Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

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Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by Nymphetamine »

The Sithire was slow to take a formal role in Drache. Besides the retrofitting of Castle Black with spellglass windows, little business had come from the keep. The sithrangel's seat had been unoccupied for over a year, and despite having been a member of the interim council that had governed in Aldenbar's disappearance, there was a number of house keeping tasks that took priority. Negotiating for Aldenbar's family's release was one of those things, and with that safely concluded, she could move forward with other plans.

That noble family that had served Drache and Arangoth would also be retired to their Transdarianian estates. An oath of fealty was required for them to retain those lands, but once that business was taken care of, her desk was effectively cleared for everything else.

First order of business was the delayed celebrations of not only the end of the civil war, but her investiture as Sithire.

The messengers and criers had their fliers and rushed forth from Castle Black like so many ants scurrying away.

"Hear ye, hear ye! The Sithire declares a celebration festival! Tournament of Martial Prowess entries to be taken at the mayor's office!"

Their voices filled squares and streets as they made their way through the city. Fliers were posted on doors and sign posts in the various squares of Drache.

The flier reads:
Her Grace Sithire Isabelle Auxerre delcares a time of festival in Drache and Transdarianian to celebrate the end of the Arangothian Civil War, her investiture as sithire and her enagement to Asnerith Dreth, Sithire of Minkbrantha.

Merchants and traders from far and near are invited and welcomed to Drache to do business for the month of Last Seed.

A Tournament of Martial Prowess will be held in the latter portion of the month. Interested parties are directed to inquire at the mayor's office at the Civic Building. Archery and armed competition will be a single elimination style tourney.

First place purse: 3500 crown
Second place purse: 1000 crown

The noble wedding will be held at Castle Black and all are invited to attend. The keep's larders will be thrown open and the city will be feasted to celebrate. Castle Black and the Market Square will both have tables set up with food, ale and wine for three days after the wedding.


Actual date of the wedding and tournament TBD due to OOC scheduling.

Please sign up for the tournament on this thread including the character's name and which competition you're entering, armed or archery, weapon (if armed) and your hours of time availability with time zone. Only one character per competition.

Keep in mind that in the past, tournament bouts have lasted upwards of 3 hours, and to play through three brackets will be time investment heavy.

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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by GirlElf »

Branth ul-Alathar Mitrod
Weapon: Sword and Shield
Time Zone: Eastern US
Availability: Most evenings with the exception of Friday and Saturday.
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by laytrayin »

Weapon : short sword
Time Zone : pacific
Availability : most any time. (no mon or tues or fri evening tho)
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by metalslime »

Armed: Grunch
Weapon: Club
Time Zone: Central
Availability: Random
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by Gudrun »

Armed: Belekhmaa
Weapon: Morning star
Time Zone: Eastern
Availability: Most nights, some days
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by Azalea »

Archery Competition: Azalea
Martial Prowess: Brindagar (1 handed sword)

Time zone: Alaska standard time (an hour earlier than PST)
Availability: Usually any evening except fridays also most of the day on weekends
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

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Archery: Lucidaer
Armed: Belarisya
Weapon: Longsword with shield
Time Zone: Pacific
Availability: Mostly anytime.
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by Riddy »

Archery: Elapidae
Armed: Drama
Weapon: Spear
Time Zone: Pacific
Availability: Most of the day. Unknown availablility for August (may be completely open, may be really busy).
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by Suzthulhu »

Archery: Zesstra
Armed: Tarma
Weapon: Double Axes
Time Zone: Pacific
Availability: Sun-Thurs after 7PM, Friday and Saturday anytime
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Re: Sithire Announces Celebratory Festival (29.VII.487)

Post by Trace »

Archery tournament: Natalei
Martial tournament: Russell
Weapon: sword and shield, lasso
Player's availability to be determined. Either after 5 PM or before 5/after 9 PM, Eastern US.