In Character (4)

When do you guys actually play?

The majority of our players are North American, and our periods of activity tend to skew towards those time zones. That being said, we often start early and end late.

Can I be a Civic Guard?

Yes, you can. Generally, we ask that members of the Civic Guard play in the channel for a period of time before they’re inducted into the guard, so that the operators get a feeling for your character or play style.

Members of the Civic Guard are privy to special information regarding crimes and odd occurrences that happen in both Drache and Arangoth. You can read more about the Civic Guard‘s duties and privileges on the wiki.

Please fill out a Civic Guard application form if interested in becoming a member of the Civic Guard. New recruits must sign up for the forums in order to access Civic Guard-only information.

Why are there bounties on undead and demons?

Generally speaking, both the undead and demons typically feed and prey on living beings in some manner or another. As such, they are both a danger to the citizens of Drache and Arangoth, and retain no civil rights as recognized by officials of the Crown. The Royal Guard are not obligated to step in and intervene during confrontations with undead or demonic beings by citizens or adventurers.

This does not mean that either of these types of characters are forbidden to play. Just that by the in character laws, they are treated hostilely as threats against normal life. If you choose to play a demon or an undead, it’s recommended that you do so with the utmost care and discretion.

Why are guns not allowed?

The general consensus of the channel a few years ago was that guns break the atmosphere that were are intentionally trying to cultivate in #BlkDragon*Inn. The operator team, at this time, do not feel that guns fit with the ‘high fantasy’ feel that the channel was established with in mind. The decision to not allow guns is intentional, despite the proliferation of black powder as an alchemy reagent at this time.

Staff (4)

Who are the operators?

As of July 2018, the current operator team is: Nymphetamine, Ayanula, Gudrun, LayTrayin, Uzzo and “` (Jammy).

Can I be an operator?


We prefer to groom our operators from veteran players, players that have been around for a while and are intending to stick around.  Please look for any announcements regarding operator recruitment if you’re interested in becoming an operator.

What are “setting nerds”?

The setting nerds are veteran players with a deep understanding of the setting, both current and past. Their knowledge of the setting is unparalleled and they are trusted by the operators to provide accurate information to players. Setting nerds are marked in channel on the user list as a voice (+) and on the forums with a green name.

Who are the current setting nerds?

As of July 2018, the current setting nerds are Shayde, and Suzthulhu.

Wiki (1)

Can I have wiki access?

Yes! Hang around for a few weeks and play, so we know you’re interested. Then, register on the forums, and request access either in the available thread, or from an op in channel. After an operator approves your request and adds you to the appropriate forums group, you will be able to log into the wiki using your forums credentials.

General Questions (7)

What is #BlkDragon*Inn?

#BlkDragon*Inn is a text or chat based, free form, medieval fantasy roleplaying game that’s hosted on the IRC network, We don’t use any particular game system rules regarding character creation, or a dice system for combat. What rules we do utilize are meant to ensure preservation of the setting and fluid, enjoyable play for all players in the channel.

Is there character approval?

No. #BlkDragon*Inn is one of the last, mostly FFRP channels out there. We do not require character approval at any point before play. However, as stated in the policies, operators reserve the right to review characters to adhere to the setting. Certain races or professions, such as the undead or slavers, are treated hostilely in character by in character laws.

How old is #BlkDragon*Inn?

#BlkDragon*Inn was founded by AngelSin and BLKDRAGON on EFnet in March of 1995. The exact date is debated at this point, but the original email invitation was sent out at that time, encouraging friends to join them on IRC to chat roleplay. Since then, BDI has undergone a number of changes in management and location, but still retains many of the same principles that brought the original players together. In the twenty years since its founding, the setting has been added to from dozens of sources, including players and old channels that have since closed.

What commands work with the bots?

You can access some very useful in-character channel information by utilizing the bot Murphy.

Each command will require you to /msg Murphy. For example: /msg Murphy !weather

!weather – Exactly what it says! You can get the latest weather updates.

!menu – This will print out the special of the day.

!date – You will get the date in Arangothian terms as well as a count down to the next clock tower toll utilizing the Arangothian terms for the hours of the day.

Can I idle in the IC and OOC channels?

Sure. You can watch the roleplay for a while before you want to jump in, or go to sleep with your computer connected to IRC and idle in the channels. We don’t mind, in fact, a lot of our players do it all the time.

Can I contribute to the setting?

Yes, by all means. Players are encouraged to contribute to the setting.

Talk to an op about what you’d like to contribute. A new race? A location? Or a new idea for the ops to utilize in the game? We’d like to hear about it. Feel free to post on the forums if no ops are available in the questions and suggestions and we’ll see what we can do

What is Orwell?

Orwell returned to the bot team in June 2019 to serve as our relay between IRC and Discord. All messages relayed by Orwell on either IRC or Discord are actual, real people, just utilizing one of our two locations on the web. Orwell is hosted on a remote server by Nymphetamine.