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General Information
Full Name: Nisetandera Targanisimon
Race: Amalgamate
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, at least 200+
Date of Birth: Unknown
Country of Origin: Elvendeep
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 275 lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Beast Doctor
Religion: None
Creed: Life is about passion. Follow no-one’s but your own.
Occupation: Traveling doctor, adventurer, outdoorswoman
Income: Low-to-none. Primarily does volunteer work and spends money people give to her on food.
Marital Status: Single
Player: Thundamoo


Born to an elven family of mages, the young Nise found herself struck with an unabating passion for the physical body. And not in the sense of carnal beauty; anything alive, from flowers to men to dung beetles to the bacteria she discovered far later in her life, captured her interest. She was obsessed with living creatures, both the inside and out of them. As an adult, Nise’s love of dissecting dead (and sometimes living) animals had made her a social pariah, but yet she continued, happily becoming more and more of a hermit as she delved deeper and deeper into study.

Hundreds of years later, the elf had developed the entire “school” of biomancy as a product of her hobbies, and it wasn’t until many years after that when she finally deigned to exit her hovel and take her place as… well, an obsessive hobbyist. Biomancy was deemed “grossly inefficient” by her peers, offering “no substantial advantages not more easily achievable through other schools of arcane study.” Not that Nise was looking for their approval; ignoring them, she set off on a journey around the world to find more kinds of life to adore and investigate.


Bubbly, manic, and possibly a little mad, Nise has all the social skills of someone who had dissected more people than she has spoken to. This is, of course, generally because they’re already dead by the time she sees them; crazy and obsessive as she may be, Nise is someone that loves and values life. Just… differently from other people. And while she can be odd or frustrating to deal with, she’s generally quite easygoing and can be counted on to help anyone that asks, at least so long as something more interesting isn’t happening elsewhere.

Nise has a clinical approach to almost everything, especially her passions. She has no apparent interest in romance or sexual intercorse (beyond the biology of it) and tends to often stumble into situations that are uncomfortable for everyone else without realizing it. She is also prone to giving unsolicited medical advice, although in her defense the advice is usually pretty good.

Physical Description

Though once a high elf, Nise has over her long life span modified her body into something else entirely. Nise looks like a dark-skinned human in a ratty mage’s robe. She tends to smile a lot and talk to herself. She looks perfectly human until she blinks with translucent eyelids, which happens pretty frequently. Without her coverings, other abnormal features like scales and gills are immediately obvious, though she’s not quite socially ignorant enough to be showing that off without particular reason.

Nise is lean and toned, though she does not look particularly strong at first glance.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Gills, scales protecting any major organs not protected by bones (stomach, liver, kidneys, etc), secondary set of clear eyelids.

Nise’s body is in peak physical condition due to her magic. She has greatly increased strength compared to a normal person due to alterations of her muscle tissue, but none of her other physical capabilities are inherently superhuman. They can be enhanced somewhat more with active spells, which is discussed below. Nise is immune to disease and nonmagical poisons. Nise eats substantially more than a normal person her size.

Mundane Skills

  • Biology. Knows a lot about how and why bodies work.
  • Medicine. Knows a lot about what things going in and out of the body do to the body.
  • Survivalism. Has lived and traveled on her own for a substantial amount of her life, and is adept at finding food in the wilderness.
  • Brawling. Sometimes, finding food in the wilderness means “punching bears.”

Notably, Nise has little to no skill in the following areas:

  • Weapons. Nise has no idea how to use anything more complicated than a sharp stick in combat.
  • Formal martial arts. When compelled to hit things, Nise just hits them very hard and tries not to be hit. She is easily outmaneuvered by a trained combatant.
  • Etiquette. Nise has no concept of subtlety or appropriateness, and may often stumble into awkward situations. She is not, however, immune to the awkwardness she causes, and frequently finds herself regretting things that come out of her mouth.

Magic Skills

  • Biomancy. A school of magic that encompasses the manipulation of any kind of living cell or tissue. It has a broad application with equally broad restrictions. Most notably is the fact that biomancy, dealing with the very foundations of people’s bodies, is uniquely ill-suited to overcoming magical resistances. Any form of conscious resistance makes it difficult for Nise to use biomancy on a target, and this difficulty increases exponentially with the importance of whatever system she’s trying to affect. A body places proportionately more resistance against magics targeting things like the brain, heart, and lungs, Nise lacks the raw magical might to directly affect such things without her target consciously allowing it. Her magic is much more suited to healing, enhancing the capabilities of herself and allies, and inflicting tricky, minor maladies on opponents when necessary. Her magic is completely ineffective on non-organic beings and to most undead: even if someone ruptured a zombie’s heart, it’s unlikely that the zombie was using it in the first place. Biomancy isn’t telekinesis or shapeshifting; it works on a microscopic scale. While this can sometimes have immediate macroscopic effects, things that are normally outside the range of a body’s ability to do take constant upkeep and adjustment. Permanently changing any of a body’s functions (such as the alterations Nise has done to herself) requires weeks, months, or years of constant biomancy, growing slowly over that duration. Nise struggles to perform biomancy on a target without physical contact to it.

  • Durability. Nise has a higher-than-average capacity to not die. She’s capable of manually substituting the processes of any organs she has which are damaged or missing, enabling her to survive what would be mortal blows to anyone else. Doing so takes nearly all of her focus and energy. Serious trauma to the brain still kills her instantly, as it would anyone else.
  • Cantrips. Though her magical research is mostly laser-focused, Nise has a few weak and simple utility spells she uses for convenience, such as cleaning spells, substance-detecting spells, a mage-hand spell, and a few diagnostic spells which aren’t technically biomancy.
  • Nisi doesn’t have any particular interest or skill in magic outside of biomancy, and possesses no magical items or capacity to make magical items.



  • None


  • None


  • Surgeon’s tools.
  • A large pack of salt.


Hundreds of years of isolation is a bit much, even for Nise. While she is endlessly fascinated by her hobbies and work, she’d really like to have someone to talk to about it. Her travels have two main goals: she is looking for new and exciting creatures she couldn’t find at home, and she is looking to take an apprentice.