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General Information
Full Name: Selaine Dusklight
Race: Autumn Fae
Gender: Female
Age: 145
Date of Birth: 345
Country of Origin: Twilit Reach
Arrival on Siveth 488
Hair Color: Brown and green
Eye Color: Golden
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 135
Additional Information
Aliases: Sel
Religion: None
Creed: Go where the wind takes you.
Occupation: Herbalist
Income: Modest
Marital Status: Single
Player: Agreas


Not much is known about Selaine’s background or her life in the Twilit Reach. The autumn fae often deflects those questions when asked directly, preferring to keep it a mystery as opposed to revealing the truth.

Selaine was born as a result of a short-lived affair between a married noble and her commoner mother. When her father found out about her birth, he agreed to support them and, in exchange, both she and her mother would keep quiet about Selaine’s noble lineage.

With their needs taken care of, Selaine had a carefree life in the Twilit Reach. She would wander through the autumn forests, often exploring the far reaches of the realm for days on end while using her magic gifts to keep her safe. Her curiosity and sense of adventure are why Selaine found herself in Siveth one day.

It took her two years of wandering around from city to city, learning about the new world she found herself in until she would settle down in Drache. For the time being, she is collecting enough money to open up a herbalism shop instead of simply selling at the farmer’s market in the merchant district.


Selaine is an unbridled creature of whim, often seeking amusement in any way she can. While her inclination towards mischief might get the better of her, Selaine is not malicious at heart. She has a soft spot for people in need and does not shy away from helping out strangers.

Those that tried very hard to get on her bad side soon discovered that Selaine is highly vindictive. Once her patience snaps, Selaine has a no-holds-barred approach to payback and she does not relent until she feels satisfied.

Physical Description

Standing at 5’9”, Selaine has a slender figure. Small branches have grown alongside her short hair, decorated with golden and green leaves that seem to be permanently stuck in their autumn hues. She has a set of small horns growing out of her forehead that she usually conceals through glamour.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Herbalism: Understanding of the various effects that different plants have when used in potion or medicine making as well as knowing how to grow and harvest those plants.
  • Cooking: Selaine learned how to cook from her mother and it has proven to be a lifesaver when she was far from home for days.
  • Sewing: Mostly used to patch up her clothes if she tears them during adventuring

Magic Skills

  • Elemental magic: Owing it to her noble blood, Selaine has discovered that she can command the 4 natural elements (earth, water, air, fire), to varying degrees of success, in a radius of 15 ft around her. Issuing movement commands is a simple matter and, depending on the quantity of the element she is manipulating, their cost in energy can vary from high to low. Earth and stone can be made to grasp at her target and root them in place, existing fire can be directed to spread around or extinguish itself, while water and air can be shaped into concussive blasts, or form a barrier around her for up to 10 seconds. Selaine has yet to learn how to conjure elements if they are not present in her vicinity.
  • Glamouring: A less developed talent of her fae blood, Selaine is capable of masking her fae appearance to look more like those of the elves or humans.
  • Pocket dimension: A special storage dimension that she uses to store her items during her travels. It can hold the same weight as a medium-sized crate.



  • Small dagger



  • Herbalist kit: Contains leather gloves and clippers used to collect various herbs and has plenty of containers to store them.