Southland Peninsula

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The Southland Peninsula
Geographical Information
Location: Southeastern Veth
Dangers: Warfare, Bahrian bandits and pirates
Notable Settlements: Gangikish, Garusk, Ruflin City, Lachstan, Bahrkul
Inhabitants: Humans, Elves, Giants, Goblinoids
Common Languages: Aslarian, Teldanari, Tollorian, Emilian, Ellurian, Tyranori, Bahrian Orcish


Map of the Southlands Peninsula

The Southlands Peninsula (or simply the Southlands) is the name for the peninsula at the southeastern end of Veth. The region encompasses the nations of Aslar, Tollor, Elluria, Emil, Teldanar, and Bahr, along with the island nations of Sevule and El-Ekki.

Most Noted Geographical Features

The Aslarians dug the Grand Canal clear across the narrowest part of the peninsula, and this marvel of engineering is clogged with traffic moving peoples and trade goods. The Rainbow River cuts through the center of the Peninsula, forming the border between Elluria and Tollor. This region is famous for its fertile farmland. The deep forests of the Northland are home to the J'Lontz, a mixed nation of elves and giants. The deserts of Teldanar are home to to the subterranean Teldanari mushroom mines, and their hidden sacred city of Argo. The Outland of Bahr is a harsh and blasted wasteland where the sun rarely pierces the clouds.

Related Topics

From 466 until 471, the Southlands were embroiled in a series of wars that re-drew the map of the region several times and gave the Alesian Imperium a presence on Veth.