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| creed            = “As long as good exists in the world, evil cannot prevail.”
| creed            = “As long as good exists in the world, evil cannot prevail.”
| occupation        = Private Academic Tutor of the Magical Arts
| occupation        = Private Academic Tutor of the Magical Arts
| income            = Med-High Upperclass
| income            = Medium Upperclass
| marital_status    = Single
| marital_status    = Single
| player            = [[Nicci]]
| player            = [[Nicci]]

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General Information
Full Name: Stavros Nikibi
Race: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 171
Date of Birth: VI.3.319
Country of Origin: Griffon's Aerie
Hair Color: Silver, formerly ash brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’2” human,8’1 griffon
Weight: 215 pounds human, 1050 griffon
Additional Information
Religion: Druidic Spiritualism
Creed: “As long as good exists in the world, evil cannot prevail.”
Occupation: Private Academic Tutor of the Magical Arts
Income: Medium Upperclass
Marital Status: Single
Player: Nicci


For many years, Stavros studied under the guidance of a compassionate dryad, learning the mystical art of crafting and nurturing nature with spellcraft. He chose to pay it forward by teaching these arts to others, believing these talents belonged to more than the grove.

He soon discovered that he had a knack for teaching and a love for sharing his knowledge with young minds, and a career as a teacher was born. This made the guardian dryad of his family quite happy, and with her blessing, he traveled beyond the aerie to share his knowledge—albeit tailored to protect certain secrets—with other species across Veth.

In his early years, he met and fell in love with a beautiful human woman, but their life together was cut abruptly short five years into their brief marriage when Stavros returned from a visit to the aerie to find his young wife in the arms of another lover. Since then, he has thrown himself almost desperately into his work.


Stavros is a kind and compassionate man with a strong sense of justice, and an even stronger sense of retribution, the latter at times competing with his naturally easy going temperament.

=Physical Description= Less than a decade ago, the griffon sported a full mane of ash brown hair. Then all at once the color appeared to bleed out until only a glossy sheen of mercury remained. His much shorter hair is now entirely steel gray with edges of white creeping in around his temples, both of which are a constant source of irritation for him and a reminder that old age comes for all. Despite this, he isn’t vain enough to consult alchemists for color changing brews.

Stavros was once a young and fit man with a lean build, during those years of his life when he spent more time in the air than on the ground in his human form. As he muddles through middle age, much of the fit musculature of those younger years remained, albeit padded by a softer layer of fat accumulated due to a love of wine and fine cuisine. That is not to say that he is fat, but that he could certainly stand to lose a few of the pounds thickening his waistline.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

An enormous male griffin body. Sharp Claws. Powerful beak, etc.

Mundane Skills

  • Stavros can identify almost any plant he encounters upon the main continents of Veth and some from the east.
  • Basic Survival Skills
  • Basic First Aid

Magic Skills

  • Air & Nature Magic - Stavros has decades of experience and advanced control in the elements of nature such as encouraging plantlife to become tangles of vine or encouraging trees to grow to their adult size from saplings. The latter would be a minor application of skill, while the latter would require immense, uninterrupted concentration and time. This is done with bits and pieces of his renewable life energy, which can be recuperated by the caster during rest and sleep.

His command of aeromancy is moderate at best, allowing him to perform small feats such as stirring a gentle breeze, to the medium gusts strong enough to blow fruit from trees. With his wings in griffin form, these gifts are amplified in strength, but not duration, and last only minutes.

Using too much at once, however, could have disastrous effects and plunge the spellcaster into a comatose state from which he cannot awaken on his own without aid.

His range on the ground is typically as far as 100 meters safely, but with distance, the ability weakens by half per 100 meters beyond his comfortable range.

Other Magical Disciplines: as an instructor of young spellcasters, Stavros understands and has basic to intermediate level talent in other areas of magic, such as the other elements, in order to tutor young children in the most elementary applications for youths up to age twelve.



  • 1x Wizard Staff, hand-carved from a branch gifted from his family’s dryad benefactor. Augments and improves focus with nature magic.
  • Silver spurs on talons in griffin form.


  • Mage Robes in human form


  • Enchanted Brass Bracelets and Anklets: These golden pieces of jewelry are enchanted to change their shape and size with the wearer, to open a small pocket dimension, and teleport items worn by the user into the holding space. It ensures shapeshifters such as Stavros aren’t destroying their clothes constantly with transformations. Items worn by his griffin body are held here during transformation to human form, and vice versa.


  • Nikos has a new pupil in the Western District and his only goal is to prepare his new student for eventually receiving admittance to a prestigious magical academy.