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"Just trying not to suck too badly."
User Bio
Real Name: Jamison
Nickname: ```
Birthdate: November 11th
Age: 30
Location: Michigan, USA
Occupation: US Army
First Visited BDI: 200x? Idk, a long damned time ago
Status: Active
Characters Played: Fa'el, The Huntmaster. The Right and Honorable Asnerith Dreth. The Jackal (Ja'quel), The Dark Sorceress. Vyllia Saelynn, Grimblade Gang. Dame Cybil Dupris, Scout-Commander. Father Landis Armitage, Charlatan. Freddy Panzer, Pastry Chef. Saint-Commander Graves. Chains, Boy-Toy. Lady Nancet D'Cint, Emmissary of Night Creatures (in hiding).

User Bio