Yes, by all means. Players are encouraged to contribute to the setting.

Talk to a moderator about what you’d like to contribute. A new race? A location? Or a new idea for the moderators to utilize in the game? We’d like to hear about it. Feel free to contact us through one of the forms on our website. If you’d rather converse in real time, you can also open a help channel on the Discord by following these directions.

Help Channels Members can open private help channels using YAGPDB’s ticket feature.

To open a help channel:

  • Use -ticket open Help [Username]
  • The bot will post a message with a channel only you, the mods, and anyone else added after the channel’s creation can see and join
  • After joining the channel opened for you, describe the issue(s) or ask the questions you are having. Include any relevant information.
  • Moderators will respond when they can. Please be patient.

A moderator will get back to you when they’re available.

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