Melinxa Rithmire

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Melinxa Rithmire
General Information
Full Name: Melinxa Rithmire
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Date of Birth: Unknown
Country of Origin: Unsettled Lands, Minkbrantha, Arangoth.
Arrival on Siveth Melinxa arrived in Drache as a teenager, hellbent on making a name for herself in the city.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: None Known
Religion: Never spoken about, but it's rumored she follows the old gods, a carryover from her uncivilized upbringing.
Creed: Seek the Truth
Occupation: Justicar, Bureaucrat
Income: Wealthy, but not fabulously so
Marital Status: Never Married
Player: Jammy


Melinxa was born into a clan within the Minkbranthan High Lands, before it was officially Minkbrantha. They were simple people, but not without their redeeming qualities. As a young girl, she was raised in their old ways, and learned lhunting, basketry, herbalism, and other primitive skills. By the time she was twelve, however, she'd taken a much greater interest in reading than working, and read whatever books their clan traders could bring back to her.

At sixteen, Melinxa left her tribe to spend her year abroad. She landed in Drache, and she never looked back. There she fell rapidly into cosmopolitan life, enjoying watching parties from afar, and lamenting her simple attire that prevented her attendance. Eventually, she earned a job as a book keeper, then a legal assistant, and finally, an magistrate.

During the reign of Sithire Isabelle Auxerre she was appointed Chancellor of Drache, where she served for several years before her liege lady's fall from power. This proved a great blow for Melinxa, who fancied her place in the world.

She applied to remain a magistrate, and...


Melinxa is astute and prim. Despite her earthy upbringing she has taken to the life of Crown Official, and develop the personality of an expert stateswoman and bureaucrat. She is orderly, professional, and cool in situations of tension. She seldom ever raises her voice.

Melinxa is a relatively private woman, and her dating life, if it exists, is well hidden away from the tabloids. But, she does occasionally smile, and enjoys spending time in parks and along the seaboard.

=Physical Description=

Melinxa is tall for a human woman, not overtly so, but tall enough to be noted, especially in the heeled boots she preferred. With golden blonde hair and keen amber eyes, she strikes people as both beautiful, and unfriendly.

She prefers her hair up, in intricate but modest braids, and often includes silver pins in her hair. Sometimes they jingle, if dressed for a ball, but usually they do not.

She is of fair complexion, with a dusting of freckles across her nose, and usually wears spectacles. Her jewelry consists only of a silver ring on each middle finger, and a ruby about her neck on a silver chain.

Abilities & Skills

==Physical Attributes== Melinxa is human, and has no powers or abilities above that of a human.

Mundane Skills

  • Agent
  • Interrogator
  • Office Manager
  • Attorney
  • Magistrate / Judge
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Hunting
  • Basket Making
  • Gardening
  • Archery
  • Simple Weapons

Magic Skills

  • Limited Magic - Melinxa knows a limited cadre of spells that enable her to extract the truth from people, and to beguile and charm. It has limited usefulness on constructs, and idiots.


  • Ring of Truth - Melinxa can detect lies by enabling her ring of truth. It draws blood from her finger, and will eventually cause her to faint, if used for too long, on too many people.
  • Ring of Shield - Melinxa can deploy a physical or arcane shield thrice daily. It lasts only ten minutes, but will block all incoming attacks on one side of her choosing, and can be moved reactively.


  • Whisper - A longbow that requires no arrows, and gives the wielder Dark Vision.
  • Picks of Poison - Her hair picks are enchanted to be poisonous. One is a paralytic, the other a nerve agent.


  • Queenbreaker - None magical armor. A brigandine plate gown, in the guise of high fashion, and functional armor. It routinely sits on a stand in her office or home, and may be a show piece.


  • None outside of mundane tools of her crafts, hobbies, and occupation.

=Goals= To climb back up the Crown Official ladder to her former place.