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Saion Parnak
General Information
Full Name: Saion ul-Alfrith Parnak
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 27. VI. 466.
Country of Origin: Transdariana
Arrival on Siveth Drachian-born
Hair Color: darker red
Eye Color: gold
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 160 lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: N/A
Religion: Menxism
Creed: "I’ll decide whether or not it’s worth my time."
Occupation: Student, Wizard
Income: Middle-class
Marital Status: Single
Player: airemarshal


Saion’s parents moved to Drache shortly after its population explosion, and Saion was raised in the Merchant’s district where his mother owned a business. Despite his decently well-off childhood, Saion did not get out of the district much until his proficiency in magic and problem-solving earned him an admission to Drache’s Royal University.

Though he was known to the teachers as a hard-working and diligent student, his peers claim his uptight and inflexible personality made him a bit of a bore to be around. Both of these perspectives changed drastically when he was temporarily suspended for reckless experimentation. Though many rumors cloud the halls and classrooms of the arcane department, few of these whisperers really have any idea of what happened.

In the meantime, Saion has been ordered to reverse whatever mistake he made that partially split off a piece of his soul. While it’s unsettling, unstable, and potentially dangerous to himself, in the meantime, the aural echo he created is a useful tool.


Though Saion is proud to his core, his aloofness and silence doesn’t hail from a place of spite alone. More accurately, Saion was raised to be secretive and solitary; since his father was a stoic man who believed that most of the world’s problems were caused by a lack of hard work and dedication rather than circumstance. Saion doesn’t share easily and has a prejudice against those he sees as lazy, while at the same time silently berating himself for not working hard enough.

Physical Description

Saion still looks more the part of a merchant’s son than a mage by the way he dresses. He frequently wears dark, bold blues and reds as well as earth tones, colors that go well with his bronze skin and red hair. He very rarely wears bright combinations like blue and yellow or white and purple.

His golden eyes rest in an expression that may seem judgemental or arrogant. He is nearsighted and wears square wire-framed glasses almost all the time.

Because he spends a lot of time crouched over a desk reading or tinkering with magical objects, he keeps his hair short and well-kept. He does pride himself in being tidy and clean wherever someone can see it, but in his own company allows himself to prioritize a project over being well-rested.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Saion’s Echo cannot speak or act on its own, but at Saion’s behest it can perform simple tasks such as moving objects, opening doors, and attacking if necessary. As an unprotected piece of soul, damage to the Echo will cause catastrophic damage to both the Echo and to Saion himself. It appears as a monochrome, floating, semi-solid copy of Saion himself with a light blue glow and bright red eyes, though its face tends to rest in an expression of mild bemusement or kindness, in contrast to Saion’s typically sour face. When not manifested, it rejoins with the greater part of his soul, in his body where it belongs. Saion may project or retract his Echo at will, however, sometimes it may appear or disappear randomly when he is not concentrated on controlling it. When he is concentrating on control of his Echo, he cannot put his full concentration on his spells. The Echo cannot be more than 15 feet away from Saion at any time; it will get dragged along if it doesn’t move.

Mundane Skills

  • Fast, though terrible, handwriting
  • A good head for engineering and functional design
  • Educated; very literate and well-read on geography, history, and mathematics
  • General appraisal-type knowledge from his youth in the market district

Magic Skills

  • Summon Creature - Saion can summon a single non-sentient animal not larger than a large dog. Summoned creature appears within fifteen feet of where Saion is standing and must remain within line of sight or the spell will end. The spell lasts up to 5 minutes with good concentration, but in noisy, chaotic, or stressful situations Saion can only keep the spell going for about a minute or so. Alternatively, Saion can summon up to three animals if they are smaller than a cat. Summoned animals can be directed to do simple tasks, but are only able to complete tasks that an average member of their species can do, and while they can be ordered to attack, they are not war-trained and disappear with one hit.
  • Create Crystal - Saion can grow rough quartz objects in his hands. Objects must have volume less than 2 cubic feet. With concentration, these objects become more detailed and intricate, but never quite as high-precision as a hand-made object of the same type. Crystalline objects by default are made of a white variety of quartz, but with concentration may be clear or colored. While clear quartz made with this method is for the most part free of flaws, it requires very intense concentration indeed to create anything capable of being used optically. Crystals do not disappear, but will never fetch more than a couple of quaspins each as a semiprecious gemstone. In a pinch, pieces of crystal may be used as a shield, but are also susceptible to shattering and causing greater harm (on crit of enemy.)
  • Magic Item Creation - With at least

a week of concentration, formulas, materials, and work, Saion may create a magic item that anyone may use to cast one spell known by its creator, with one charge before the item breaks. Given the willing aid of another mage, this painstaking process may be replicated to create an object which casts a spell the fellow mage can cast, with similar limitations. This magic item typically takes the form of a small crystalline orb that the user must be holding in order to activate, and which cracks into pieces in their hand as the spell is cast. The spell contained within the item must be a magic gained by study and not by nature; for example, a candle-lighting spell used by a wizard will work, but not a vampire's ability to turn into a bat or a psion's ability to read minds. This spell is also limited to fairly close-range, small-time magic such as a spell that creates a torch-like light, a spell that moves up to 5 pounds telekinetically, or a spell that writes a dictated letter.



  • Utility knife


  • None


  • Ioun Crystal: A magical focus for casting spells
  • Scribe’s tools (pen, ink, notebook, etc.)
  • Journal
  • Book bag