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* An enchanting table at her home with a mages standard array of equipment.
* An enchanting table at her home with a mages standard array of equipment.
* Access to the Mages Guild and their equipment, libraries, and labs.
* Access to the Sanctum Arcana and their equipment, libraries, and labs.
[[Category: Player Characters]]
[[Category: Player Characters]]

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Órla Galeire
General Information
Full Name: Órla Galeire
Race: Human - Fae touched
Gender: Female
Age: Appears mid-twenties
Date of Birth: Kepekerinat (Sep) 22, 385
Country of Origin: Millabratel, Arangoth
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Eye Color: Golden-hazel
Height: 5’11”
Additional Information
Occupation: Magus, Sanctum Arcana
Income: Upper class
Marital Status: Single
Player: Allie


Their visits started when she was but a child, little visitors on gossamer wings that only the golden-haired child could see. An active imagination, her nanny said, the mark of a bright child. An impropriety, said her parents, frowning as the considered the embarrassment she would be in polite society. The respectable Galeire family couldn’t possibly have a mad daughter. So she learned how to be secretive, keeping tales of her new friends to herself while sneaking them cream and honey from the estate larder. In return they taught her wilder ways than her parents would ever allow, sharing stories and tiny gifts. The first time she vanished, it was for three days. To save face, her parents blamed bandits and claimed a ransom had been paid. Behind doors, they lectured their child and dismissed the nanny she had grown up with and loved, replacing her with a sterner version who preached the tenants of Menxvan. She dreaded those lessons. Worse, her friends came less and less, and her melancholy deepened, until, for a time, she herself thought them to be a dream. They came again as she reached the age of maturity, and it became clear the girl had a talent for magic. Once more, she vanished for days, drawn into the realm belonging to her friends, laughing beneath blossoming trees and learning how to conjure the elements to her whim. Upon her return, her stern parents delivered their punishment and ultimatum - she would be given to the church, to become a dignified woman devoted to their god, where her magic would be used to heal others. The night before she was to take her vows, her friends came for her again, this time with an offer. They could take her away, teach her all they knew, but she must give service in return to their queen. She looked upon them, upon the kind faces that had been with her since childhood, and agreed. While it seemed only years passed in the Summer Court, a century rushed by in the mortal world beyond. The family she knew was gone and everything was different. Her fae friends ensured her a place in the world, effectively charming a living relative to believe Órla is a current cousin in the Galeire line. She currently lives with Ellodie in the Diplomatic District.

Little is known about what services she provided to the Summer Court, nor what her purpose is now in Drache.


On the surface, Órla appears and acts every inch the proper highborne lady. She is polite and respectful, sometimes haughty in her mannerisms, but beneath it all lies a wild heart, free spirit, and a quick temper.

Physical Description

Órla is a tall woman, standing just shy of six feet when barefoot, her physique soft and curvy. Years of living under the soft sunlight of the fae realm has given a golden glow to her porcelain complexion, and brightened her hazel eyes to a shade closer to gold. Her golden hair falls in natural waves and loose ringlets to her mid-back, no strand ever seeming out of place. She favors light clothing in soft, expensive materials - silk, velvet, and lace those she tends toward most. The scent of delicate florals, ancient forest, golden honeycomb, soft musk, and the breathiest hint of berries clings to her skin and hair.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Musician: Òrla plays both the harp and violin and enjoys singing. All talents she honed during her time with the Summer Court.
  • Fae Touched: Orla spent many years living among the Summer fae, and as such has their friendship and knowledge of their kind. A powerful sponsor granted her protection, and as such she has been returned to the mortal realm with no risk of aging to her natural state.
  • Languages: Fluent in Arcane, Fae, Khalar, and Elvish

Magic Skills

  • Illusionary Magic: In her time with the fae, she was extensively trained in illusions - the mortal equivalent to faerie glamours. She can cast a wide range of effects, from simple images to larger illusions with sound and sensory effects. Her range on larger, more complex spells is line of sight up to 40 yards and they only last for a few minutes, whereas smaller illusions can last upwards of an hour.
  • Enchantment and Charms: Imbuing trinkets and items with magical properties is a hobby of the young woman and she has become quite skilled in the process. Enchantments can take minutes for small, basic spells (light, shields, etc) and hours or days for more complicated manipulations (sunburst spell, cleansing orbs for the Darian, enchanting simulacrums). She requires the correct components -many of which are quite expensive or rare- and either personal knowledge of the spell or a scroll detailing the process.
  • Elemental Magic: In keeping with the Summer Court, her strengths lie in fire and force magic. All spells require line of sight and the range of her projectiles ranges from 30 yards with accuracy to fifty yards with a greater chance to miss.
  • Nature Magic: She is able to cast a few spells in this sphere of magic within line of sight, in a range limited to 20-30 feet, causing effects such as vines to sprout and ensnare targets or speeding a flower to bloom, ripen fruit on a tree, or purify a small container of water.
  • Healing Magic: While not her strong suit, she is able to knit small wounds and ease pain. She must be touching the target and have full concentration - making battlefield healing uncertain.



  • Silver dagger with a ruby in the hilt - this gem holds a fire enchantment, adding flame damage to any attack made with the blade.
  • Ring of sunlight: Due to the vampire problems in Drache, she was gifted an enchanted ring with a captured sunbeam held in the yellow diamond, allowing her to conjure an immediate burst of sunlight. It takes 3 days to recharge the ring to full power.


  • Mage Shield: This spell is always at the ready thanks to an enchanted bracelet worn on her left wrist.


  • An enchanting table at her home with a mages standard array of equipment.
  • Access to the Sanctum Arcana and their equipment, libraries, and labs.