Morgana Santander

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Morgana Santander
Vital Stats
Full Name: Morgana Santander
Age: 45
Place of Birth: Minkbrantha
Race: Human
Hair Color: White/Gray
Eye Color: Gray (all-over--no iris/pupil; blind)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Additional Information
Occupation: Mercenary; Vampire/Undead Hunter
Marital Status: Widow
Player: Ingrid

Character Background

Morgana spent the first few years of her life in Minkbrantha. Around the age of 18, she married her husband (Severin Santander). At the time, Morgana was training to be a fighter and had recently been hired as a guard for some wealthy fellow who also paid to have her trained in some mage craft. A few years later, the man she worked for was slaughtered by a vampire who then proceeded to turn Morgana into one. She was fortunate to find a healer within a matter of weeks who claimed he could cure her. The procedure, while successful, left Morgana blind and somehow killed the healer himself in the process. The knowledge of how the cure had worked was lost when the healer died, his notes (if any) never discovered.

Morgana learned a simple spell from a local mage (near the healer's home) to see a bit by way of magical assistance, then returned home to find that her husband had been turned as well. She was unable to do anything to help him, and was forced to slay him in the end. After these incidents, Morgana converted herself into a mercenary (of sorts), and has dedicated much of her time to slaying the undead where she finds them, having started with the vampire that had turned her and her husband. She has since learned more effective magic to deal with her vision problem.

Morgana does not tend to tell the story this way, however. When asked about her husband's death, and/or the circumstances under which she lost her sight, her answer is generally that her husband was made into a vampire, after which she attempted to cure him but failed, blinding herself, and was then forced to kill him. Unsurprisingly, she also doesn't tend to mention the fact that she herself was once a vampire. Apart from the blindness, however, no signs of her brief period of undeath remain. She is completely human.

Physical Description

While Morgana's age is not what one might called 'advanced', 45 is certainly not young, as fighters go. But the mercenary keeps herself in good shape and is frequently active. She is by no means frail. Her hair is a light mix of gray and white, fairly long but almost always worn up (as shown in reference picture). Her eyes, once green, are simply blank and gray with no iris or pupil. Faint red scars line the lids around her eyes. She typically wears sturdy leather armor with a few metal plates attached at vital areas. Morgana carries two swords with her and usually fights with both.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Other Information