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Duchy of Arania
Geographical Information
Location: Southwestern Arangoth
Geographical Features: Rocky Shores, Malchur River Delta, Former Fortress of The Order of the Beady Eye
Notable Settlements: Aran Keep, Sivriana


The Duchy of Arania encompasses the southwestern portion of Arangoth, from the Grey Fang Mountains bordering Elvendeep to the border between Sresar Vale and Transdariania, marked by the Lathri River.

Most Notable Features

Much of Arania's growth has come from shipping, especially taking on much of the Elvish trade. Lacking a deep water port, the Deepish rely on their river city of Highport for maritime commerce. Those ships that cannot navigate the large Malchur River choose instead to dock at Transdarianian and Aranian ports, where middlemen use smaller ships to conduct economic intercourse with Highport.


From ancient times, this rocky stretch of shore harbored some of the most cunning and ruthless pirates to sail the Southern Sea. Perhaps there is yet much buried treasure to be found, left to recall their exploits in bygone days. Their constant raids along the coast and up the Darian River kept this part of Arangoth from developing beyond a few small fishing towns; this is perhaps why Drache itself was never much of a city until BLKDRAGON and AngelSin's time.

This area remained a pirate stronghold until the Order of the Beady Eye brought it under Arangothian control in around the year 330 as the new Province of Arania. Countless gallows where pirate leaders were hanged still stand along the shore as a warning to would-be criminals. The Order had its principal fortress here, a formidable castle which they took from the pirates; it still exists, serving mainly as a lighthouse, and is known as Sivriana.

The region experienced a period of decline during the fifty years' interregnum when there was no king or queen of Arangoth, but it regained its importance under BLKDRAGON and AngelSin when General Lysira Farraige built a new citadel there, known as Aran Keep. In the time since the Alysian Period, the settlements around Aran Keep and Sivriana have grown to considerable size. Now no longer under the thumb of the Crownlands, Arania stands as an impressive, free and fast growing duchy of Arangoth. Its current head of government is Sithire Sacasia ul-Domeryl Sallethek.