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Fertile farmlands and the Darian River
Geographical Information
Location: Southern, Central Arangoth, along the Southern Sea
Geographical Features: Farmlands, rolling hills, the Darian River, and Castle Black
Significant Resources: Fertile soil, temperate climate, silver, and other minerals.
Region In: Arangoth
Notable Settlements: Drache, Millabratel, and Mhernettla
Common Language: Arangothek


Transdariania is the province in which the city of Drache is located. It is located in the southern, central part of the Kingdom of Arangoth, along the coast of the Southern Sea.

Transdariania has three population centers, all of which are located along the southern coast. The largest of the three is Drache itself, the capital of the southern part of the kingdom and Arangoth's main sea port. To the west of Drache is the city of Millabratel, the former provincial capital in the days before Queen AngelSin. Finally, to the east of Drache is Mhernettla, a home port for the maritime Korthai race.

Behind the Name

Since the Darian River transits through the heart of the province, it was named Transdariania, a rough translation of the Arangothek words for "crosses the Darian."

Most Noted Geographical Features

Most of the province is composed of the Darian River Valley and the surrounding hills, as well as some of the most fertile farmland in all of Arangoth. Nearly any crop suitable to the climate may be found growing somewhere in the province, but various cereal grains are the dominant crop in the Darian Valley. Dairy farming and viticulture are common in the hill country, and so not surprisingly, Transdariania is also home to several wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Such brands as Kisarx, Gorgon's Horn, and Drekith are native to the region.