Noavis Ellixto

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Noavis Ellixto
General Information
Full Name: Noavis Quell Ellixto
Race: Common Elf
Gender: Agender
Age: 120 (Estimated)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Country of Origin: Unknown
Arrival on Siveth Unknown
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Orange
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110 lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Noa
Religion: Elvendeep’s Hierarchy of Gods
Occupation: Traveling Sorcerer
Income: Modest
Marital Status: Single
Player: airemarshal


The person called Noavis Quell Ellixto sometimes seems a stranger to Noa. Noa found themself one day in a clearing in Elvendeep, with no memory aside from vague feelings, and not much else to go on besides the artifacts found in a brass chest on their person. With a name that doesn’t fit quite right and numerous small sketches of unfamiliar yet heart-tuggingly familiar people, there wasn’t much else to do but seek those people out, look for some clue as to who Noavis Quell Ellixto really was, and how they ended up alone and suffering from amnesia.

Thus began Noa’s fruitless search. During the day, they work whatever jobs they can get or travel on to the next locality. During the night they most often camp. It’s a humble life, but enough for Noa, and if it weren’t for the clouded yet powerful sense of loss following them wherever they go, they might have given up the search years ago.


Generally friendly, but easily agitated into anger, Noa is often found smiling in some form or another. They don’t need much of a reason to help someone out, and with their patience and easy intelligence would make a fantastic teacher. Despite this, they are strongly independent and have a vivid solitary streak. What offends them can be very hit or miss; while most criticisms seem to roll right off, jabs that hit the mark hit deep. Their fury burns hot and fast. They are much more impulsive and rash when angry than when calm.

Noa is casually persistent in their goals. They speak like someone who is highly educated, despite having little memory of getting one. Sometimes they say things that sound silly or absurd, but these are only fragments of a deeper thought process. Because objects hold so much of what remains of their memories, they place a great deal of thought and care around them; the things they keep often have deep connections to parts of their puzzling identity.

Physical Description

Slight and short, with sandy blonde hair and adrogynous appearance, Noa is often annoyed by strangers assuming they are much younger than they are. The illusion is broken by their patient and smart manner of speech.

They dress exclusively in durable, practical clothing in muted colors as their nomadic lifestyle rarely allows for extravagant or unnecessary things. Their typical wardrobe is a simple off-white shirt, sturdy brown pants, high black boots, and a thick, woolen, sage-colored hooded cloak. They frequently wear their long hair in a high ponytail and have medium-length bangs that stubbornly flip to the left side of Noa’s face.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Noa doesn’t have much physical ability beyond the well-practiced endurance when walking or hiking. They tend to be ridiculously clumsy at times, but it’s contrasted with a neat attention to detail and steady hands.

Mundane Skills

  • Reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • Sketching
  • Lockpicking

Magic Skills

  • Grimoire - Half magic item and half spell all its own, the Grimoire Noavis Quell Ellixto is likely Noa’s most expensive and most valuable items. It acts as a focus for Noa’s spells and has four forms. The first form is a thick magic book bound in brass whose sturdy contains the spells themselves; the second is a brass-colored staff with a diamond-shaped head, which in turn holds a flaming gemstone in the center; the third is a brass-colored sword with a diamond-shaped gemstone in its hilt; and the last is a intricately runed chest holding roughly a cubic foot of space in which Noa stores their most precious items. Each of these forms can be summoned in-hand by the person that possesses the Grimoire, and Noa can only cast spells when holding the book or the staff.
  • Fire magic - With their Grimoire in hand, Noa can create and manipulate flames within a 30 foot radius of themself. Fireballs or other effects sent outside this range fizzle and die, but objects set on fire with Noa’s flames continue to burn outside this area. Though Noa can create small explosions, the majority of damage comes from the heat of their flames, with temperatures typically found in the same range of a bonfire. The maximum amount of area Noa can sustain flames is roughly 16 cubic for about 15 minutes without having to take a rest. As with mundane fire, it can be difficult to get waterlogged objects to burn. Noa is not immune to these flames.



  • Grimoire
  • Small knife


  • None


  • Backpack
  • Fishing kit
  • Bedroll, sleeping gear
  • Lightweight pot, for cooking
  • Waterskin
  • Backpack
  • Pen, ink, lightweight mundane journal, chalk
  • Sewing needle and sturdy thread
  • Rags, rope
  • Soap


  • Find the people in their sketches.
  • Travel, work, live another day.