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General Information
Full Name: Riel 'The Great' Tinuviel
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 01/12/461
Country of Origin: Najjir
Arrival on Siveth Native
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 51 kg
Additional Information
Aliases: The Great!
Religion: Menxism
Creed: Bring happiness wherever you go
Occupation: Street Performer/Acrobat/Entertainer
Income: Comfortable for a nomad
Marital Status: Single
Player: Kedglo


Riel originally lived in a small sized town roughly two hundred miles from Qarsythe along the road leading deeper into the desert region. She developed magical prowess at a young age but it was unrefined and undisciplined. As a troublemaking child from a family that had trouble providing sometimes, she often found herself as she grew up getting disciplined by her parents or the town watch. The minor offenses built in intensity however as she developed and grew her powers over illusions through self study. As her power grew, her boldness grew with it. She was performing more serious thefts of food and money. As most petty criminals do, she was caught for the last time by the town watch after trying to steal an entire purse from a vendor in the market of her home town and was presented with a choice upon sentencing. Lose both hands, or be banished from her hometown and not permitted to return.

After choosing to be exiled, she was branded at the wrists as a thief and released to the road leading out of town with a single waterskin and no other possessions. For three days she walked until she collapsed by the side of the road, and was rescued by a passing convent of monks. Taken in to the care, and feeling as though she had to repay a great debt, she stayed with them for six years. During this time, the more magically inclined members of her new family offered her lessons in controlling and improving the complexity of her illusions. She trained physically with them as well, learning to leap and tumble, and juggle as well. Her sleight of hand supplemented by her illusions allowed her to develop her own performance act, and as a result she was able to begin her journey anew with a self-supplied source of income. Now that she was able to perform for a living, she was able to leave her days of petty theft behind.

Travelling the road to Mashriq, she used her new skills to earn enough money to buy her own performers tools and an outfit for her show, and after spending some time in the port city, eventually she earned enough for passage on a ship to Drache. She chose the city on the opposite side of the continent because it was so very different from everything she had ever known, and she would be able to expand her performing arsenal as such. She has kept her brands hidden through her travels, both with illusions and cloth coverings over her wrists, afraid of how people might judge her for mistakes she made in her youth. For the time being though, Riel The Great has performed many thrilling shows for the citizens of Drache between her trips around the surrounding countryside, and has come to found she enjoys the temperate kingdom.


Riel is an adventurous and caring spirit nowadays. Always pleased to meet new people and hear a little bit about them. She's also always trying to impress, spicing up her conversations at times with minor illusions like showers of sparks or puffs of colored smoke. Her personality has changed from her youth to one that's always trying to bring happiness and a smile to those around her, especially when she's performing.

She's more disciplined now than ever before, having developed a personal training routine and a magical one to ensure that she is always capable of providing the best performance she can muster.

Physical Description

Riel is a short, fit woman with lithe figure. She has a low body fat percentage owing to her always being on the move. She has short dirty blonde hair cut in a bob usually, bright blue eyes and a small nose. Her skin tone is olive, tanning quite easily and noticeably darker than most citizens of Drache.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Extremely skilled juggler
  • Skilled acrobat and contortionist/Very flexible
  • Skilled Sleight of Hand
  • Skilled in wandering. Can make a camp/find food+water/light a fire on her own
  • Skilled in athletics, can run/jump/swim/climb well. Fleet of foot.
  • Developing in escape artistry to supplement performances
  • Has received basic training with a rapier.

Magic Skills

  • Expert Illusionist - Can create large illusions complex in nature that can be seen, heard, and smelled. Smaller illusions can be touched and tasted.
  • Invisibility - Can render self invisible for a period of thirty minutes. Alternatively, can project a field of invisibility to cloak other creatures/persons at a drastically reduced time closer to five minutes.
  • Illusory objects - Can 'fabricate' items for a period of time variable on the complexity of the creation. Usually a maximum of five minutes. So long as the individuals subject to the illusion have no reason to believe it is as such, they will be able to perceive the illusion with all of their senses. Maximum volume is approximately a five foot cube, but varies depending on complexity of the creation. An elaborate sculpture lasts far less than a simple shape.



  • 1x Pocket knife, folding


  • Nil


  • Performing outfit x2
  • Collapsing and folding performing stand (3ft diameter)
  • Juggling instruments, 9x balls, 6x daggers(edgeless but pointed), 5x rings, 5x batons/torches
  • Acrobatic supplements, 1x large medicine ball for standing/rolling on
  • Straitjacket x1 for daring escape artistry stunts