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Realm: Aslar
Province: Mutorior-Lithalle
Predominate Races: Humans, Rashnaditz, Dwarves, rare halflings, and Mingits
Government: Kleptocracy

Origins & History

Sonmor is a large city in Eastern Aslar. It's known for its criminal element. At least a half dozen major criminal guilds operate in Aslar, their work made easy by the thief-friendly architecture and the entrenched corruption among the city’s political class. The fact that Aslar has a new king every year defies all meaningful attempts at change.

The thieves’ guilds often fight one another and just as often work together in uneasy alliances, while hiring independent operators and smaller bands as disposable assets. They have taken over just over half of the local economy and charge heavy tolls for protection but also keep the city’s market from going under, cracking down on excessive violence and making sure their income stream remains. Sonmor is a major midpoint in the slave trade that goes through the Road of the World.

The biggest Sonmor players are multinational and have smuggling cells operating in Arangoth, Najjir, Elluria, Bahija, Secca and the Alesian Imperium.

Layout & Architecture

The city sits on a deep bay with steep hillsides. Because of this, the city is as much vertical as horizontal, full of stairs, tiered buildings and sharply sloping streets that sometimes go over people’s rooftops. Sonmor rules over the Aslari provinces of Mutorior, the mainland bay and Lithalle. the triangular island directly across from it. The island is known for its large Nipangui minority living in a self-segregated ethnic enclave.

Criminal Guilds

House Pembrose

A well-established coalition of old-money nobles gone bad and their shady followers. They have a well-established coterie of trusted faces and are the likeliest to be found doing business with foreign nobles and heads of state. They also run a huge gambling racket, especially off high society games like Baccarat.

Downwind Cartel

A pirate outfit favored by commoners with skills and trouble with the law. They got their name from a snooty Admiral’s comment on their stench. The name soon stuck and the ‘Downwinders’ became well-known nuisances in the trade lanes.

Sonmorrow Syndicate

While it’s a full-fledged thieves’ guild with its hands in most types of trade-related racket, the syndicate is known to be a limb of the Berjeron Empire and one part of their foothold on Veth. It’s run by a centuries-old Berj Ley Savant and serves the Empire’s interests on the mainland.

Talamar Guild

A relatively new outfit, started by several disaffected prodigies from the other three guilds. Since it was founded by talented people with resources, the Talamar hit the ground running and gouged out a comfortable income at home before aggressively pushing to expand abroad.