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An immature Nokos mushroom.
Other Names: Root of the Mind
Found In: Teldanar
Type: Mushroom
Distinguishing Features: Pale gray with red sploches
Average Size: Large
Uses: Consumption causes telepathy

Growth Cycle

A dried mature Nokos mushroom.

Because nokos is a mushroom, it grows all year round but only in locations where the circumstances meet its particular needs. Because of the desert climate of the country the mushroom grows best in the wet and dark. The people of Teldanar take particular pains not to completely exhaust a spot where nokos is found and leave some of the mushroom living so that is can regrow in the same spot, a fully formed nokos mushroom takes a full month to mature. Once the red splotches cover its top it is ready to be picked.

Regional Information

Nokos mushrooms are local to Teldanar only and are defended by the Tedanaran people to protect the effect of their consumption.


Nokos mushrooms do not grow the same when they are manually cultivated, the only way that the plant is efficacious is when it grows naturally. Teldanaran people attempted to grow the mushrooms in damp hot houses but the attempt failed when the mushrooms didn't allow them to connect mentally. Locations where the mushroom grow are carefully guarded and the plots are only harvested for what is necessary and left to grow


By the Teldanar

Teldanar warriors take the nokos mushroom before battle to create a telepathic connection between each other. Because the mushroom only impacts the people who take it so they can share thoughts between one another it does not allow people to just telepathically read other people's minds.

By the Etenari

The Etenari visionary/monk/priest clan, the Nisaadari, use a close relative of the Nokos (also called Nokos by them). The Nisaadari constantly consume large doses of the mushrooms to get a telepathic effect- though the amount of mushroom one must eat is prohibitive. Nisaadari are constantly linked to one another after full initiation, and can communicate with one another over long distances via a "net" of voices. It normally requires intensive training to navigate this "web" sucessfully. Casual users of these mushrooms report feeling "relaxed" and "connected to the All", and occasional use can cause some mild hallucinogenic effects. Only consumption of large amounts of these mushrooms lends one the telepathic ability, however.

Etenari Nisaad freely cultivate these "Nokos" mushrooms, though no other people have succeeded. There is apparently a technique which they possess which allows them to grow still-potent (though far less potent than traditional) Nokos, which they have never shared with another people. It is a jealously guarded secret, and only known to the Nisaadari.

A traditional gift given to Redeemed Etenari (and, on extremely rare occasions, Etenayari) is a box with two dried Nokos mushrooms in it, each of which have been fermented in a stew of other Nokos. Consumption of one of these is sufficient to access the "web" of initiated Nisaadari. The person who eats the mushroom cannot navigate themselves, but relies on the more skilled intervention of an initiated Nisaadari to "scoop them up" and connect them with the proper mind.