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| gender            = male
| gender            = male
| age              = 36
| age              = 36
| date_of_birth    = 458 AT
| date_of_birth    = 454 AT
| country_of_origin = Arangoth (Transdarinia)
| country_of_origin = Arangoth (Transdarinia)
| arrival          = 478 AT (Drache)
| arrival          = 478 AT (Drache)

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General Information
Full Name: Merrax ul-Oryan Ratholta
Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 36
Date of Birth: 454 AT
Country of Origin: Arangoth (Transdarinia)
Arrival on Siveth 478 AT (Drache)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 5’8
Weight: 130 pounds
Additional Information
Aliases: Merrax
Religion: Menxism
Creed: Do what you know to be right.
Occupation: Guardsman (Arms-Sergeant)
Income: medial
Marital Status: Single
Player: Karras


Born to a small farm in the eastern provinces of Transdarina, Merrax was raised in the typical rural Arangothian life, learning to plough, hunt and toil the earth well into his late teens. Life was rather menial and the days short, following the light of the sun like many of the rural stock. Well versed in Arangoth’s native tongue, the common tongue of Veth was a language taught to some degree, but it wasn’t something he was too fluent in. As he grew older, he seemed to have a knack for the bow, and became a proficient hunter, making some profits here and there from animals he hunted (and sometimes poached).

Following a raid of Assi braves during early Assi incursions of 465 and 466, Merrax’s life was turned upside down rather quickly, having met some of the (then) Royal Provincial Guard from Arangoth’s north, as well as the local Guardians of Drache who were on the lookouts for Assi raiders. Merrax’s own proficiency with the bow during a skirmish against these raids led one of them to encourage him to consider a life of a guard in the city of Drache, since they were in desperate need of new recruits.

Much to his father’s disapproval, Merrax decided to start a new life in the city of Drache, using the money gained to help his family rebuild their farm. While he does visit them from time to time, the life of a guardsman has become part of him now, working his way to an Arms-Sergeant in 480, at which point he was transferred to the local Wharf Garrison. While Commander Zesstra has been one to encourage him to work hard to earn a commission over the years, he has much preferred to stay in his role as Sergeant and have more contact with the local folks of the wharf rather. These days he has taken to more administrative pursuits of desk sergeant. While he does miss the thrill of fighting against the evils of Drache and crime, he hasn’t missed the loss suffered by comrades who have died under his watch, hence his retreat to remain a duty officer in the garrison.


Merrax has a very carefree attitude, remaining friendly and positive most of the time. However when provoked his attitude manifests into retorts of undue sarcasm and derision toward others, a trait which has landed him on the wrong side of a few of Drache’s citizens, both prominent and not. Despite this, he has fought in many battles defending the city, against threats of this world and others. While steadfast in his integrity and physical constitution, he remains embittered for the comrades he’s lost along the way. He’s also a tad xenophobic to other races and foreigners, but this has eased substantially over the years, to the point where he’s remained a tolerant and professional guardsman, keeping his personal opinions behind closed doors.

Physical Description

At 5’8, Merax is hardly intimidating as humans go. Slim and wiry, his retorts and rejoinders are as quick as his hand is in drawing a bow from his quiver. Brown moppy hair is kept mostly unkempt, keeping to his rural habits, and he is always kitted as if he’s ready to go hunting, being so used to bracers and the hood of an archer he’s rarely seen in anything else, living most of his life in and out of the guardhouse. His beard is kept trimmed, if not to standard, but will dress him up for pomp and ceremony if needed for traditions and processions Drache’s local guard.

Abilities & Skills

Merrax is a bowman through and through, quite proficient with both long distance archery as well as trick archery, though the latter is more as a means to show off and isn’t really effective in combat. His skill with the falchion has improved over the years, where he feels confident enough using a short blade in close quarters, but like many archers, prefers to pick off enemies from afar.

Physical Attributes

Merrax is a fast runner, and despite being a desk clerk for the past couple of years, it doesn’t take long for him to be up and at ‘em again should he have to rise to the call. He has a very keen eye and an extremely steady hand. But apart from that, he’s just your run of the mill human, and doesn’t possess any particularly special bestial or magical talents of a fantastical nature.

Mundane Skills

  • Archery (highly skilled)
  • Shortsword / falchion & dagger
  • Martial training from the Civic Guard (Grappling, Fighting, Fencing)
  • Sarcasm

Magic Skills




  • Warbow (longbow, for rural and open field use)
  • Flatbow (for city use)
  • Shortbow (mostly for practice and training others at the garrison)
  • Various arrows of all kinds (bodkin, swallowtail, broadheads)
  • Enchanted arrows (holy water, sunburst, holy arcane - for demonic, undead and vampiric disposal)
  • 5 magical elven arrows that can home and chase targets (won from a quest eons ago. Merrax must ICly know a target’s truename for them to be effective.)
  • Falchion (shortsword)
  • Enchanted magic nullifying shackles (standard guard issue)


  • Chainmail and leather brigandine
  • Brigandine style leather bracers
  • Gambeson
  • Metal and leather greaves
  • Greycloak of the Civic Guard
  • Rank Insignia


  • Guardhouse keys
  • Leather binder tome for reports, containing quill pen and parchment
  • Small pocket book on various glyphs and demonological signs (for investigative work)
  • Bandages, healing balms.


Work as menial as possible, find a nice little crop somewhere and retire away from the city when he gets too old for this shit.