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General Information
Full Name: Mazhekhi Kazkan
Race: Human, Khalaran
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Date of Birth: In the spring.
Country of Origin: Kahlahra
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 130lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Mac
Religion: Khalar
Creed: Survival is not everything.
Occupation: Horse trader
Marital Status: Single
Player: Selestia


Having been gone from Arangoth for years she is not a familiar face, a member of one of the nomadic Khalar tribes, though it is unclear exactly which one. Her comfort in the crowds of Drache may put her firmly in the Dilakh tribe, though it has never been confirmed. The last time in Drache, she was trading horses as would be expected of a Khalar, though she had been rather slow about it, enjoying the company of new friends. With more fine beasts in tow this time, there is a sense of more of a permanent feel to her arrival, a set of jaw and cold look that says she is not going to leave Drache anytime soon.


Mazhekhi is cautious, calm, and does not excite easily, treating most people around her like they are spooked horses that will react unfavorably at the slightest startle. She is soft-spoken and succinct, unwilling to mince around words. To her, there is no sense in taking too long to say what you mean. There is little room in her for excuses of brutality. While her people are often ostentatious in their display of wealth due to their nomadic nature, Mac practices a humble appearance, leaving displays of any sort of wealth for formal occasions, wanting to be accepted as the individual person and not the potential riches. Mac will not tolerate the overt abuse of an animal, particularly a horse.

Physical Description

Her diminutive size puts her at odds with her tall, statuesque kin, though she has added muscle and curve beneath her robes to compensate. Her hair is a tawny brown that she keeps tightly secured beneath the scarf around her head. Rich hazel eyes are lined thickly with kohl, a common custom among desert-dwelling people. Her hands are rough, calloused, with scars and knicks from years of working with raw leather and being near gnashing horse teeth. The dark brown tunic she wears has flowing sleeves that brush over her knuckles when she stands still. Not as ornately decorated as others in her tribe, it is almost a dull affair, with small embellishments of embroidery in gold on the sleeves and hem. Trousers blend in beneath the split skirt of similar fabric and design, allowing for ease of riding on horseback, and tuck into soft leather boots that lace halfway up her shins. While traveling Mac does not wear any outward signs of wealth just as she does not wear ornate clothing, a tactic to keep from being targeted on the roads. Off the roads, she has a small cache of bracelets and bangles of hammered gold and silver, among other small baubles, that she would wear for special occasions.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

While she is short, she is sturdy and muscular from years of hard work and labor. Various scars from years working her trade.

Mundane Skills

Talented equestrian. Leatherworking, particular of tack and saddles. Negotiating skills.

Magic Skills



Bow and arrow on the saddle of her horse; she practices horse archery. Hunting knife in her belt.