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Queen AngelSin
Vital Stats
Full Name: Alysia Angel Sinner
Place of Birth: Alysia
Race: Fallen Angel
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Additional Information
Nickname: Queenie or Angel
Occupation: Former Queen of Arangoth
Marital Status: Married to King BLKDRAGON

Character Background

From 465 until 469, all of Arangoth was loosely ruled from Drache. King BLKDRAGON and Queen Alysia "AngelSin" made what was a small fishing hamlet into their national capital in 465 after having fled from Rhydin. See The 'Alysian' Era (465-468) for the full story.

Physical Description

AngelSin is a fallen angel, and thus possessed a pair of feathered wings that sprout from her back, enabling her to fly.

Other Information

Her Own Words

"On IRC channels this is my nick..tis short for Angel Sinner's an oxymoron....But that's the whole see, my character is a fallen Angel. Half good, half evil..half human, half angel... Immortal now thanks to the workings of my husband "BLKDRAGON", course that's an entirely different story that can be read at "The story of the Inn" on the previous page. What IS my story you say? Well....It all started (don't you hate it when they start of a story like that) oh...gods I'd say about 6 years ago..

I'll make this short and simple, don't want to bore you now do I? I used to be a peasant girl on a farm in southern Alysia. I lived there with my mother and younger sister. My father had died two days earlier in a battle with a gypsy over money. My mother's name was Marias and my sister, Narisa. My name....well, they had erased that from my memory..terms of my punishment I suppose... Anyways, I vowed revenge against the gypsies for killing my father and ran away from home to find them. I did. well, and Lost...... I was outnumbered and suffered the same fate as my father. So, I became an Angel. I never found my father heaven as some of you call it.. years went by.... ....and this I could not take...No answers were given to me, just that "It was not time to see my family". So, one day....

I committed a crime against the "others". Like my name, I did not remember what I did but I do remember being thrown down to some pit called Rhydin and was told that I could not return until I have learned what I am to learn..... Gee, thanks....hmmmph.. So, now I'm here..doomed to walk this world until I understand...Well, I came to Arangoth and became Queen as founder.. I rule along side my husband King BLKDRAGON. I found out later that My grandfather Ware Mcdorn came from Arangoth, where our family had ruled hundreds of years. He was escaping Satan's armies and founded Alysia and hid our family. When I was born I was named Alysia, and had never been told of the prophecy that was to come. I was meant to return to Arangoth and rule like my family had before. My sister and mother had returned right before I found my true history. My mother, wasn't strong.. and she died traveling here..But Narisa, now princess of Arangoth is with me. My past is put behind me and my future looks bright.. As to if I will ever be sent to heaven? Well I am immortal now and will have to deal with that in itself..."