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General Information
Full Name: Nostan Layazot Kuzlonu-ul
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Date of Birth: The year 453
Country of Origin: Gleneshen du Pulner (“Duchy of Rose”)
Arrival on Siveth Through incidental usage of a now defunct portal device, his falconry glove.
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Grayish-blue
Height: 6’3” (~1.9m)
Weight: 176lbs (~66kg)
Additional Information
Aliases: Nost, He-who-will-not-forget-language (lit. meaning of his name)
Religion: E zhes nist zasundalmaruln ezliminu (The Family of Slumbering Wyrm)
Creed: Falcons cannot look backwards without first altering their course.
Occupation: (Former?) Court Scribe
Income: Unstable income from the odd copywork comission
Marital Status: Not married
Player: sunsculpa#9493


Nostan Layazot Kuzlonu-ul was born simply as Nost, meaning “He/she (who)”, a relative pronoun/determiner from the Ruzhint language and a tradition within the insular du Pulner duchy culture wherein people gain their title through their achievements and career. He was born in the metropolitan ducal capital Zlirtpulner (“Rose City”), which itself was located snugly in the cool rolling hills in the southern heartland of the far larger Niveshe kingdom holding uncontested hegemony over the known world, an isolated landmass. Raised within an upper class household primarily by his uncle who at the time was a court scribe, Nostan’s father placed him within the uncle’s care as an apprentice in scrivenry, as familial apprenticeships were a common practice among nobler families. Nostan was not rebellious, nor entirely given to his education- he had no true passion in what he was doing, yet was accepting of this state of affairs for some time.

Entering his teens he was faced with mandatory years of service within the Niveshe military which all male youth must undergo starting at age 16; by now he was waiting for a change in life, anything really, so he was inwardly glad to no longer waste away in stuffy study halls and printworking shops. In an unfortunate twist of fate, his father had asked his uncle to purposefully pull the strings in order to assign him to a role more fitting of his pedigree and education… relegated to the role of battle scribe, a largely noncombat role meant to record the action of conflict close to the frontlines. Dejected like always, he sulked into his next 6 years of service with anticipation for the worst. What he found instead, however, was a spark. Rather than copying other’s work ad nauseum or re-recording dusty tax documents, his creative muscle was forced into overtime as he lively translated impassioned triumph and tragedy, realities both morbid and curious, into his mother tongue. Not untouched by the booming reverbations of cannon fire himself, he felt as though he were part of a “symphony much larger than those who play against each other in harmonious cacophony” as he would famously describe it. A newfound thrillseeker, compassionate linguist, and veteran witness would return home to only to be invited by the Duchess herself and be awarded the full title of Nostan Layazot Kuzlonu-ul, a distinct name which means “He who will not forget language” (granted, more poetic in the mother tongue), as well as a position within the court recording the escapades of her then clandestine Cabinet of Alchemist’s experiments in transmutation and translocation. Though he had not known it, his field writings had become widely proliferated throughout the literate population of the du Pulner duchy and considered premier works of his time which detailed what was considered the macabre beauty of war.

There came to be an instrument created by the Cabinet of Alchemists referred do as the experimental name Gheshi nist Zhesmendhe, or “[the] Falconry Glove”; through the usage of a poorly understood set of runic rings inscribed in thin copper on the palm of the glove, surrealistic circular black holes could be created on clean flat surfaces which allowed the passage of items through it and into… somewhere else. Initial testing of recovery methods pre-glove were tried, but resulted in failure to retrieve items, and so it was decided that someone must dip through the breach and into whatever place(s) these doors may take them. Through the adjustment of the copper rings as a set of dials on the device, he theoretically was meant to be able to set it to transport to different locations, whether these might be in the known world or beyond was unknown.

There he laid, having fallen some 7 feet from the sky, face-down into a patch of tall grass- onto the delicate instrumentation of the falconry glove, no less. Sporting a fractured hand and an addled mind at the loss of his path home, he could make out the mismatched skyline of Drache some distance away, what would become his unfortunate refuge.


Nostan makes an effort to be a well-mannered and amicable person upon first meeting, keeping at bay his tendencies towards prejudgement. This often clashes with his nationalistic, almost manic devotion to maintaining du Pulner tradition as a means of coping with the loss of connection to his beloved homeland. He is a driven and honest person, dutifully carrying out his final task of recording all he sees beyond the black door- a job he meticulously observes and takes morbidly serious.

He is terminally inquisitive, perhaps uncomfortably so as he may appear nosy to some; in kind, however, he remains an open book proud to share the lore of his motherland’s storied history and culture. He believes in the ultimate freedom of information, though is far more skeptical over sharing his worldly possessions and belives one ought to earn something of their own should they want it- a facet of du Pulner culture.

Nostan has been more scattered since his arrival on Siveth, and may take a few moments to organize his often troubled mind before forming sentences on occasion- this and his foreign eccentricites may cause him to appear ‘cooky’ and naïve, though this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Physical Description

Standing at 6'3", Nostan's first defining feature is the helm he bears, its black leather finish contrasting its impeccably maintained silver trimmings, which depict serpents in ornate etchings. The auburn side bangs of his hair hang from either side of his face and down to his prominent jaw with an apparent stubble of the same color. Through the mask of the helm (which they always keep donned), their grayish blue eyes are visible, albeit shadowed by the eye mask, on either side of a long, narrow nose. Notably, they bear a canvas (like) satchel which features many pockets held across his body with a leather strap on one shoulder, and most strikingly, a blocky wooden backpack, more akin to a chest if anything,

They are dressed appropriately for a chilly climate from a feudal age, their primary garment being a dark red gambeson, tethered together by dark leather straps, its interior covered in wool and its collar trimmed in gold with floral designs, particularly of roses. Above this is a far more eye-catching article of clothing, that being a red coat, decorated with gold accented tassels and trimmings depicting winding serpents and roses. Below, they wear a simple dark leather strap belt with a single buckle which holds up black canvas trousers also held up by attached chest straps. He wears one worn black leather glove meant primarily for falconry which bears several rings of now broken copper-trimmed circles on its palm. Finally, they wear simple, black leather boots strapped up to just under shin length.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

  • Dextrous & Ambidextrous
  • Sharp eyes, poor sense of taste

Mundane Skills

  • Skilled usage of language & literacy
  • Basic combat training with sword and spear
  • Basic wilderness survival knowledge
  • Gardening hobbyist
  • Falconry expertise

Magic Skills

  • Minor Force Magick: As is common among scribes of his age, they have learned a little telekinetic magic to assist in very minor tasks which might be performed by hand, but at a distance. Using one hand, Nostan may grab, push, lift, or pull a small object which is within near sight (~15 feet) of up to about 4kg or so, able to manipulate these objects as though his hand were at that location. He may also use this invisible effect to produce effects such as a poke on the shoulder, and other such ineffectual guff.



  • du Pulner Court Dagger: Specially issued only to those who have connections enough to the Duchess in order to comission one on their behalf. Although generally seen more as a status symbol than a weapon to be used, these daggers can deliver wounds severely deep with relative ease, known for their ability to pierce straight into organs from any angle. Quality of metal is questionable, sharpness is not.


  • A red gambeson and an ornate (mostly) leather helm (see Physical Description)


All of these are contained inside Nostan’s Edhishe, or aforementioned wooden backpack:

  • A tinderbox
  • A leather and insulatory fur sleeping bag (on top of edhishe)
  • A cast iron cup/stein, with handle
  • A cast iron pot, with wooden handle
  • A cast iron utensil set (ladel, two-pronged fork, spoon, knife)
  • A cast iron canteen, holding water
  • A small cast iron flask, filled with uzhil, an exceedingly bitter “coffee”
  • Various dried and salted meats, mainly wild bird and fish
  • Various dehydrated vegetables, none of which are green
  • A multicompartment box with spices and herbs
  • A mason jar filled with pickled eggs
  • Ground flour, whole grain
  • A rose preserved in a jar

And all of these are contained inside of his satchel:

  • A large leatherbound tome used for recordkeeping
  • Fountain pens, as well as sealed vials of ink to refill
  • Wood carving tools, some (not that good) sculptures
  • A horsehair brush used for cleaning clothing
  • Empty vials for sample taking
  • A spool of hemp string
  • A vial of vegetable oil
  • A straight razor


  • Repairing the falconry glove
  • Discovering the fate of his homeland
  • Discovering what this world has to offer