Ravynetti Tivaurd

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Ravynetti Tivaurd
Vital Stats
Full Name: Ravynetti Necrotheurge Veritas Tivaurd
Age: 785
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Race: Human (Demilich)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs
Additional Information
Nickname: The Elder Necromancer, The Dark Baron
Aliases: The Ravynlord
Occupation: Retired
Marital Status: Often
Player: Ravyn

Character Background

Only a few trusted souls know what Ravynetti does off-world, but as far as Drache is concerned, he arrived some years ago with the intent of locating a vacation home and obtaining local resources to research the resurrection of one of his beloveds. Quickly proving himself both extremely skilled and extremely mercenary, he has been alternately a blessing and a pox on the land ever since. Operating behind the scenes, he has interests in a great many workings within the city and adjacent lands, both legal and semilegal. The extent of his personal network and net worth is unknown, not only does he take great care to hide his resources, but his interests on other worlds allow him to shuffle personnel and funds rather swiftly.

It is known that Ravynetti possesses a plot of land which was once on the outskirts of the city, but now comfortably within due to years of growth. It is also known that he has alliances with certain deep dwarf tribes, and personal oversight of a group of goblin cultists called the Nightgaunts. He has been suspected of being associated with the Hands of Night, a once-active group of contract rogues, and a group of dark knights of supernatural origin were once seen coming to his aid quite often. A number of apprentices have been seen in his presence over the years, although the fact that most of them were young, female, and attractive tended to lend to rumors that they were chosen for other things than their arcane aptitude. The current status of all of these organizations are unknown.

The Tivaurds are an expansive family, due in part to Ravynetti's polygamist lifestyle, in part to his age, and in part to calculated attempts to increase his standing through adoptions and arranged marriages. The fact that many of his wives, offspring, and their associations are possessed of their own impressive resources and personal capabilities means that the family as a whole, fractious and backstabbing as it may be, might represent a faction in and of itself for those wishing to tangle with it. It is known that connections by marriage and adoption have linked the Tivaurds to a number of other high profile families within the city, although few would ever admit it.

Physical Description

In his usual form, Ravynetti Tivaurd is an unassuming man, pale, and just around five and a half feet. He might appear to be in his twenties, with long, black hair, a nose that's a bit too prominent, and high cheekbones. A lean, bookish build does nothing to make him physically imposing. His eyes though, even hidden as they often are behind blue-tinted, silver-rimmed spectacles, hold the first sign of his nature. Those eyes are stained blue by twin cobalt flames that shine from within his dilated pupils, casting a faint glow wherever he may look. His lips are a dead blue, as of someone left in the cold far too long, while his teeth are all capped in silver, with several replaced entirely with finely worked gemstones.

Although his manner of dress varies often, he tends to favor cloaks of dark colors, black or purple, sewn about the shoulders with raven's feathers. Vests and silk shirts are the order of the day, as are black slacks and the ever present dragonskin boots. While he often wears black velvet gloves, it is known that his right hand, at least, is an articulated skeletal claw, inlaid with silver and with gemstones set within the gems. He seems to favor short-bladed swords, usually of silver, although on occasion he has been seen using light maces or daggers.

A battered leather satchel at least as old as he is is often found about his person, and those in the know can say that it must hold more than it appears to.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Ravynetti is known to be a Necromancer, and known to be an undead. While the exact details of what he can or cannot do are carefully guarded, here are some facts that have been observed over the years. These have been gathered as a public service by a group of creepy, stalker-ish goth girls with a penchant for wearing too much black and meeting Bad Ends.

He was not always a spellcaster, and has shown to still have at least basic competence with hand to hand combat, although nothing spectacular. Likewise he has a fair grasp of stealth. This, associated with his keen observational talents tend to suggest he may have been in the business of robbery or banditry at some point in the distant past.

He is wealthy, but also notoriously cheap.

As an undead, he has several salient abilities simply due to what he is. The following have been observed:

  • He is resistant to some sorts of physical damage.
  • He is wholly immune to cold and seems resistant to electrical effects, while being susceptible to fire. He is a known pyrophobe, and admits as much.
  • He has a fearsome aura that, when active, may frighten the weak of heart.
  • He is utterly cold to the touch. Furthermore, this seems to be beyond physical cold. It is known that his touch can damage and paralyze an individual if they draw his anger. Or if it just amuses him to lich-touch them. To this end, it is known that he has no qualms about using this touch attack on children, pets, his own family members, or creepy stalker-ish goth girls.
  • On at least one occasion, it has been observed that he can draw the soul of a person from their body, and ensnare it somehow. The mechanics of this are not wholly known.
  • He sees in a spectrum of life energy and magic. He has admitted that the blue lensed glasses he wears are to correct this and allow him to see color. It is not known whether this is true or not.
  • It is known that he is susceptible to certain holy magics, as well as to certain abilities meant to repel or harm the undead.
  • It is known that curative magics harm him if they land.
  • It is known that he cannot see most illusions. It is not known if this is due to his undead state. Note: It is known that he will not mention this if you are relying on illusory clothing. Also Note: Unless you're a dude.
  • He has been seen to discorporate from his normal form into something crazy scary. Reports are mixed on this.

As a spellcaster, he has a demonstrably broad knowledge of magical effects and techniques, including many he cannot use himself. What follows is a list only of what magical talents have been observed in use. Many goth girls died to bring us this information.

  • He is known to be able to manufacture magical items and constructs of a wide variety of natures. He has crafted artifact level weapons and devices for governments and organizations, including one used to help close a portal threatening Drache itself at one point. This seems to be his primary source of income on this world.
  • He is an admitted and known necromancer. He has shown skill in speaking with the dead and controlling the undead in times of emergency. It is known that he knows a variety of reanimation and resurrection magics. This would tend to indicate that he knows both mortal and divine magic.
  • It is known that at some point, he was associated with the priesthood of some manner of devil and as such was able to cast specialized diabolic spells. It is unknown what the current status of this relationship is, but he has not exhibited these spell effects for a few years.
  • He has a mastery of ice magic, including wall of ice, frost nova, ice spikes and cone of cold. He has a specialized variant of simulacrum which uses necromantic energies in some manner, and these very obvious 'dire simulacrums' have been seen in the Blkdragon Inn and on the streets of Drache in the past. He was overheard lecturing one Lakyle some years past about how one could use negative energy necromantic effects to augment frost magic.
  • He has been seen to use various poison magics in the past. The nature of these magics is difficult to determine.
  • He has shown himself competent with metamagics, or magic-affecting magics. It is unknown the extent to which he has developed these effects, but it is a known area of interest into which he has been seen actively researching.
  • He is possessed of a specialized transportation magic known as the Mistgate. This seems to be a tunnel through the ethereal plane to connect two places. In recent years, he has refined this magical technique for other purposes than transportation. It is known that there is some risk involved, as he has 'lost' passengers using these Mistgates in the past.
  • He once dropped a foe's house off a cliff with an earthquake spell.
  • He is known to have some talent with fleshcrafting and shaping, and has developed a number of other specialized necromantic spells, many of which seem to have either limited utility, or turned out to be bad ideas. The Rapid Cat-to-Cat Transportation Spell, or PassCat is one such failed experiment.
  • A number of other minor necromantic and utility spells have been seen in common use, none of which seem particularly notable. If further information is acquired, please forward it to us as swiftly as possible.
  • He has spoken of, and demonstrated in the past a familiarity with a group of spells called 'Aspects'. These seem to heighten the power and capability of a particular group of interrelated spells, while prohibiting or greatly reducing the ability to cast spells not associated with that aspect. These spells also grant fearsome physical transformations. Only the Aspect of Venom has been seen in use, and the physical transformation resembled a massive, decaying winged serpent.

Other Information

For all of his wealth, power, and prestige, the most dangerous aspect of Ravynetti might be his personal magnetism. It is unknown just what contributes to this, as he is a thoroughly reprehensible individual. An avowed womanizer, a speciesist who believes in the superiority of humanity, arrogant, an insufferable know-it-all, manipulative, a coward, the list goes on. And yet he still manages to make allies swiftly.