the user. Casting a fireball is possible but the bigger and hotter the flame the more likely Max would cause injury to himself just as likely, reduced but tell that to first degree burned hands. As his mentor into the arts explained to him years ago that there was price for everything. It kept a mage humbled and restrained, at least that is the message that Max took from it.

Power & Range

Casting spells from a further distance of fifteen feet or more. Depending on the spell casting at closer distance greatly increased the likelihood of self injury or death.Range of spells again depends on type of spell cast but within direct line of sight and no more than 40 yards to have any kind of accuracy. Powerful enough to smash an ox cart to splinters with the applicable spell.

Kia Pool

Maxwell magic use is limited for prolonged or repeated uses in a given day. The further he taps into that internal energy the weaker he becomes the less concentration, bodily fatigue and accuracy occurs thus putting himself in more personal danger for the rubberband effect. Total expenditure could lead to lose of consciousness or in some rare cases death.



  • Twin Corrugated Kattari


  • Olive tanned leather breechers with enforced knees padding.
  • Knee high lace up boots with metal studded heel.
  • Thick wool jacket with several layers of sewn in silk underlining.


  • Accounts Ledger, useful for jotting down notes or observations.
  • Fountain Pen
  • Empty specimen bottles.
  • Specimen kit (small shears, tweezers, scalpel)
  • Leisure book of the moment
  • Apothecary Bundle. (Plant fiber bandages with several doses of coagulate salve and pain numbing agent)
  • Coin purse.