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General Information
Full Name: Remaros Xeranibi
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Date of Birth: Sometime around 445 AT
Country of Origin: Griffon's Aerie / Secca
Arrival on Siveth N/A
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'11
Weight: 200lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Xeran
Religion: Sekra (goddess)
Creed: It's every man for himself.
Occupation: Mariner
Income: Never enough (freelancer)
Marital Status: It's Complicated
Player: Karras


Xeran's childhood is a similar vein of many born into poverty: it's something he doesn't care to reflect upon. He does retain hazy memories of his family living in harsh times as communal workers in Griffon's Aerie. After his mother died, he received no inheritance and was forced to seek work elsewhere. He sought work from an estranged uncle in Secca who had no interest in raising his nephew, instead taking to more drunken pursuits. This almost non-existent relationship drew Xeran away from home and into the nefarious circles of Secca's underbelly. Growing up as a street urchin he gained close friends and bitter enemies. One of the former was a griffonkit whose family had left the Aerie under similar circumstances of poverty. This in turn led to Xeran's interest in griffon culture as a whole.

His young adulthood was spent as a thug for a notorious crime syndicate in Secca, who were at odds with a league of smugglers over the Sekka river. Both gangs were often embroiled in bloody turf wars, which led Xeran to be at odd-ends with his griffon friends who preferred to follow more legitimate and lawful pursuits. The years took a toll, and deciding that he'd seen enough bloodshed, Xeran turned himself in to the local authorities, knowing full well that abandoning his gang was an immediate death sentence. While rotting away in a prison cell, a sympathetic relative of his younger griffon friend provided an offer he couldn't refuse - service in the Seccan Navy spent as time served.

Xeran spent a good ten years in Secca's navy, mostly as a crossbowman and master-at-arms. Though his criminal years made him arrogant, it wasn't too much of a transition for him since he was now taking orders from a different group of individuals. A long trip abroad in 477 upon a naval vessel led him to the wondrous city of Drache, a city that seemed the very pearl of opportunity Xeran was looking for. After a heated argument with a superior left him demoted, Xeran cut his losses and jumped ship into the confines of Drache's Wharf District, where he has remained ever since. Ten years of mercenary work in Drache have led Xeran back to the sea again, and he is now the commander of a merchant corsair. While he prefers legitimate trade, the Seccan expat isn't afraid to get his hands dirty with smuggling provided he is offered the right price.


Ever the sailor, Xeran can spit out a plethora of obscenities in many languages. For years he carried the temperament of a storm, quick to anger and violence. These days however he's far more settled and prefers the company of his close knit mariner friends, listening to the stories and tales of their seafaring adventures.

Physical Description

Weather beaten, with thick tanned with grizzled hair and all the usual features seen among Seccans, Xeran is the picturesque notion of a mariner. His usual fatigues consist of a sleeveless hauberk and brigandine, and he still feels comfortable wearing loose Seccan style pants and the belt and sash he's kept since his navy days. Like many other mariners he has numerous tattoos.

Abilities & Skills

Xeran is a well-salted brawler, highly skilled with sword and buckler. He's also a crack shot with a crossbow. Years of working as a mariner have made him one salty sea dog, and he's become fairly good at captaincy over the past five years, much as he hates it.

Physical Attributes

Brawny, calloused, with grizzled hair, Xearn looks like your roughened brawling seadog, with tatts to match! Xeran does inherit a small amount of griffon blood from a long dropped family line, although this is unbeknownst to him and unrecognisable to most.

Mundane Skills

  • Brawling, street boxing
  • Close-quarters fencing (sword and buckler, dagger and buckler)
  • Seamanship & navigation
  • Competent swimmer
  • Crossbow marksmanship

Magic Skills

Xeran’s long since milked-out griffon heritage has made him more pugnacious than the average person, with some heightened senses of sight and smell, though only with a slight advantage over the average human. It has also given him minor abilities in detecting shapeshifters.



  • Iron knuckle dusters
  • Stiletto
  • Falcata (forward-curving blade for close quarter fights on deck)
  • Buckler shield, enforced with iron plating
  • Lever crossbow with steel prod, gnome tinkered for extra draw


  • Short sleeved gambeson jerkin
  • Short-sleeved hauberk
  • Leather brigandine
  • Knee guard greaves under trousers (leather)
  • Tricorn steel helmet (used only on deck in melee)


  • Rope (you can never have enough)
  • Rutter (navigational book for the pilot of his vessel)
  • Drinking flask
  • Lockpicking tools
  • Smoking pipe